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Safeway wants to help you cook that Turkey tomorrow (I know I’ll need all the help I can get!)  They’ve added many new recipes, savings tips, and ideas to the Holiday section of

For those of you with an iPhone you can download the Safeway Chef Assistant app featuring the Safeway exclusive 2-Hour Turkey Recipe.  The app guides you through step-by-step instructions on how to prep a simply delicious turkey in 2 hours or less. You can also use the app while shopping for your ingredients and cooking tools or as a timer to remind you of important time and temp checks.

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  1. Tamara Bennington says

    I always prepare my stuffing and other side dishes the night before so I won’t waste time in the kitchen on Thanksgiving day

  2. Allison H says

    Don’t overcook the pumpkin pie! And use a mixture of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg instead of pumpkin pie spice!

  3. Sarah B. says

    Sorry, I just read the instructions – you can delete my other comment! My tip is to go to someone else’s house so you don’t have to cook…lol :)

  4. Angela Kruger says

    Using Compound butter under skin of turkey and letting it rest 30min is key, also remove whole breast from turkey and carve into slices on carving board, not off of bird, out side is dry inside is moist, this makes each slice delicious.

  5. carly perez says

    I prep as much as I can in advance so I can enjoy the friends and family….from crockpot mashed potatoes to baking the cornbread for the stuffing a couple days in advance! :)

  6. Sarah says

    My best Thanksgiving tip is to always test your recipes ahead…. I’ve found it’s never a good idea to experiment on one of the most important meals of the year…. The food has to be good!

  7. Bonnie K says

    Plan ahead and have ingredients needed several days in advance and ask for help–don’t be superwoman. Make sure you sit down and chat with everyone. And enjoy the day.

  8. Michelle says

    My best tip is to make it a potluck. Also, though I love to have traditional turkey, I like to include lots of non-traditional foods.

  9. D.L. Kurson says

    My tip is do as much prep work as you can the night before so you can enjoy the day with your family instead of being to tired to enjoy it.

  10. Tammy Paiva says

    Use paper plates and plastic silverware. Makes it so much easier to sit back and enjoy each other’s company after dinner. My grandma used to use china and real silver and then wouldn’t sit down and relax until all the dishes were done…so none of the rest of us could either. When the dishes were finally done, everyone would be wiped out. Paper plates is the best thing that’s ever happened to my family. :)

  11. Stephanie says

    My best turkey tip is to use a roaster pan with a lid. Keeps the turkey nice and moist and cooks in MUCH less time!!

  12. Kristin S says

    My best tip would be to BRINE the Turkey the day before Thanksgiving. And to also put little pats of butter between the skin and meat before cooking. Yummy!!

  13. Karen Crabtree says

    Anything that can be made in advance, I make in advance. Pies, dips, veggie sides and pastas are all good to do a day or two before the big day.

  14. carolyn noblet says

    I like to clean up as I go – washing pots and pans as I empty them. This only takes a minute and I enjoy my meal so much more.

  15. Dot Quaid says

    I like to put butter/margarine under the turkey skin over the breast and remember to baste the bird while it’s cooking. I also try to do as much as I can ahead of time, so I may be cooking the green bean casserole tonight, lol!

  16. Christine says

    Clean your house on Monday, do tons of prep work on Tuesday and Wednesday, only do what you HAVE to do on Thanksgiving (cooking the bird, rolls, gravy, potatoes). This helps you be a better hostess when your guests arrive! No stress, this is supposed to be FUN! :)

  17. says

    I think Suzy took my answer. Delegate the tasks so that everyone gets to do something and no one gets stressed out on the day to be extra thankful.

  18. Jill Guiomar says

    I love to have my kids involved, peeling potatoes and carrots, and of course having the hubby bbq the turkey/ham is always yummy, and the reason we love living in the bay area, great Thanksgiving weather.

  19. Lori says

    Have some dessert for appetizers too! Everyone always wants dessert so I make fudge and mini tartlet pies to serve before dinner. Yum!

  20. says

    So I’ve never been in charge of preparing Thanksgiving, but if I were, I would do as much in advance as possible. Setting the table, slicing or chopping ingredients, baking things that would last overnight, etc.

