When a coupon says “Redeemable at Walmart” what does that mean?

Reader Pauline emailed me a question this morning that I see time and time again in the comments of various posts, I was glad she officially asked it and I though I might as well turn this into a post. I know this is a very common question lately.

Is there a difference between “redeemable at” and “redeemable only at“? I’m assuming that redeemable only at is pretty clear – it’s only redeemable at the store listed. I’ve noticed some of the internet printable coupons will say “redeemable at” and I’ve wondered if that’s broader than an “only” in there…is it basically just some advertising for the store but doesn’t render that coupon for use only at that store?

Thanks for your help; loving being a SAHM again and so blessed we were able to be open to welcoming our new little one to be born any day now, and your site has been a huge part of that.

So the long answer is this.  When you see a coupon that says “Redeemable at….” that basically means that the brand is advertising via a coupon and a store has paid for advertising on the advertised coupon and now I’m advertising the brand’s coupon and the store’s advertising on the advertised coupon.  Got it? :)

Ok, to answer the question seriously as long as the coupon does NOT say “Redeemable ONLY at….” it can be used at any store.  It’s simply a suggestion, and the store has worked it out to have their logo on the coupon so that you’ll be more likely to redeem the coupon there.  However it is still a manufacturer’s coupon and can be redeem anywhere.  I hope that helps!

Thanks again Pauline, great question!


  1. Lara says

    Marsh by me is really nasty about taking any coupon if it has another store logo on it, even though it’s a manufacture coupon, so I just go to Meijer :)

  2. Renee Ybarra says

    My Walmart doesn’t allow me to use most manufactures coupons! Especially when it’s a free item. Like the free milk coupon a while ago, they would not let me use it there! Is that typical?

  3. Pat says

    I just had this situation come up this morning. I printed out the BOGO Ocean Spray coupon which states it is redeemable at Walmart but not “only” at Walmart. Went to Safeway and the checker noticed it and said it couldn’t be used. He offered to check with the manager but I told him not to and that I never argue about coupons. I thought Safeway would take coupons with other vendors on them but apparently it depends on the store and the checker and the manager.

    • Deb says

      I’ve had that happen also at my local Shoprite. They told me no it’s for Walmart until I pointed out it is a manufacturers coupon and did not say redeemable only at… They finally had to get a manager to agree with me lol. There are times I won’t argue the point but when it’s $1 coupon yes i will!

      • David says

        I tried just a couple days ago at Food Lion, cashier saw “Usable at Wal-mart” and went right away to ask the customer service manager who said no right away.

  4. Sylvia says

    I once tried to use a coupon in Safeway that said “Redeem at Raley’s” and the self-check machine wouldn’t let it through.

    • says

      Sylvia, that is one that is likely supposed to be redeemed at Raley’s because of the choice of words…

      Redeem vs. Redeemable

  5. Dana Woodbridge via Facebook says

    Just because we know what it means doesn’t mean the cashiers at stores other than Walmart will know.

  6. says

    Rite-Aid around here will not take them if there is another company’s logo on it , no matter how it is worded. I have tried to explain and educate them, but they only get angry and annoyed. I haven’t been shopping there lately because it seems like they are actively trying to see how little they can give you with coupons and sales.

  7. Gina says

    That happened to me on a Rimmel mascara coupon – it said redeemable at Walmart but i used it at Walgreens to get it cheap – well, it beeped! It would not go thru – then the cashier said “oh its a walmart coupon – I did argue that it said “redeemable” but also said “manufacturer” coupon – so manually entered it but was nasty about it…..

  8. Tara says

    This brings me to a question I always have… What about Catalina coupons I get at Safeway for $1/1 Juice or something, can I use THAT at other stores?

    • Katie says

      I checked Safeway’s website and coupon policy. Safeway only allows Catalinas to be accepted at Safeway. No other company can take Safeway Catalinas.

