A good deal is only a good deal when it’s the very best that you can afford…

This is a re-post from the last few years with a few edits here and there.  I share it every year as it’s still very timely and I pray it encourages you, especially if you’re struggling to provide for your family during this Christmas season.

With Black Friday coming up, there will be a lot of shiny new toys with bells and whistles calling your name.  First I’m going to be as bold as to say, you don’t need most of it so you can just sleep in on Friday, you won’t miss much.  I know, everyone else everywhere is telling you to get ready and building the hype about the biggest shopping day of the year.  I’m not scrooge or anything – I’ve spent many years out there with the best of you.  My point in this post is to remind you a good deal is only a good deal when it’s the very best that you can afford.

In years past I’ve stood in line at Target to buy some shiny plastic things that I didn’t need and my kid’s didn’t want.  Sure those $3 barbies were a hot deal – but my daughter has never played with a barbie and we don’t even like them!  Oh but the 20 pack of hot wheel cars for $5 was also a good deal, forgetting the fact that we already have a bin FULL that they don’t play with.  Honor your children’s wishes and buy the best you can afford for them as well.  Don’t undercut them just because there is a better deal and you think they’ll like it.  I’m not saying that my 4 year old is getting a Nintendo DS this year because that’s what he really really really wants – instead I’ll take a good hard look at the rest of the items he’s shown and interest in and see where and how I can bless him this year.

I remember being there in line way too early when it was literally BLACK out on Black Friday – $50 cash in hand.  My goal was to get as many gifts as I could for $50.  I know it sounds so silly now, but that’s what I thought, the more gifts under the tree the happier they’ll be!  When the truth is my son would have been happy with ONE $50 lego set, instead he got a bunch of toys that he didn’t play with just a few weeks later.

What can I afford?

Do you have enough cash to pay for it?  It’s as simple as that – if you’re planning to shop with Credit Cards this year you cannot afford Christmas, or at least not at the level you were planning for.  I’m sorry guys, but even those Credit Card with rewards points…if you don’t plan to go home and write a check paying off your balance off in full that very same day – you’re basically buying those points.

You will likely spend 12-18% more if you use plastic and you’ll be paying it off come next year! – Dave Ramsey

What do you mean buy the best I can afford?

Don’t undercut yourself.

What I mean by this is if your budget this year is $100 for a digital camera – take the time and do your research.  Don’t buy junk, a lot of people fall into the trap of buying a $75 digital thinking they’ve just saved $25 bucks – but remember you get what you pay for.  Those Black Friday door buster deals are there to lure you in to the store so that you’ll buy more – they aren’t always as great of deal as they seem to be.  Research the product in advance.  Some of them are legitimately good deals, and that’s great!  Just know what you’re getting into beforehand.

Live within your means.

If you have a $100 budget, don’t spend $150 because the next model has more to offer.  There is always a next model up even when you have $1000 to spend.  Be satisfied that you’re able to make your purchase in cash and that you’ve done your research, knowing full well you’re buying the best camera $100 can buy.

A personal note from me to you…

Don’t forget that Christmas is all about people, not gifts.  It’s about one very special little baby that would become our Savior, the richest gift of all.  If your heart is breaking this year because you can’t afford Christmas for your children or family please know that Mr. Frugal and I ARE praying for you.  I will do my very best here on TFF to share with you the absolute best deals I can find.  I won’t water down the site with a bunch of wishy washy deals that will have your head spinning wondering what is up from down.  I don’t want to waste your time or mine.  I’ll also make a point to share charities that are available to help during the Christmas season.  Plus we have MANY giveaways planned, so hopefully you’ll win one of those too!  Thank you for reading, I know you’re here because you need to be – to learn to SAVE more so you can GIVE more so you can LIVE more.


