Zulily: Beautiful Women's Skirts and Dresses All for $9.99!

zulily dress

There is a great sale today on Zulily on women’s clothing! Check the Style So Easy event where they have beautiful summer dresses and skirts for only $9.99! All styles are that price!!

I love this type of wardrobe for summer! It’s simple, breezy and cool and still so beautiful! Head over to Zulily to check out the entire collection of styles!


  1. Victoria Hall says

    A rather unflattering dress on 80% of ladies. Not empire, not waist length, shoulder ties, and lets not forget that thoughtless length! What lady are you trying to appeal to? Pin tucking and this isn’t liberty of London fabric. My comment about this dress is it’s all wrong!!!

    • Maria says

      I’m sorry you didn’t like the dress we pictured. On Zulily there were dozens of other styles of really inexpensive dresses and skirts to choose from, so you might have found something that was more your style! Unfortunately this sale is no longer going on …

    • Anonymous says

      Totally agree with Victoria not a good advert for Zulily. Your comments about this dress are all correct !!!!!!

  2. Dolores says

    My question is; Why do I have to sign up to view Zulily’s site? Why not let me view it first to see if it is something that I want to sign up for? Maybe it won’t suit my style. Let me view it and then add some incentive like free shipping on first order IF you sign up to get people to sign on for their emails or whatever it is they want to hook you into. This really turns me away from their product line.

    • Maria says

      You have a point, Dolores! Unfortunately the signup is a step that can’t be skipped. What you could do is sign up and then opt out of their emails if you don’t want to continue the subscription. And yes, FREE Shipping sounds for first orders sounds like a fabulous idea. I Love the way you think! :)

    • Maria says

      Beatriz, the free shipping offer comes and goes. When that offer was first published, the free shipping was available. If you sign up for Zulily emails you will get a notification when it comes around again. Good luck and I hope you get a great offer soon!

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