Swagbucks: My Christmas Savings Plan

I’ve been a longtime Swagbucks fan, we’ve been able to cash in our Swagbucks on a consistent basis for Amazon gift cards.  Right now we’re saving them to help pay for Christmas.  In the past I’ve used my Swagbucks to buy an iPhone!  Whether your plans are big or small, it’s wise to make  plan for your Swagbucks.

A few ideas might include redeeming your Swagbucks for Amazon credit, you could take advantage of these great online grocery deals for free!  You could also subscribe to the All You Magazine via Amazon.  Or maybe you’ll do what we’re doing and see how far your Swagbucks will stretch your Christmas budget – now is the time to start saving them up!

EVERY Friday is MEGA Swagbucks day, which means they give out larger denominations when you win. If you are ever going to search, Fridays are the day to do it :-)

Here’s a chart Mr. Frugal came up with that shows the best value for your Swagbuck when you cash them in:

$5 Amazon.com credit 450 Swagbucks $1 value = 90 swagbucks
$20 Target.com Gift Card 2350 Swagbucks $1 value = 117.5 Swagbucks
$50 Amazon.com credit 5900 Swagbucks $1 value = 118 Swagbucks
$10 Starbucks Gift Card 1300 Swagbucks $1 value = 130 Swagbucks
$5 Paypal credit 700 Swagbucks $1 value = 140 Swagbucks

Interested in more information? Check out these articles:

Head on over and get signed up for Swagbucks, what have you got to lose?!


  1. dawn says

    I have been using swagbucks for 2 years now and I love that I earn bucks to use towards giftcards, but I seldom get more than 10 swagbucks at a time so it takes me a long time to earn enough to purchase the really good giftcards. I would never be able to earn enough to get an iphone.

  2. Amanda S. says

    This isn’t exactly r/t Swagbucks, but in keeping with the idea of saving for Christmas- I recently cashed in my first Saving Star payout and was stoked to find out that I was able to choose an Amazon gift card as one of the options! I bought many Christmas gifts through Amazon last year with of all the great sales they offered so this is a nice head start. “Every little bit helps!” :)

  3. Kelly says

    I am working full time and also getting my MBA. I use the swagbucks Amazon cards toward the purchase of my books each semester. Its been a great savings toward the book purchases.

  4. Y says

    Is there a swag bucks iPhone or iPad app out yet? My laptop is ancient so I rarely use it as it takes way too long for anything. I use my iPad and iPhone for as much as I can which means I sometimes lose out on good deals because I can’t print the coupons I need. I hope to get a new laptop from Santa this year. Cross your fingers for me. (-: thank you for all that you do!

  5. Amanda Paavola Due via Facebook says

    The widget has them (or where to find them) a lot of the times…You can download it at swagbucks.

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