  9. Carson says

    Like Tina, my first thought went to that whole Catalina/RR post weeks ago. They DO simply say “redeemable at……” and state MFG coupon. Hhmmmm

  10. Ellen says

    I just had this happen at Albertsons today. Coupon said “redeemable’ at walmart which I tried to explain means can be redeemed there or any other store that carries it. I posted a question on facebook about it and am waiting, but according to the manager there albertsons will NOT take any coupons that have another store on them even if the wordage is right. I hope to find out from the big bosses the real scoop on that!!!

  11. lori says

    I had the same situation happend with the Ocean Spray Bogo coupon that was on coupons.com about 2 weeks ago. I never have problems normally at Publix. But they told me since its said redeemable at Walmart they could not take it … even though it was a manufactor coupon. I spoke with a manager and I said just means they have this product , but its still a manufactor coupon. She allowed me this time only. She was very nice about it. But seems I want be able to use those types of coupons next time???? How can I get this cleared up what it exactly means?

  12. Jeanne says

    I had thought it meant I could use the coupon anywhere, too, but have been worried about using one. Funny, these make me want to avoid Walmart and Walgreens. I don’t think it’s a very good advertising campaign if it just infuriates me.

  13. exoA says

    Yes, they will go through on most systems in most stores as long as the expiration date has not passed and you are buying the correct item (sometimes can get away with any item from that distributor but lets not try to take too much advantage here.) and the correct quantity. All information provided here seems to be correct

    “Redeem at…” means only at said store
    “Redeemable only at…” means only at said store
    “Redeemable at…” is a suggestion/advertisement but can be used anywhere (Though in most stores coupon policy they reserve them the right to turn down ANY coupon. So in the end it is managements say really. But if you run into such a problem I would just call their corporate on the situation and note your local store so they specifically get the message.)

    Of course there are some other exceptions like stores who accept competitors coupons shouldn’t give you too much problem accepting any of those.

    As far as someone who mentioned Walmart not accepting their milk coupon (@Renee) their policy states that do not accept internet coupon which do not require a purchase. So anything that’s free without making you buy something else (BoGo or free with purchase of) they will refuse.

    • Adrienne says

      I have coupons for one Lance Xtra Fulls crackers 8pk “up to $2.78 off” per coupon. It states that it is a manufacturer’s coupon. The coupon is linked from a promotional page on Walmart’s very own website. Walmart retails this specific product for exactly $2.78 so that means this product will be free. I’ve heard that others have had problems getting their local Walmarts to redeem this coupon. I understand there is a line in Walmart’s coupon policy that they will not accept coupons for free items that do not require any other purchase. But (1) this coupon is available ONLY from their own website and (2) the coupon states “up to $2.78”, not “FREE” redemption. It should not be any different from using a coupon that would say, for example, “$1 off 1 bottle of Ketchup” yet that 1 bottle of Ketchup is on sale at Walmart for $1, essentially getting the item for free anyway. It’s the same concept. In any case, I have printed the promotion page from Walmart’s webiste with the Walmart domain visible in the URL for when I pick these up later in case there’s an issue. They should accept their own as advertised coupons from their own website or booklets without any problem no matter what it is for or how much it is.

  14. Anika H. says

    Walgreens wouldn’t take mine. My coupon said redeemable at Dollar General and I kept trying to explain that it does not mean only redeemable at Dollar General but they wouldn’t take it. I was not pleased. Luckily my item was free but it was supposed to be a moneymaker with the coupon.

  15. Alicia C. says

    Now that I’ve finally Googled this, I’m incredibly P.O.ed. I have many coupons that print out at check out when I’m shopping that say “redeemable at” wherever, and no stores accept them, though I clearly state it says “manufacturers coupon” at the top. Now, if it says “redeemable only at” wherever, clearly I get that. I’ve even been laughed at by Target customer service for this…ridiculous.

    • Maria says

      I know!! The wording can be misleading, right? Hope from now on you are able to use many more coupons that you wouldn’t have otherwise!