  1. says

    Thanks for the reality check. I’ll be needing more of those as Christmas approaches. I love to go black Friday shopping with my teenage daughter (we love the free doughnuts and coffee and shopping with crazy people in the dark), but mostly out for fun and not so much for the hot deals (except maybe to get some socks). Blessings, Lynn

  2. Jackie says

    Thank you. What a beautifully honest message. I will be skipping Black Friday and really focusing on what I have to spend for Christmas and spending it wisely:)

  3. Ashlee says

    I am a recovering shopaholic. A good deal is just SO hard to pass up! But as my parents tried very hard to instill in me when I was younger, needs and wants are not the same thing. Sometimes you can get both needs and wants, and other times we can only afford to get our needs. I love that couponing allows me a little wiggle room to buy some wants on occasion. I think I will be headed to CVS on Thanksgiving as we head out of town and that is about it for the whole weekend.
    Last year my husband wanted to get me something from Best Buy on Black Friday. We had just moved so we decided late Thanksgiving day around 9pm we would take a test drive to the nearest store so he wouldn’t get lost so early in the morning. At just after 9pm there were already 100 or so people in line! He decided to just sleep in and got me something even better online on Cyber Monday.

  4. VIckie Jones says

    I think this is an awesome post, I’m usually pretty good, but have been known to buy something that just sits because it was too good a deal to pass up.

    This year black friday is being shopped with money saved from rebates, survey sites, etc. I have right at 100 to spend, after I get the deep fryer for my 18 year old (yes odd gift, but it will make him happy) at sears, that leaves around 100. Movies at Target are looking good, but I’ll see what else comes up.

    • Angel Moreno says

      Hey if you want a Fryer I was given a nice one and I don’t want or need it . I’m willing to send it to you no strings just the counter space and fact it will be used is a great thing for us . Just let us know please,please. Angel,Paul,Adrianne Moreno: themorenosfamily@yahoo.com
      Love to keep the giving going and I too am a Dave Ramsey Follower:) Dave Rocks!
      We are nearly debt freeeee Scream is coming up soon !

        • Ginny says

          What a blessing to read this! It’s a good reminder to keep our focus on the true reason for the Christmas seaons…our Lord Jesus Christ. We are celebrating the birth of our Savior. Sharing something with a stranger is a good testimony of Christ’s love. Way to go ladies and thank you Julia for the best blog EVER! Great post too!

  5. MaryBeth says

    Thank you for this post! It is so important to remember, ESPECIALLY around the holidays. No Christmas gift is worth giving if it is going to take years to get your credit card paid off. I am always reminded about the couple in “Total Money Makeover” who had to sit their family down and explain that even though they appeared to have money, they had been putting on a show and in order to fix that would not be giving Christmas gifts one year. Their family was shocked & disappointed, but the point of the holiday is for family, not presents and stress! I hope I continue to remember that as my husband and I start having children, but for now it is our focus. Yes, we are still gift-buying, but only for each other, our parents, 1 sister and 1 brother.

  6. Angel Moreno says

    Just a little thank you for the post” Love” the reminder about staying cheetah focused.
    Thank you! Angel Moreno

  7. Danae says

    I very timely reminder that no more matter how good the deal is it doesn’t matter if no one will use it! I/we shop with credit cards, but pay off our balance in full every month. If it is tight one month and they might get us in trouble we take our credit cards out of our wallets as a reminder that we don’t have the money that month and if we can’t use cash we can’t get it! It has worked really well :) Thanks for this post as a great reminder about what is truly important!

  8. Jenn says

    Not stepping on any toes – you are 100% right! It’s so easy to get sucked into buying the latest and greatest and then 3 months later get stuck in the trap of cleaning up a bunch of “stuff” and complaining about it! Thanks for the reminder, great post! Just like grocery shopping – stick to the list! 😉

  9. Mariana H. says

    Wow thanks for the reminder. I was contemplating wether to go this year. More for the hype but I’ve been known for splurging so I”m so GLAD I read this. Thanks for making up my mind. I hope I can get all my christmas shopping done through your website 😉 Thanks for ALL you do. You’re a huge blessing :)

  10. Rebecca K. says

    For those of you that are wanting to provide your children with toys this holiday season and truly cannot afford it please remember that there are organizations out there to help. One near and dear to my heart is Toys for Tots. You can find your local T4T organizer by going to toysfortots.org. Blessings and happy holidays to all.

  11. Jana says

    What an awesome post Julia! This year will be hard for us. I’m blessed with truly amazing kids, and my older girls don’t expect anything. I’ve purchased a few groupon deals over the last several months knowing that I will use them for Christmas gifts for family (or birthday for that matter! I have a turkey baby and a Christmas baby!). This post was refreshing! I enjoy my sleep way too much to get up early anyways! I’d much rather stay in bed to sleep in and enjoy the warmth of my home! haha!

