Tired of Netflix? Try Blockbuster Total Access For 50% Off!

Netflix seems to be on a never ending roll of PR debacles. While we enjoy our service, we cancelled the DVD portion and switched to streaming only due to their price hikes. If you’re looking for a good alternative, you’re in luck! Blockbuster Total Access is a great DVD-by-mail service – it even includes Blu-Ray and video games at the same price! Along with that, if you have a local Blockbuster store you can exchange your online rentals there rather than waiting on the mail. For a limited time, you can get 50% off your first 2 months of service.

It appears you can no longer sign up for DVD-only service from Netflix – you can add on 1 DVD at a time service for $7.99 to your streaming plan (or $9.99 to include Blu-Ray discs). If you don’t want streaming, Blockbuster’s $9.99/mo plan will get you 1 disc at at time – DVD, Blu-Ray or Video Game.

Start your Blockbuster Total Access 50% off trial today!

Have you used Blockbuster Total Access? I’d love to hear your feedback!


  1. Shannon S says

    I guess for me it’s not going to save me anything. It’s $9.99 a month which is MORE then adding it to my netflix, their streaming service is not something we can get as we don’t have a supported device and I am not going to give up my Netflix streaming.

  2. Nem says

    Thanks for the info. I just changed my Netflix down to only streaming from 1dvd+streaming and added Blockbuster’s 1dvd/games at a time plan. This is perfect for my husband and I, because he wants to be able to get xbox games and Netflix did not offer games. But for the same price we were currently paying for Netflix, we now have games on Blockbuster. (And with the 50% are saving a little bit for the first couple months)

    Old Plan : Netflix – 1dvd+streaming $17.98
    New Plan : Neflix – streaming $7.99 + Blockbuster – 1dvd/game $9.99 = $17.98

  3. Dana says

    We cancelled our cable and bought a Roku. It was 60.00 but we watch netflix and hulu thru it. They also now have a disney channel where you can watch music videos and such. We get our internet service thru Clear, and pay for netflix streaming. It beats the heck outta our 180.00 cable bill every month.

  4. Jennnifer says

    I added Blockbuster last month, since we had a store near us. Went today to exchange a movie, and the store on LoneTree in Antioch is closing and no longer renting. I don’t think there are any other locations in the area, so I will now be cancelling it.

    • Sue says

      I saw a deal for $10/mo for BB for Dish customers, which we are. Stated “stream to your TV” with no obvious stipulations. We have been with Netflix almost from their beginning so this was a big decision/change for us. Signed up for it and had to contact customer service to get help with the streaming aspect. The first time I was told it would show up in 24 hours through on demand button. Discovered we have no “on demand” button. Contacted customer service again and was told we had to have a special receiver for which we had to buy/pay for. Decided to cancel right after signing up and was THEN told there is a $5 fee for canceling within 30 days of subscribing for a new service. Going to keep it for a month just for the DVD and games – will keep it for the necessary time as it will pay for itself but can’t afford to keep both BB and Netflix each month. For now, I prefer Netflix streaming only. Just an FYI to those Dish customers considering the deal. I am usually good about reading all the fine print and making informed decisions. Dish site is not user friendly either. Can’t wait to get out of our contract with them!!!

  5. Tasha Roux McClellan via Facebook says

    The problem I had with Blockbuster was the delay. With Netflix, I place the DVD in the mailbox today, and 2 business days later I get my next one. Almost without fail, 2 mail days later. Blockbuster was 4. Always. At least. Gamefly’s turnaround is also 4, but since I haven’t found an alternative, I just grind my teeth about it and deal. (And I’m a die-hard BBV lover, too. Have worked in their stores several times and always loved my job. I would use their kiosk over Redbox, too, if they would put one near me :( )

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