– Online Women’s Consignment Clothing FREE $10 Credit! (Buy and Sell – FREE shipping and FREE returns!)

UPDATE: Use coupon code: LOVETWICE20 to save an extra 20% (thansks Lily!)

There is a new site called (at least it’s new to me) and if you sign up through this link you’ll get a FREE $10 credit.  You can buy and sell used high-quality, affordable secondhand clothes online.  Head on overand take a look around!  Also, I should mention that you can get FREE shipping on orders of $49 or more ($5 otherwise, FREE returns, and 30-day full refunds.  Not bad!

How it works:

Twice is like a brick & mortar clothing resale store, but online.

Sellers send in their clothing (we pay shipping), and we make an offer for their items. We pay for everything upfront, so you get your cash right away!

Buyers purchase items from our store, where most of our items are available for 70-90% off retail. And we offer free shipping on orders over $49 ($5 otherwise) and free 30-day returns.

I’m actually really excited about this, especially the selling part.  How often do you take a bag of clothes to goodwill, instead will pay the shipping for you to send it to them!

I LOOOVE TWICE! My favorite part is how fast & convenient it is. Usually I order and get my stuff 2 days later. Plus every-thing is so cute!! – MARY S.   SAN FRANCISCO, CA

I just cleaned out my closet and made $128! Now I can’t wait to get some more stuff… Twice rocks! – ANNA R.   MIDDLEBURY, VT

Thanks Jana!

Over in the Ebates Savvy Living Community today we’re talking about getting designer clothing on a budget. Is it possible, do you care, and if it is how do you go about it?



  1. lily says

    Cool Thanks! Was also able to use LOVETWICE20 for an additional 20% off! I will def use them to sell some clothing to them. If they don’t offer any money for some of your clothes they can donate to Goodwill for you. Win-Win for all.

  2. Ginny Logan says

    I just used my credit. I’m more excited to sell some things though! You have to spend $25 to use the $10 credit…$25 after the 20% off. Great deal when you combine it all! I’m looking forward to seeing what my Ann Taylor skirt and Eddie Bauer shorts are like. Can’t beat $15 for 2 items and that included shipping!

  3. says

    I love nordstrom rack. I do buy designer but not because of the name, the fits are unparalleled. Mostly for jeans. I also buy shoes there because of the lasting quality of them. The pieces I want to keep for a long time are the ones I’ll spend a little more to buy a really quality item.

  4. Dawn Waddington via Facebook says

    I don’t care about designer labels, I just look for clothes that are well made and I like. If the price is right I may get it if not I walk away. I have paid more for the “best” product only to have them fall apart much sooner then they should have.

  5. says

    I totally agree about the fit, the feel, the quality! I love to thrift store shop and I’m always hunting for some of my favorite brands. I found a pair of yoga pants and a pair of running pants for $2 each a while ago and they are nowhere near the quality of other brands I’ve had in the past. Turns out they’re $80+ pants! I can’t remember the name right now, but they’re my favorite ones to workout in.

  6. Lisa says

    VERY disappointed on the return for selling to them–received only $1 apiece for four like-new items including a summer top and a jacket, then they listed the items for $12 ($35 retail) and $15 ($55 retail). They have a huge number of employees and thus a huge overhead. I’m sure their gamble was that I wouldn’t want to pay $5 to have them returned to me. RIP OFF. I won’t be back.


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