    • melissa says

      I believe the majority of the time, we couponers know policies better than managers and cashiers. I have been shopping at most of my stores longer than many employees have worked there. What I hate (especially at walgreens) they say no if they see a logo… I ask for them to attempt to scan it and they refuse. At other stores, I have been questioned by a cashier and the manager comes and says… did you try to scan it? and the cashier then scans and it goes through. I get tired of employees not being trained properly and I think we can have a polite interaction that educates them. I actively avoid Kroger because I have nasty people question my coupons EVERY time I use them… and I am not exaggerating! It is a local store where many people in my community shop…and that store causes me anxiety every time I use a coupon. and frankly, I’m tired of feeling embarrassed there because I am holding up a line! One time it was cut from the paper and the computer dinged so the cashier said she wouldn’t take it because their is a record of every time they override and they get in trouble!! not only did I have the item… it was the exact one pictured. The bagger even stuck up for me. So Kroger can see from my plus card that I have nearly completely quit shopping there!! Even though it is one of my closest stores.

  16. Hannah says

    I was a cashier, and for me at least, as long as it was applicable to the purchase and it went through our system, it was fine. For stores that you have problems with, I’d just cut off the “redeemable at WalMart” portion. They’ll never pay attention and think nothing of it if it’s gone. They might think you had a problem with your scissors… But that’s about it :)

  17. Anonymous says

    I can’t bring myself to use the Walmart ones at Walmart because clearly the hopeful confusion caused to consumers, causing them to go get the item at Walmart, is one of the main reasons for the company to advertise on the coupons in the first place. I guess ‘Bravo’ goes out to companies that advertise that way, another excellent manipulation strategy that’s surely working for them.
    It seems like it would be a lot easier to scan this type of coupon at my grocery store’s self checkout? -since it’s the barcode that’s necessary. I hadn’t tried these yet as I figured they may argue and ultimately just make a random decision not to take them, and I didn’t want to hate shopping at my local grocery store after a failed attempt at explaining the difference between a store advertising on a manufacturer’s coupon and a store-only coupon, but I will now try them at the self checkout.

  18. Darlene says

    This is off the coupons.com website (http://help.coupons.com/articles/70-If-my-coupon-says-redeemable-at-Walmart-or-available-at-Walmart-can-it-be-used-at-other-stores). I know what the answer is but I wanted to see if they actually have answered this question. Hopefully, this is helpful.

    If my coupon says “redeemable at Walmart” or “available at Walmart” can it be used at other stores?


    •Our coupons are valid manufacturer coupons and should be accepted at any retailer that accepts printable coupons. Verfication of coupon can be confirmed. Review How can I verify the coupon is valid? article.
    •A coupon may say Redeemable at Walmart or Available at Walmart but that is a suggestion to use it at that store. As a valid manufacturer coupon, it can be accepted by other retailers. Review Where can I use these coupons? article.

  19. Gina says

    I have had these rejected only if they will not scan at the store. Company policy if it will not scan they cannot accept. They are usually prints from home and most of the “redeemable at” ones are the ones that won’t scan. But I have also heard it was my printer. I am in Texas and this was at HEB, FYI

    • Maria says

      Thank you for sharing, Gina! I can understand why a coupon would be rejected if the printer doesn’t print a high quality image. There are so many fake and counterfeit coupons on the market that many retailers have had to become extremely picky. It’s too bad that a few people who aren’t scrupulous are responsible for complicating the life of others.

  20. Sherrie says

    My Kroger will not accept the “Walmart” coupons. The first time I gave them the coupons, the system wouldn’t take them. When the cashier looked at the coupon to figure out why the system rejected them, that’s when she noticed “Walmart” on them and told me they do not take them. :(
    I’m a member of coupon pages on Facebook, and it seems like my Kroger is the only one that won’t accept them. Other people have no problems using them at their Kroger.

    • maria says

      I am sorry for this. It’s really unfortunate that your Kroger is “the one” that won’t accept these coupons :(

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