Toiletry Stockpile: Organized

Has your closet fallen victim to your deal hunting lately?  Many people email in and ask “How do you organize your stockpile?” Above is a picture of our stockpile toiletry closet.  Food for thought…

A deal is only a deal if…

  1. You need it.
  2. You’ll use it.
  3. You know someone who needs it.
  4. You know someone who will use it.


  1. Sarah Qayyum says

    I agree with your A deal is only a deal….
    I am really tired of people (Family and Friends) thinking I go get as many papers as I can and go hog up one item completely at store. As a matter of fact I really get frustrated because all the deals are pretty much gone when I go so I am going to have to change shopping times.

    Anyways I love what you have done I would love to share ours with you but its a mess I got the boxes and the over the door organizer for stuff and glad I am not the only one who had the idea …but thanks for sharing gave me some more ideas.

  2. april r. says

    I’m actually starting to get rid of my stockpile. The items contain SO many chemicals. I am replacing my toiletry items with natural and safe ones.

  3. Ashlee says

    We cut Pampers boxes down and put all bottles in them. Before if you reached for s bottle they all fell down. One box is hair care, another baby stuffs, body wash/lotion, oral care, etc

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