Weight Watchers Points Plus Meal Plan Week of 2/1

Weight Watchers Points Plus Meal Plan

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I planned to join Weight Watchers again, did you sign up during the Ebates $14 cash back offer too?  I joined and so far I’m down just shy of 7lbs but many readers said they’re down 10+ on Facebook!  After trying several different methods from home I just couldn’t get myself back into gear, I need the support of a weekly meeting and the kick in the pants of weighing in each week.  Weight Watchers has been the only “diet” that has worked for me – I lost the weight after each of my kiddos with the exception of our last.  Now sadly I’ll admit he is 5 years old and I can no long call it baby fat but I can call it “blogging from the couch fat”.

Here’s just a few things that I love about Weight Watchers – especially the new Points Plus plan.

  1. It’s based on a well-balanced lifestyle friendly food plan – one that doesn’t have to change after you’ve lost the weight.  It also doesn’t mean you’re cooking a separate dinner for yourself while your family eats “regularly”.
  2. You aren’t punished for eating fruits and vegetables, in fact they’re all encouraged.
  3. It’s not about counting calories – a handful of jelly beans and an apple have the same amount of calories after all.
  4. You’re encouraged to eat protein and fiber-rich foods.

I asked on Facebook recently if you all would be interested in seeing a weekly Weight Watchers PointsPlus Meal Plan here on TFF, the answer was yes!  So  each week I’ll be sharing what we’re eating and I really hope you’ll chime in with your ideas as well.  I’ll share dinners that we’ve found to be successful for the whole family as well as low point snacks that hit the spot and kick the cravings, so stay tuned weekly!

I’ll be posting these meal plans on Fridays because I like to get the bulk of my grocery shopping done on Saturday.  This is the best day I’ve found to have it all figured out by, that way I’m grocery shopping with a plan.  Also you should know that I will very rarely use any  “sugar free” ingredients simply because it’s my goal to eat WHOLE foods and lose weight as healthfully as possible – even if that means it will take longer.  This is a lifestyle not a means to an end.

Ok so first, I have to give you three of my favorite WW friendly kitchen staples. I’ll try to share a few new ones each week.

  1. Better’N Peanut Butter (sold at TJs) 2 TBSP for 2 PointsPlus
  2. Sara Lee 45 Calorie Whole Wheat Bread – 1 PointsPlus per slice
  3. Sonoma Low Carb Whole Wheat Tortillas (sold at TJs) – 1 PointsPlus each

Here’s what we’ll be eating for dinners this week:

Turkey Baked Burritos: Mixture = 1lb Ground Turkey, 1 can of black beans, taco seasoning to taste, and fresh salsa spooned into Sonoma Low Carb Tortillas and rolled up.  I also sneak in grated carrots and zuchini, noone ever notices! First spray a baking pan with Pam then bake the burritos until lightly golden brown.  Serve with fresh avocado and sour cream if you like it (ick, no thank you!).  Serves 6 with 6 PointsPlus Per Serving

Crock Pot Picante Chicken and Black Bean Soup – Do you see a spanish theme going on here? I love bold flavors, they keep things from getting boring.  I like everything SPICY too but I spare my family the pain, however my daughter is known to add jalepenos to just about everything too.  I’ll have to share my new favorite salsa recipe that a friend gave me recently soon.  If you like it hot, you’ll love this one.

Veggie Soup – 1PointsPlus (not sure why it’s not zero, but alas 1 point per cup is awesome!)  There are many different variations on this soup, I like to use whatever veggies I have on hand.  I’ve tried Kale as the green and I wouldn’t do it again – it was much too overpowering of a flavor in my opinion.

Weight Watchers 1pt Chili – I think this is with the old points system, because when I calculate it out it comes to 2 points per serving.  This is a very filling chili and one of our family’s favorites.

BBQ Chicken Pizzas – I’ll use the homemade pizza dough from TJs, leftover chicken from the Costco Rotisserie Chicken we buy each week, Kinders BBQ Sauce – there just isn’t anything better (those of you in the East Bay, CA are so very lucky!) sliced red onions, and I’ll add spinach to round out the nutrition just a bit.  You could also try using a Cauliflower Pizza Crust for zero points.  This pizza will serve 4 people with 7PointsPlus per serving.

Leftovers – We’ll most definitely have left-overs and we may eat out one night this week, so I’ll leave some wiggle room in our meal plan for that.

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  3. Target: Weight Watchers Scale $12.99 (Reg $19.99)

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  1. Tara Torres says

    The 1 pt on the veggie soup is new (and I mean, newer than the Points Plus system). Maybe it’s because of the veggie broth? “Drinking” your calories?

  2. Tara Torres says

    Oh, and I love that you’re doing this. It’s hard to save $ and do WW. I was just about to switch from online to meetings, but I’m not sure I want to spend 42.95 (my husband’s Lifetime, so he’s free, at least) each month. 18.95 hurts enough as it is!


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