Walk with Walgreens: Earn Balance Rewards for Walking and Setting Health Goals!


I am so excited about the new Walk with Walgreens program! I’ve been trying to get out of the house and walk everyday and now I’ll get paid to do it!

For every mile you walk, Walgreens will give you 20 Balance Rewards Points! Plus, get 20 points each time you track your weight. Also, just for signing up and setting your first goal, you’ll receive 250 points!

Here’s my personal goals and scenarios and how much it will pay me each month to get moving:

  1. Set First Goal = 250 points
  2. Weigh-In Each Week = 80 points
  3. Walk 2-4 Miles 5 Days a Week = 800-1600 points
  4. Total Points = as much as 1930 which is $1.93

It’s not a ton, but it adds up! And I love that I’m getting paid to do something that offers huge benefits and that I should be doing anyway! Head over here to sign up and get started Walking with Walgreens!


  1. Jo Ann says

    I was wondering if the log in pages have changed for walk with walgreens and you and Walgreens. I have benn having alot of trouble trying to get into my account and loging in my steps. Jo Ann


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