  21. Chalette says

    I cook the majority of everything but the turkey the day before. So while the turkey is resting and waiting to be carved, everything else just needs to be heated thru in the hot oven.

  22. Debbie says

    I like to cook my Turkey a day ahead, and have sliced and ready for
    Thanksgiving as we have many friends and family come by all day long.

  23. Kelly says

    Plan, plan, plan. read everything through and make sure you have everything and then do what you can ahead of time and enjoy the day.

  24. Erin says

    My best tip is try and not overindulge. Be thankful for what you have.

    I’ve recently lost 10 lbs and I am not gaining them back for a holiday.

  25. Shana Hamel says

    Potluck style. We have dinner at my sister’s and she cooks the turkey and mashed potatoes, everyone else brings a side or dessert.

  26. Christina W. says

    Plan, plan, plan & make lots of lists so nothing is forgotten. In regards to table decorations, I get my best ideas from flipping through magazines. Lastly, make sure you have fun & cherish the time you get to spend with family & friends.

  27. Susan Harty via Facebook says

    But thank you very much not complaining just letting you know ok :) Hope your family has a blessed Thanksgiving

  28. Emily says

    The most important tip is organization. Plan everything out in writing. From what you are going to make and when, to where people are going to sit.

  29. Kathy says

    Plan Thanksgiving with the whole family. I love the kids input and help during preparation. I look so forward to see what other family members will bring. Most of al… have everyone involved with the celebration of what we are all thankful for!

  30. Kimberly says

    Do everything you can before Thursday…. even chop the veggies or whatever. Be your own Sous Chef! Then…… Write out a minute-by-minute schedule for what goes in the oven and what needs to be done all day. That way you won’t get behind on the big day, and anyone can check your list and help out as they are around!

  31. Kristy says

    My best tip is RELAX. If it’s not perfect it doesn’t matter. All that does is being around the family and friends that love you.

  32. Pamela Wagner says

    Best tip while preparing the Thanksgiving meal.. Is to have a glass of wine while doing so. Keeps me relaxed.

  33. Sunny S says

    My tip is cook. What you can ahead of time to help things run smoother and quicker the day of. It can also help prevent a traffic jam for your oven and stove. Reheat in crockpots etc.

  34. Serafina says

    My best Thanksgiving tip is to be organized and do your shopping in advance. It makes the day stress free and much more enjoyable and relaxing!!!

  35. Renee says

    Try to have as much done as possible the night before, even if that just means all the prep work in some cases. I hate feeling like I didn’t get to socialize much because I spent the entire day in the kitchen- although that’s where the wine is kept :)

  36. Elisa says

    The best tip is while all stressed out with everything –>stop and think about what you have and not what you wish you had. Giving thanks to the people around us is a good reminder.

  37. amanda Santa Maria says

    The best way to have your turkey is deep fried. My dad has a deep fryer and it is the most flavorful , juiciest turkey you will ever taste!. Also we bake a turkey as well so that our stuffing still gets that yummy flavor inside!

  38. Lisa R. says

    My best turkey cooking tip is really for myself: let my husband do it! He does it in an infrared cooker and it comes out sooooo tasty and delish!

  39. Jenn says

    Prepare as much as you can ahead time so you can enjoy the day with your family! Oh and have dinner at dinner time then you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to put the Turkey in the oven~

  40. Claudia says

    My best tip is to go on vacation and eat out! Okay, Okay… My real tip is that it is super easy to make cranberry sauce from scratch to go alongside that roasted Safeway tukey. The taste is amazing. Just try it!

  41. Kim says

    I’ve never cooked Thanksgiving so my tip is get yourself invited to someone’s house!
    I do like to make stuffing. I like to add cranberries or almonds to it. I think putting meat in crock pot followed by cream soup and then stuffing is very good.
    I love shopping at Safeway!

  42. Rachelle Reyes says

    Be organized, make a’ll feel good when you can cross things off…also, make sure everyone helps out!

  43. Karen H. says

    Purchase ingredients in advance. stores will run out of what you need and the last tjing you want to do is run around for that one ingredient!

  44. says

    Best Turkey Day Tip: after seasoning the turkey as you like, I baste the turkey every half an hour, with a bottle of bear I put in the pan at the beginning of cooking.Alcohol is cooked off but the turkey ends up moist and tenderized. Gobble Gobble!

