Winco: High Value $3 off ANY 5 Quaker Products Coupon

Winco Foods has released a very high value $3.00 off ANY 5 Quaker products coupon.  It very much looks like a Winco coupon, so chances are it is only valid there however it does state “manufacturer’s coupon”.  If your store accepts coupons from other retailers, you may want to print this coupon.  If you have a Winco nearby you should definitely print this coupon!

I know Fred Meyer will accept coupons with other store logos as long as they say manufacturer’s coupon on it, so I’m printing it!  Remember you can go back and print this coupon twice.

You can head on over here for this week’s Winco deals!


  1. keegan says

    SO, despite the Winco name on it, it’s a manufacturers coupon that cannot be combined with anything else? Or am I confused?


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