Target Debit REDcard: 5% off EVERY Purchase plus FREE Shipping (No Minimum!)

UPDATE: I found an ad in the Sunday paper as I was skimming through it today and it clearly states that the 5% off and FREE shipping are perks to BOTH the Target REDcard Debit Card and Credit Card.  The only caveat is that you cannot shop with your Target REDCard Debit Card on the MOBILE site, meaning through a cell phone.

I’ve known about the Target REDcard for quite sometime but have been reluctant to write about it since we believe using cash and the Envelope Budget is the best way to manage our money.  However there are some new and very noteworthy perks.  Let me first start by saying it’s NOT a credit card instead it’s a debit card that is linked to your bank account.  Please correct me if I’m wrong but from what I understand when you shop at your local Target using your REDcard you automatically save 5% and then the amount is debited from your checking account.

Here’s where it gets good though – if you use your REDcard when shopping online at you’ll not only get 5% back buy you’ll also get FREE shipping on every order with no minimum purchase required – that’s HOT!

This will come in handy this Holiday season, lot’s of greats deals at Target stores and online – free shipping is just too good to pass up! When you arrive at the Target website through this link just scroll down until you see the dog pictured above, you’ll find more details there.


  1. Jennifer says

    Yep, it is a debit card linked to your checking account. My family signed up for this program after realizing how much money we spend at Target and 5% off at the register is wonderful. I have kept track of my spending and just since May-2011, I have saved $102.37 due to the 5%. Wish I had done it long before I did!

  2. Julianne says

    I have a Target redcard and it is a credit card, not a debit. It is not a Target Visa which I have had in the past. I did not know about the debit option.

  3. says

    I just signed up for it yesterday. All you do is take a blank check (not signed blank check!) to the customer service counter and answer a few questions (SSN is one of them). I was approved right away and was given a temp card to use til mine came in the mail. Added bonus, you can link it to your child’s school and the school benefits too. Great program!

  4. Ginny Logan says

    I have LOVED the Target debit Redcard. However, unless they have recently changed things, you can’t use it online yet. Just the Redcard Credit card for online purchases. I JUST sent an email to our church about the Redcard Debit card to help everybody save 5% and I was trying to get everybody to link their card to support Heritage Baptist Academy. :)

      • Ginny Logan says

        Well that would be great if they have changed that. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve tried ordering, but I’m 100% sure I couldn’t use it then. I saw it in writing on the site too.

  5. Nicole says

    Target Team Member here – A Redcard IS a credit card. There is also a Target debit card that is linked to your checking account, and works the same as your bank’s debit card. You can apply in any store, at any checklane with a driver’s license and a blank check. The card is good only at Target. You will receive 5% off your total purchase instantly (there are some exclusions, such as gift cards). There are NO fees.

    I do believe that you cannot use a Target Debit Card at though. Only a REDcard, which is a credit card.

  6. Danielle says

    Looks like they say:
    Yes to using at, and yes to free shipping- the only thing you cant do is use it via the mobile app.

    “Enjoy 5% off every shopping trip at Target and Plus, you can enroll in Pharmacy Rewards. The Target Debit Card links right to your checking account for hassle-free shopping. You can even request up to $40 cash back when you’re shopping in-store. Target Debit Card cannot be used on the mobile website.”

    and then:
    use your REDcard® to get free shipping

    Target REDcard debit & credit cards: 5% off today & every day.

    No minimum
    All purchases ship free—any time
    No membership fee

    Plus, the REDcard saves you 5%** on the already low prices at Target and

    • says

      Exactly Danielle, I understand that you get the same benefits but you cannot use it on their mobile site (basically through an iPhone, etc).

  7. Robin says

    Unless they just changed it, I made a purchase on three days ago and it stated that I couldn’t use my Target debit card, only the credit card.

    Also, remember to go through when shopping at You can get up to 10 points per dollar spent!

  8. joanne says

    The website states you get free shipping iwth the DEBIT card:
    Free Shipping at (Scroll down for Target Pharmacy Rewards program rules):

    When you use your Target Debit CardTM, Target Credit Card® or Target® Visa® Credit Card (each, a “REDcard®”) on, you will receive free shipping on all your purchases (Target Debit Card cannot be used on the mobile website). Offer applies on standard shipping to all 50 states, as well as APO/FPO addresses and Puerto Rico. If you upgrade your shipping method, shipping fees will apply. This offer is not valid on previous orders, or where otherwise prohibited by law. Target reserves the right to discontinue or alter the terms of this program at any time.

  9. VIckie Jones says

    I have had the Target Debit card for about 6 months now, I took a blank voided check in and applied (you have to have a check) it’s super easy, you set up your own Pin, and it comes straight out of my checking account. Plus my school get’s $$ back as well!

    Bonus the 5% is off any purchase, sale, clearance you name it!

  10. Anna says

    Yes!!! You CAN use your Target DEBIT REDcard at and get FREE shipping with an additional 5% off! I did it all weekend when the $5.00 off code came out on Saturday. SOOOO excited!!! My favorite way to shop Target now!

  11. Rebecca says

    After finding out there is a debit card version of the RedCard, I signed up too. You get 5% off every purchase just like the credit RedCard. I totally prefer this over the credit card.

  12. madison says

    Maybe ya’ll can help me out with this.
    I have tried to apply for this card for while with no such luck. They require I either send in my application with a voided check or go to the store with a voided check to get signed up. I DONT USE CHECKS! So, in order for me just to get one voided check I would have to pay for a pack of checks from my bank only to void just one. Target says that it’s “policy”. So there is no other way to sing up even though I have all of my account information needed?

    • Teal says

      @madison – You do have to use a blank check and while that does stink, there are free checks out there. I’m not sure about shipping, but I know Vistaprint has free checks available, just pay shipping. Awhile ago I ordered 2 boxes of checks from for $3.xx after cash back. Use DE0378 at check out to get 2 boxes for $4.05. That code should still work. I write about 3 checks a month and so while these will last me forever, I now have checks and I hardly spent a dime on them.

      I just signed up the for debit card a few days ago. When I signed up the cashier told me that over the weekend shopping online with the debit card is now available!!!

    • Pam says

      At my bank, I just ask them to print me a sheet of checks (it’s 5 on a sheet). This way, for the VERY few instances where I need a check, I have like 4 on hand. And it doesn’t cost me any.


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