Frugal DIY: Use the FURminator to clean the crevices on your carpeted stairs! (Get one for $12.99 Shipped!)

Ok so I think that this is one of those ideas that should be all over Pinterest, who am I kidding it probably already is but it was surely a lightbulb moment in our house today.  I was sulking about the carpets in our rental, they’re very light  and always seem to show every bit of dirt.  The worst part though is the stairs.  My method of dealing with them hasn’t been very effective at all, I just ignore them!  Then each and every time I go up the stairs I grumble a bit.  You see we have 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 4 kids that go up and down these stairs daily….now you see why we have a FURminator?!?

Today I got out the vacuum and once again grumbled because I knew it just wouldn’t get the corners and crevices cleaned like I would have hoped it would.   Then I looked on the counter beside me and spotted the FURminator – aha!  I wonder if the FURminator would be able to get the gunk out of the crevices so that I could simply vacuum it up.  I immediately started on the first step – sure enough it was working like a charm and in seconds I had the first step practicaly done.

That’s when I saw my sweet son sitting nearby and I thought I’d offer him a proposition.  I said I’d pay him $0.10 for each step.  He counted the stairs and said “that’s $1.60, sure I will!”  Now that was $1.60 well spent.  The job was done in less than 20 minutes (he went over each step twice) and then after a quick vacuum they were spotless once again.

So even if you don’t have pets you may still want to have a FURminator on hand.  I’m going to take the FURminator to our car soon too.  We’ll see how that goes!

Amazon has the Medium FURminator Tool on sale for $12.99 and FREE shipping for Prime Members.  I bought the Large one (pictured above) but it’s back up to $19.99 right now.   If you’re not a Prime member, start your one month free trial today.



  1. Lara says

    I’ve used a regular dog brush for years on my steps for pet hair and it even helps with crushed wear spots on the edges – makes them look like brand new, perfect for last minute touch ups if guests are coming over :) Good to know those with the FURminator can do the same!


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