  45. T says

    Buy English/Irish crackers which the guests pull apart like a wishbone. The one who ends up with the larger part gets the prizes inside. Everyone wears their paper king/queen hats which come inside, too.

  46. Nichole J says

    Since cooking is not really my forte, I am tasked with keeping all the kids from being under foot in the kitchen. I say good naps (for your own sanity) and plenty of activities for the kids will keep them safe and out of the way!

  47. Laura Ramirez-Moreno says

    Try to have everyone pitch in with either bringing something or helping with the clean up afterwords. This saves time and money.

  48. danielle h says

    This year is my first year with making thanksgiving for a lot of people. Im kind of I don’t really have!

  49. Lyndi says

    Gotta go with the brown and serve rolls, yams out of a can, stovetop stuffing, etc for preparing Thanksgiving dinner for a big family with lots of kids. Always choose time-savers!!!

  50. Julia Redemer says

    The best turkey is when you brine it the night before….and leave it sitting breast side down in the brine in the fridge overnight. It makes the turkey soooo incredible moist. Also when cooking for just your immediate family or many more ….the key is do as much as you can the night before so you can spend the day with your family instead of in the kitchen.

  51. Kim says

    Make sure every has a job to make or bring something, that way everyone can enjoy the holiday and one person isn’t doing all of the work.

  52. lacey says

    Planning Planning Planning… Plan your meal before hand , shop early so that you can avoid not so friendly crowd, start cooking/ preparing one day before so that next day you are left with the strength to spend time with family. Involve kids in cleaning up fun,…..

  53. Dawn says

    Try to remember it is about family and friends and not about making a perfect meal. Enjoy and laugh a lot and remember those who can’t be there. Happy Thanksgiving!

  54. Amanda Greenleaf says

    Plan ahead and make sure you have everything in order and a general timeline of when things need to happen (accounting for spending time with family&friends)

  55. paul says

    Remember to get a turkey that will fit in both your roasting pan and your oven. Sometimes the birds are so big they just don’t fit and hang over the edges. LOL!

  56. Jean says

    Cover the pie crust during the first 1/2 of baking it (so it doesn’t over cook) with a square of foil with the center cut out. So the outside crust is covered while the center is exposed. Perfect and yummy crust.

  57. Heat says

    Plan – my best advice is to plan in advance. Once you know what you are going to cook, you can shop and have everything you need the day of. I hate having to run to the store at the last minute to try to find things that I forgot!

  58. Kylie C says

    Cook your potatoes and yams the day before and just reheat before dinner- the flavor’s the same and it means less cooking to co-ordinate on the big day.

  59. Holly says

    After getting home from Walgreens Thanksgiving Day sale. I put my pjs on and finish cooking while watching football and counting my blessings. Being relaxed and going with the flow. If anyone comes over, they better be in their pjs too :)

  60. Sue Cooper says

    Last year we cooked the turkey breast side down for most of the cooking time, then finished for about an hour breast side up. We ended up with a perfectly cooked turkey with a noticeably moister breast.

  61. jacqueline hummel says

    I can really use this extra 100 grocery card. I am the only the one that is currently working in my household. My husband has been searching for a job for months not. We have a 2yr can just use the extra cash so we don’t have struggle.

  62. Danielle H. says

    This is the first year that I made a whole Thanksgiving dinner myself. I found a tip online about making the mashed potatoes ahead of time and then heating them in the crockpot on turkey day. It worked really well and was so nice to eliminate one of the last minute things!

  63. Katy says

    Share the responsibility! We had 5 different families involved in our Thanksgiving, and I don’t think anyone did more than 4 dishes. Saved each family time, money, and stress!

  64. Shauneen says

    I make my potatoes in a crock-pot, letting them cook all day, so no last minute prep on getting the mashed potatoes done!

  65. Nicole Larsen says

    I plan everything out to the T the night before! I make sure I have everything set out and ready to go for the morning. I am extremely organized in everything I do and it makes the holidays MUCH easier!

  66. Jana says

    My tip would be to get everything at Safeway, one-stop shopping! Of course that would be way easier with the 100 dollar gift card!

  67. MARTHA ZAPIEN says

    Just leave a post? My would be nice juicy ham with potatoes. slow cooked.

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