  12. MoniB says

    SOOOOO true…Now stores have the same product at 5 am that they do at 12 noon. There is no point in going out at 5 am to get the “best deal” and your personal note at the bottom was so great. Thanks for sharing your faith. Most people are to scared too…God Bless

    • says

      That is ALL TOO true – last year I went back to Target around noon only to find the “doorbusters” I stood in line for at 5am, still stacked taller than me.

  13. Faye says

    Thank you for this wonderful post, Julia! It spoke directly to ME. I know it will not be like the Christmases of excess in the past, but I will make every attempt to cherish the time I have with my family. A good dinner, some good friends, and the love of my family will make this a special Christmas for us all! Thanks for the timely reminder, and I appreciate your prayers. (It also made my cry, when I read that one of your readers, Angel, was truly an Angel and offered her fryer to another reader. This is why I love your site. The compassion and sharing here is real and God is truly working through you to bring joy to others.)

  14. Sharon says

    Thank you for your loving concern for your “followers”! You are an amazing person, one, truly after God’s own heart!

  15. Sharon says

    Thank you for your post “Stepping on some budgeted toes here…”!
    I don’t think I’ve ever shopped on “Black Friday” simply because My husband and I, along with our 3 boys live on one income, as I have always (& continue) to home-school my children, so we pretty much live on the tightest budget we can, every day of the year, but God has NEVER let us go without or be homeless.
    It is so tempting to go out there & buy, buy, buy & worry about paying for it later, we have never done that either, we pay cash for whatever we purchase. A lot of what I buy is online, so I don’t have to be “out there” pounding the malls, anyway. (btw ~ I rarely shop at malls, it’s Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc.)
    I buy most video game items (I have 3 boys who love their games) from Ebay & over the past 5-6 years we have never had a problem with anything we’ve gotten. We even bought one of our sons a set of electronic drums, which lasted about 5 years! (He now has an acoustic set & plays in our church’s praise band) Most of the games themselves are slightly used, but you wouldn’t know it to look at them & they are usually guaranteed (keyword, again….research).

    I just wanted to thank you for your loving concern for your “followers”! You are an amazing person, one truly after God’s own heart!

    God bless!
    Sharon Dible

  16. Rebecca says

    Wonderful post and very inspirational. I love Dave Ramsey and try very hard to live within our means so I think I will take your advice and sleep in and enjoy time with my family on Black Friday. Thanks for saying what so many need to hear! God bless!

  17. says

    than you for sharing your finds and deals, my son love loves legos so if you hear of any please let me know, I have a budget and will pull the cash out of the bank before I start shopping — when it’s gone it’s gone is my motto.

  18. angie says

    what a great post-im very fortunate to have a wonderful family and its definately about the people you surround yourself with your friends and family, not the gifts you give and receive. thanks for shareing this post with us!

  19. Kelley says

    Perfectly stated….

    There was something magical about a precious little piece of time my husband and I managed to get alone on the back porch the other night after the kids were in bed. In the course of our conversation, we were discussing upcoming jobs and opportunities (he is in school and does tree work on the side and I am an Etsy/eBay work at home mommy) and how to go about getting through the bills of the next few months while saving nickels and dimes to pay the fuel costs from Florida to Virginia to get “home” for Christmas. After making our plans, I turned to go back through the sliding glass door into the house and he turned with a rather grim expression and asked, “Where are we going to get the money to do Christmas presents for the kids and all the family members we are going to see? How much will you need?” I cannot tell you how happy it made me to be able to say, “Nothing. It’s covered.” I went on to explain that I have been buying little things throughout the year with rebates, crafting/sewing for relatives and will be using that wonderful Picaboo Groupon to make the grandparents what they really want… pictures of grand babies! What a good feeling… to go into Christmas without the stress of spending money you don’t have, trying to keep up with a standard that isn’t realistic…. yeah, we still have to save for some gas money, but that is typically our gift to each other.. time with family… and a crazy fun 13 hour car ride with a toddler and an infant! Woo hoo!

    • Jean C. says

      Kelley, Thank you for sharing. It touched me to see how you were able to bless your husband through your creativity, planning and couponing and tell him that’s it is covered. Good for you!!!

