Target & Best Buy Are Price Matching This Holiday Season

I just read that Best Buy will be price matching this holiday season the other day, and just now read that Target will be price matching with,,, and The full details of the programs haven’t been released, but obviously they’re trying to take back some of the sales they are losing to online sales. The article on Target says that you can show them the price on your cell phone, or the workers can verify it online for you. The main problem I see is fluctuating online prices (like Amazon’s do) making it hard to get the price you want in store.

Will Target and Best Buy’s price matching get you to buy in-store, or will you stick to your original plan?

We would love to know what you think!


  1. stephanie w. says

    If the item is cheaper and it gets shipped to my house, I will be buying it online. Price matching just sounds like one more hassle to deal with during the already hectic holiday season.

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