*UPDATED* Staples Back to School Deals Week of 7/15

It doesn’t even seem like summer has started yet, but already the back to school deals are beginning to roll out! Here are the Back to School deals that we’ll find at Staples this week starting on Sunday 7/15 and running through 7/21.FREE (after easy rebate)

BIC Matic Grip mechanical pencils, 5-pack (in store only)
FREE after easy rebate

Under $1.00 Deals

Staples 8.5” x 11” writing pad – white – $0.01
Limit 2, while supplies last w/ $5 minimum purchase 
Avery insertable 5-tab dividers – $0.01
Limit 2, while supplies last w/ $5 minimum purchase 
Westcott 12-inch finger-grip ruler – assorted colors – $0.50
Limit 4,  while supplies last
Staples translucent pencil box – assorted colors – $0.50
Limit 4, while supplies last
Bic Velocity retractable ballpoint pens, bold, black 2/pack – $0.25
Limit 4, while supplies last 
Staples single hole manual pencil sharpener – $0.50
Limit 4, while supplies last 
 Westcott 12″ finger-grip ruler, assorted colors – $0.50
Limit 4, while supplies last 
Staples translucent pencil box, assorted colors – $0.50
Limit 4, while supplies last 

$1.00 Deals

Staples translucent plastic clipboard, memo size – assorted colors – $1.00
Avery durable 1” binder – black – $1.00 
Limit 2 combined per customer, while supplies last w/ $5 minimum purchase 
Compass or protractor – $1.00
Limit 4, while supplies last  
Staples Remarx dry-erase markers chisel tip 6/pk black or assorted – $1.00
Limit 4, while supplies last  
Expo dry-erasee board cleaner, 8 oz – $1.00
Limit 4, while supplies last  
Zebra Z-grip retractable ballpoint pens, medium daisy or animal – $1.00
Limit 4, while supplies last  
Staples multi-purpose paper, 8.5″X11″, 500 sheets – $6.99
Submit for $5.99 Easy Rebate
Final price: $1.00 
Staples Supreme Photo Paper,  8.5″X11″ paper double-sided matte, 50/pack – $14.99
Submit for $13.99 Easy Rebate
Final Price: $1.00 

Other Deals

25%-50% off all backpacks
Buy 1 get 1 free on all BIC Atlantis pens and pencils (in store only)
Buy 2 get 1 Free instantly on any 5-ream or 10-ream case (in store only)
 Recycle a Binder and Save $2 – Stock up on new binders with this eco-friendly, money savings solution. Shoppers will receive $2 off the purchase of a new binder for each binder they bring in to recycle with this first-of-its kind program with TerraCycle. The instant discount can be used for any binder sold at Staples including Staples BETTER® Binders, and Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ binders.
Back-to-School Savings Pass – Buy a Back-to-School Savings Pass for $10 and save 15% on your back-to-school supplies at Staples until Sept. 15! The BTS Savings Pass is valid for use once a day on supplies such as pens, pencils, paper notebooks and backpacks. For more information, go here.


  1. Cary says

    Julia, Do you know whether the old binder for recycle program would work with the avery binders that are on sale for $1 each?

  2. Cary says

    I just came back from Staples and got the $2 off for my recycle binder. I bought two $1 avery binders but it showed up on my receipt as $2 off my purchase. The $2 came partially off my bic pencils so I’m not sure if I will get the entire rebate back. Hmmm…

    I’m going to go back later this week and get the paper, and photopaper deals in two separate transactions with two more recycle binders. The $1 avery binders are not very fancy but nice enough for school records. Thanks Julia.

    • Cary says

      Just got confirmation from customer service at Staples Rewards that I will be getting the full rebate back. What a great week for Staples!

  3. Cary says

    I found a deal where you trade in four old binders for the two $1 binders and two 1″ window binders (on sale this week for 2/$7) It costs $9 but you get $8 for the trade in. If you have the 15% off card, it becomes a money maker ($.30 or so). I had the $.01 deals and something for $1 to absorb the overage. I have a whole bunch of binders from previous years that are breaking, so I’m going to get all new binders for my records if they let me.

  4. Cary says

    Also, there are coupons in the store for $2 off any Martha Stewart binders or binder accessories. The sheet protectors are included and the green ones just went on clearance for $1.90. Don’t try the Treat in Concord location though, there aren’t any left.

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