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Last week I got an email a PR Rep at Winco, they’re testing the waters and releasing the current prices in their produce department.  Today they once again shared their current produce prices, she said if this is well recieved they’ll possibly start to release prices on a regular basis from other departments in the store.  This would be AMAZING because since Winco doesn’t release an ad, it’s especially hard to hunt down deals and post coupon match-ups for you here on TFF.  If they do this, we’ll be able to share more Winco deals on a regular basis.

What can you do to help?  Please head on over to the Winco Facebook page and let them know you would love it if they shared their prices with bloggers such as The Frugal Find.  This will help us help you even more in the future!

For now here are the current produce prices, that could vary by region.  You can also find several other recent coupon match-ups available at Winco over here.

Prices listed expire 2/18/12. Prices, availability and selection may vary by location and are subject to change without notice.

  • Red Seedless Grapes $1.98 lb.
  • Green Seedless Grapes $1.98 lb.
  • Red Globe Grapes $1.98 lb.
  • Black Seedless Grapes $1.98 lb.
  • 8 lb. bag of Navel Oranges $3.98 ea.
  • Broccoli Crowns $0.78 lb.
  • 10 oz. (container) Grape Tomatoes $0.98 each
  • Fancy Zucchini Squash $0.68 lb.
  • Cucumbers $0.68 each
  • Red & Yellow Bell Peppers $0.68 each
  • Asparagus $1.98 lb.
  • 5 lb. bag of Red Potatoes $0.98 each

NOTE: We are looking for a Winco Store Expert (which basically means you love to shop at Winco with coupons!) if you’re interested in making a little extra money each time you shop at Winco and help a bunch of other Winco couponers out here on TFF, contact me through this link.

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