Swagbucks: How, when, and why you should be searching.

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Often times I begin to feel like a broken record here on TFF, but I have to remind myself there are new people stopping in every day.  I can’t speak highly enough of Swagbucks and how seriously easy it is to earn enough bucks to redeem for some serious rewards! Since I started using Swagbucks a year and a half ago, I’ve redeemed 46 prizes!

What can you get?

I’ve redeemed for everything from paypal cash, amazon credits, starbucks gift cards, and even my shiny iPhone!

Is it really that easy to earn them?

Every Friday is Mega SwagBucks Day, which means better odds of winning our BIG Swag Bucks denominations up to 10,000 in one search! Simply search naturally, and with a little luck, you’ll be winning large bills starting at 20 Swag Bucks and up. It’s completely Free and Swag Bucks can be traded in for rewards such as gift cards, electronics, apparel, household goods and much more! If you haven’t signed up for Swag Bucks go here so you can search and win today!

How and when should I spend them?

I do suggest you treat your Swagbucks like you would your budget, make the most of every buck and spend them wisely! With that said, I asked Mr. Frugal to help me figure out just which deals (out of my top 5 favorites) had the best bang for their buck. Basically, what should I save up for first and in what order should I buy them?

As an added idea, you could subscribe to the All You Magazine for only $1.66 per month through Amazon, and get it FREE with your Swagbucks!

He came up with the following chart…

$5 Amazon.com credit 450 Swagbucks $1 value = 90 swagbucks
$20 Target.com Gift Card 2350 Swagbucks $1 value = 117.5 Swagbucks
$50 Amazon.com credit 5900 Swagbucks $1 value = 118 Swagbucks
$10 Starbucks Gift Card 1300 Swagbucks $1 value = 130 Swagbucks
$5 Paypal credit 700 Swagbucks $1 value = 140 Swagbucks


  1. Taber says

    I keep trying to get extra points on Fridays but it never works for me. I usually score more points on other days. I usually end up with only 10 swagbucks a day. What can I do differently?

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