  20. laci says

    thanks you so much for this post! it was such a reality check for me, and i needed it! its so easy to get caught up in all the shopping and good deals and lose sight of whats really important and also lose sight of my budget! Love your blog, thank you for all you do, God bless!

  21. Ashley says

    I would seriously recommend looking at the after christmas sales for things for next year. Last January i was able to buy really cute santa north pole mugs for 90 cents and blue snowflake ceramic christmas plates for 50 cents each, this year I’m putting free hot chocolate packets i got from jewel in the mugs for the ladies i work with and baking cookies for the guys to put on the plates (hoping to get some cheap pillsbury cookie dough around christmas time). If you have lots of people to buy for sometimes you can find some really cheap deals for cute things like this for next year. It might not work for everyone on your list, but maybe you can find something.
    I also recommend making little spa gift baskets out of the cheap glade candles we can often get and some of the free bath and body works items you can collect throughout the year and the free lip products and lotions from walgreens and cvs. I am making these for the ladies throwing my baby shower and i think i probably spent less than a dollar on each one if I include the tax is spent on the items i got for free. Look through your stock piles, you might be surprised at what kinds of combinations you can come up with.
    I’m also planning on giving my brother and sister a college care package as part of their christmas present that includes all free toiletries i’ve been stock piling so they don’t have to buy them over break.

  22. Kelly says

    Brilliant post. The problem is most of the people reading this post already know and support what you’re saying. I wish others would find your blog before they whip out the credit card. It breaks my heart how many people are devastated financially come January when they get their statement.

  23. LisaE says

    This is a great post and food for thought. I am not prepared for Christmas this year, which is very out of character for me. Usually, I have several gifts purchased by now, but I have found that buying early is not usually a good thing for me. I wind up hiding the gifts so no one sees them and forgetting what I’ve actually purchased. It causes me to go way overboard. I think you hit the nail on the head when you wrote to listen to what they actually ask for, not try to make them want what you find on “sale”. I’ve been guilty of that.

    I will, however, be out on Black Friday. I LOVE it! It feels like the official start of the holiday season and I find people to be very kind and considerate on that day (believe it or not). I always find deals (usually at Walmart) on PJ’s and sweatshirts.

    Anyway, this post really has me thinking and reminds me to stay on track.

    Thanks for all you do!!!

  24. Heidi says


    I would like to say that this is one of the best blogs I have read of yours. Thank you for reminding us about what is important. I have been blessed with six kids and it can be difficult to feel like what is under the tree is enough. It is especially difficult with the littlest ones. But, I have to think about what I am passing on and it is not that they feel complete by how much plastic they own. I love them all very much and that is what I want them to feel when they grow up. I want them to say “Mom’s love is just a notch under the love God has for me”! Ha! Anyway, thank you for your well thought out messages!


  25. Gina H says

    Hi Julia,
    That is the best article I have read so far this holiday season! Do you know I have never ever gone shopping in the early a.m. on black Friday, yet I’ve still been very happy with the gifts & deals I have gotten over the years. Especially with shopping online the last few years. There were times when I felt like maybe I was really missing out on the early shopping experience but then I see the crowds & how many people forget their manners out there (plus I really love my sleep & hate getting up while it’s still dark out! lol). Thank you for reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas, the greatest gift of all & it’s free!
    Blessing to you Julia for all you to help us all!

  26. Melinda says

    Thank you for posting this!! I think we all need to remember these things during the holidays! We did Dave Ramsey’s course and it saved our finances! We paid off over $7,000 worth of debt last year alone on a single income Lower ranking Military family! Thanks again for you awesome blog!

  27. VIckie Jones says

    LEt’s pass it on.

    I have 2 new and unopened Straw Berry Shortcake play sets, The sytling center and the Sunrise Berry Market, I picked them up at Target for 90% off this summer. I was lucky enough to use my swagbucks to get DD the american girl mini doll she wanted from amazon so I won’t be using them.

    Anyone have a little girl that likes these kind of things,

    • Jana Pierce says

      If you are serious I would love one for my little girl! I would be happy to pay you for them too (@90% off they were a great deal!)… my email is janapierce@gmail.com I know I have a Tag reader book I would be happy to pass on to a little boy who could use it (it’s a Bakugan one)!

