(Back in Stock!) Walmart: 1300 Piece Lego Creative Building Kit for $30!

This is an INCREDIBLE deal on Legos, it’s perfect for the new collector who doesn’t need or want a “set” and likes to build from their imagination.  Right now on Walmart you can choose TWO 650 pieces tubs of Lego bricks for just $30 plus free site-to-store shipping or free shipping to your home with a purchase of $45 or more.  This set is selling on Amazon for $44 EACH and with this deal you’d get 2 for $30 that’s a $58 savings!

With 650 elements in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, the LEGO Creative Building Kit is the perfect supplement to any LEGO collection. It includes building instructions and inspiration, and even comes in a handy portable box, so kids can have endless fun wherever they go.
LEGO Creative Building Kit:

  • Wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes
  • Perfect supplement to any LEGO collection
  • Includes building instructions and inspiration
  • Comes in a handy portable box
  • 650 pieces

If you have littler ones there is also a Duplo Blocks Set with 86 pieces each for the same price.


  1. Michele says

    YAY for restocking! I was snuggling in bed with my husband and kids, scrolling through FB and found you had reposted. I jumped out of bed and told my husband – I’m going to the office, keep the kids in here!! I hadn’t been able to get it yesterday and was disappointed. Thanks for your hard work!!

  2. Andrea says

    Thanks! I tried to get the bundle with free store shipping, but that didn’t work. Then, dinking around, I found that you could buy 1 for $15 and then the free store shipping worked.

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