Three HOT Plum District Deals of the Day

Today I’m happy to say I couldn’t choose which Plum District Deal to highlight, so I decided to highlight all three!

Local Deals:

1. $60 for a Regular In-Home Cleaning by Vero’s – a $125 Value

Now this still seems a bit pricey to me, but I’m out of the loop when it comes to housecleaning so maybe it’s not.  I think this would be a great baby shower gift for a group of people to go in on.  Now wouldn’t that have been nice in the weeks after your baby was born?!

2.  $15 for Admission for 1 Adult and 1 Child at the Exploratorium – a $25 Value

We LOVE it at the Exploratorium!  Remember kids ages 3 and under are already free.

National Deal:

3. $20 for a Full Box of Kids’ Clothes + a One-Year Swapping Membership at

thredUP has always intrigued me but I’ve yet to try it, basically it’s an online virtual clothing swap.  If you sign up for threUP through this link you’ll automatically get started with the PRO Membership for FREE!  Has anyone used thredUP?  If so would you spell it out for us?


  1. Lyndi says

    I’ve been a member of ThredUp for a short time and have listed clothing and purchased clothing from the site. I’ve experienced both good and bad in both instances. You are basically purchasing a Medium Flat Rate box of used kids clothing for $13. Since you are not compensated for listing a box of clothing when you act as a sender, your satisfaction really depends how generous other senders are with the quality of clothing because when you list clothing, you are pretty much giving away a box of clothes (versus listing on ebay or craigslist for $$). You can get some nice clothing for infants because they have very little wear compared to the older kids’ sizes! Benefit – definitely cheaper than a used kids clothing store and you can get a load of clothing in the same size!

  2. says

    I’ve used thredUp (until my pro account expired) so this might be a good time to sign up. It’s great, you can get very specific with what kinds of clothes you want. I’ve done it twice now, it’s great for busy parents who can’t make it to a second hand store!

  3. Jeni says

    The house keeping one is a good deal. Especially for a one time cleaning.
    If you were thinking of long term though. I would discuss exatly what they clean. In the house cleaning buisness I found the cheaper the price usually the less work they did. At one time I thought this was a high charge (ex- I have a 3 story 2500 sq. ft. house & I paid $150 then every 2 weeks I pay $100), so I tried cheaper ones and went back to the lady I have now because for the extra $35 I was spending it was worth the extra work done. (ex- fridge & oven deep cleaned). The iniital cleaning is usually higher than their regular charge.

  4. deerunrun says

    I am currently a member of Thred Up. The idea is you fill a medium size flat rate USPS shipping box with your clean, gently used kids clothing. You can pay for a PRO account which will give you a detailed discription of boxes available (Ex. May include some brand names, colors, details of clothing). If you do not pay for the Pro account the description of clothes available will be more basic. (Ex. 4 short sleeve shits, 2 pants, 2 PJ’s) I was a little disappointed by the first box I recieved. Although when listing my box Thread Up is very specific about not sending other members dirty of spotted clothing… I recieved a box with just that. I did recieve many shirts which I was pleased with. I informed Thred Up about the condition of clothing I recieved, they credited my account with another month of Pro membership at no charge. I think it’s just the luck of the draw. I would assume most members would be sending clean clothing. I have a box ready to ship to another member once it is picked.

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