  28. Crystal says

    What a wonderful post!!! Thank you so much! I am really trying to find and post deals on my blog that are very good, mostly ones that I am purchasing myself. I really want to help people be able to afford Christmas. I am hoping to do Christmas this year at a fraction of the cost I normally do. I hope you don’t mind if I link to this post.

  29. Mel says

    Oh my goodness… how refreshing. Thank you so much. Glad to know there is another mom out there that has the same idea. When I grew up I had two toys at any given time. And if I didn’t play with it, my mom suggested we take it to a less fortunate family that Christmas which we did. I gave away lots of dolls that I did not play with, to little girls who cherished them.

  30. Jana Pierce says

    I have a Ki-Lan tag book and a Bakugan tag reader book that I would love to send on to someone if they could use them for their little ones! email me @ janapierce@gmail.com!! Thanks again Julia for your wonderful site and your refreshing perspective on gifts, giving and debt!!

  31. Heather says

    The best message I have read on ANY deal, coupon, or freebie website since I can remember. WOW! I am so impressed and happy that you would post this. Just wow. You are truly special.

  32. Kim says

    First, I haven’t read the comments. But I wanted to let you know that I am standing and applauding. Thank you Julia! God bless you for your frankness. Sometimes a splash of cold water in the face is needed.

  33. Michelle says

    WOW!!! I absolutely needed to read that just now. Here I am stressed cus I lost my job last year and my partner just a few days ago and we have a 3 year old little girl. I occassionally forget about what is really important around the holiday season, family, friends, jesus christ, spirit, love, and thankfulness. Of course I want to get her everything she asks for (thanks to toy commercials, we are in that faze right now) but its just not possible. I love this time of the year because of the spirit that everyone has and shares, and just reading that blog Julia put me back where I need to be. I greatly appreciate what you do for us, all the research you gather and post, in hopes that we are not struggling down the road. It is really really awesome and I just want to say thank you from our family to yours. Happy Holidays!!!!

  34. ekela98 says

    Thank you Julia for all of the time and hard work. You truly are a blessing to all of us. God Bless you and your family this holiday season:) Aloha, Tanya

  35. Mel Dietz says

    Several years ago, our family decided not to make purchases on credit cards unless in emergencies, Christmas gifts not being one of them. So this year, my husband and I went shopping this Black Friday with $150 cash in our pockets and decided when it was gone, we were going home. It made us look for the “best deals” and we didn’t buy anything that was not on sale becuase it would be there next pay day.

    We have also decided to buy much less for our children this year, focusing on what they enjoy. That is really hard! I like for them to have lots to open, but you are right. When they receive the thing they really wanted that you can afford, they will enjoy it and play with it more.

    Thank you for sharing this. It was encouraging to read something that is so true. You helped strengthen my resolve to not go overboard on gifts this year, but rather on Jesus! Thank you!

  36. lacey says

    Fantastic post !!!! Its very easy to get blown away by all the black friday hype and deals. BUt thank God we have your blog to follow. Its an eye opener esp how retailers increase their price before Black friday. Deals come and go and hey guess what they will be back again. So don’t be sorry if you missed anything. You can buy anything except for the memories that you will knit with your family on such special occasions…… Times are hard but spreading a little love is not.
    Thank you Mr and Mrs Frugal for all your hard work. God bless you and your loved ones.

  37. Whitney Flores via Facebook says

    THIS is what sets you apart from the rest, Julia. I was all hyped up that my hubby would be off work on Black Friday, and that we would go together this year, but as the weeks went by and I saw the ads, I realized I don’t even want to go. CVS is having HOT deals, like they do every year, but then I realized – I still never opened that remote I bought there 2 years ago. I don’t really need ANY of it, not even the free carmex.

  38. Whitney Flores via Facebook says

    THIS is what sets you apart from the rest, Julia. I was all hyped up that my hubby would be off work on Black Friday, and that we would go together this year, but as the weeks went by and I saw the ads, I realized I don’t even want to go. CVS is having HOT deals, like they do every year, but then I realized – I still never opened that remote I bought there 2 years ago. I don’t really need ANY of it, not even the free carmex.

