Zaycon Foods: Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast – $1.79 per pound! (Pickup locations nationwide!)

Zaycon Foods is coming to your area again!  They’ll be here in Bend on April 4th.  Last time around they sold out in many locations so make sure you check and see if your location is on the map and place your ordersoon. There are MANY other locations across the US, you can see them all here.  The best part is that by buying in bulk you can save big.  They currently have boneless skinless chicken breast on sale for $1.79/lb.

How it works is you select your location and pickup date, then choose how many units (40lb units) you’d like to purchase.  If 4olbs is too much for you, go in on it with a friend!  The when the date comes you arrive at the location you selected and simply pull up and they’ll check you off the list and load your chicken in the car for you.  It’s very well packaged to avoid any leaking.

Zaycon Foods TruckFrom there you go home and that’s where the fun begins.  Ideally you’d have some sort of vacuum sealer because you’ll want to make sure the chicken is packaged properly for the freezer – there is so much of it you won’t go through it very quickly.  In fact today we still have 6 packages left (about 12lbs) in our freezer.

Zaycon Foods Chicken Vacuum SealingThen make sure you also have room in your freezer because it will be FULL of chicken!  I have to tell you it has been so nice to always have some chicken on hand for the last 3+ months.  Not only that but I’m not dealing with packaging and prepping gross chicken every single week – it was done in one fell swoop.

Zaycon Foods Chicken Ready for the Freezer

Here are a few more details about what you will receive:

• 100 % natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients

• Comes directly from the processor and has never been frozen

• Sold by the case — 40 lbs in each case

• Case dimensions—18 in wide x 12 in deep x 7 in tall

I’d love to hear from you, have you ever ordered meat from Zaycon Foods?  Please share your experience!  You can read some of the comments from readers below from the last time we posted this offer, I hope that helps!


  1. Sherri says

    I ordered 80 pounds of chicken from Zaycon (yes, can you believe I ordered that much!?). I’ve never ordered from them before, so this will be my first experience. The price was too good to pass up. :)

    • lindy says

      I went on their website and couldn’t find that out so I’m not getting it. I get the Simple Truth or Simple truth organic chicken from kroger. The simple truth chicken has no antibiotics, no added hormones and fed a 100% vegetarian diet. The Simple truth organic chicken is cage-free raised and fed a 100% vegetarian diet, with no antibiotics. Since I buy this brand alot, Kroger sends me coupons that help with cost. I don’t always find the cage free and it does cost more but it’s worth it.

    • Ellen says

      They are fed soy and corn (not organic – GMO I assume) with added nutrients. Zaycon couldn’t tell me if the feed also contained inorganic arsenic and/or antibiotics (both legal except in MD, which has banned arsenic in feed.)
      Hormones are illegal to give poultry, so all poultry should be hormone free.

  2. Tia says

    i REally want to get this, but I do not want to have to prep all that fresh chicken. BUT it is a great price & we are trying to eat healthier in our family, so I may get it :~)

  3. Ellen says

    I put in my order, my daughter in law is going in with me. I’m getting 60 and she’s getting 20. Sure hope it’s as good as it sounds. I plan on putting some in freezer and canning some. My freezer is just about full for the oncoming winter. If hubby gets a deer this year we will be all set. :)

  4. Alicia says

    Thanks for the info – just read your post but missed the event (had to order by yesterday.) Will they repeat this…chix $1.69?

  5. Jules says

    In the bay area, Lucky has boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale for $1.69/lb also hormone free. Fresh and Easy stores also have them this week for $1.99/lb and you can usually get coupons from their flyers or your rewards card for another 10-20% off your purchase.
    Never tried Zaycon, but not sure I could justify a 40 lb. purchase when they can often be purchased elsewhere for about the same cost without tying up that much of my budget.


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