  39. says

    You’re so right Whitney, I’m can sure say that about a few things around our house too. I’m all for hunting down a deal but this year I know exactly what it is I’m looking for. There isn’t any wandering the aisles wondering what to buy anymore. We have a plan, a budget, and a goal.

  40. says

    You’re so right Whitney, I’m can sure say that about a few things around our house too. I’m all for hunting down a deal but this year I know exactly what it is I’m looking for. There isn’t any wandering the aisles wondering what to buy anymore. We have a plan, a budget, and a goal.

  41. Joanne says

    Thank you for this post! This is exactly how i feel. today at work one of my coworkers was shocked i hadn’t taken black friday off and didn’t seem to understand that i would not be out there shopping. “but you are so good with your money” he said. and i tried to explain that part of being good with my money means that i don’t see the value in standing in line at midnight when i could be warm in bed!

  42. Renea Mason Pomeroy via Facebook says

    Really good article. I absolutely agree about buying the best quality things you can rather than a bunch of junk. I’ve made that mistake for a few years, and this year I decided I wasn’t doing that anymore. Giving the kids a bunch of toys I got on clearance that they aren’t interested in and won’t play with is just a waste. I’m sticking to buying the most wanted or most versatile items on their list.

  43. Melissa says

    Such a blessing to have you all share the ultimate gift this year….thank you for the wisdom and the encouragement. This time of year has been hard for our family for the last two years but the Lord always reminds us of what we really should be focused on during this time of year. Thank you and God Bless you and your family!!

  44. Jolene says

    A well-written article. It reminds me of a book “Unplugging the Christmas Machine” (or something like that) which I read as a MOPS member.

  45. melissa says

    Great post. I love black friday shopping because it is a family event for us. My grandmother, mother, aunt and cousins all go together. We have a plan of attack and know what we want at each store. This year I won’t be spending as much. I have 4 kids and they will each get something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. I have been using coupons and clearance sales for stocking stuffers. My amazon gc’s from swagbucks will help with a few gifts. My husband had a gift on his list that was far out of our budget but thanks to craigslist he’ll be getting it, and it was a third of the price of retail. This year is a cash only christmas.:) I’m excited for no cc bills and my older kids are excited for the few items they have asked for.

    • Mandy H. says

      Melissa, that is almost IDENTICAL to what we do for our kids!! We, too, have 4 kids and give them 3 gifts (just like Jesus’ 3 gifts) on Christmas morning and 1 on Christmas eve. Christmas eve is always a new pair of PJs and a new book (or book set). Then, Christmas morning (dressed in their new PJs) … they open their 3 gifts: something they want, something they need and something to wear. Awesome!!!!

      (I have also noticed it helps reduce their “wants” because they have to truly think about what they REALLY want instead of just naming/listing everything they see in sight!)

      Oh! AND … it helps reduce our spending because we’re limited with the amount of gifts we give them so we don’t go overboard either. :)

  46. Mari Morris Pellerin via Facebook says

    I am looking for thick long T-shirts for my husband. Is there black Friday specials for tall men stores ?

  47. Nora says

    Thank you for this post. I think God intended this for me. No matter how good the sales are, I won’t be able to afford much this Christmas. It is my daughter’s last year home and I really would like for it to be a nice Christmas. Of course, I have been upset that I don’t have the money to spend; but this reminded me that it isn’t about the money. So now I will focus on the things I can provide and be thankful that I just got my mortgage loan modification and that I have a stable roof over all of our heads. God will provide. Thanks for the reminder. My attitude is what will make or break Christmas. Not $$$$.

  48. Nikki Totsch says

    I just found TFF through a friend on facebook… i am always looking for ways to save money. I look forward to reading your blog and hopefully learning something along the way.

  49. Sunny s says

    That was just what I needed to hear. Sometimes you feel like Christmas is a competition. The true meaning is a little babe born on Christmas Day.

  50. Trish says

    wow-I have been up since 2:30am (of course worrying about money) and thinking how upset my kids will be this year with only a few gifts under the tree. I am the one who will be upset, not them. They are wonderful children who are older now, and only asked for a few items this year. I have been so used to filling the room with gifts that I was worried about their reaction on Christmas morning. They told me just this past weekend that half the things Dad and me buy them, they don’t even use or play with. I NEEDED to read this today. Thank you so much-have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will feel so great sticking to my cash only budget this year.


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