Still dealing with “Extreme Couponing” issues at the register?

I really started to believe things were getting better and we were all ready to move on after the nonsense that came along with the TLC Extreme Couponing show.  However that doesn’t seem to be the case, I’ve recieved way too many emails lately about cashiers and managers getting stricter and/or grumpier when it comes to accepting your coupons.

Here are a just a couple of comments left by readers today…

i think i’ve ended up talking to managers at target my last 3 out of 4 trips! i don’t know if they’re tightening up on the rules or what. i’m not entirely sure that some of the managers even know what they’re talking about…. saturday, i had a manager refuse to scan my welch’s M Q, because it said “redeemable at walmart”. she even acknowledged that it was a M Q! i had another tell me that i couldn’t get the food saver for free (with the T and M Q), because “you can’t get something for free. you have to pay SOMETHING.” after the transaction was through (and i was food saver-less), i showed her my receipt with my free revlon tools and told her “i get stuff for free here ALL OF THE TIME.” and last week i had a manager not let me use an identical T Q, even in a separate transaction! ug!

– Wendy

Wendy, I have actually had the same problem at a lot of stores. Most recently at Rite Aid, and Wal Mart. One of the Target coupons had the final price of the item with the coupon and the store clerk refused to match it, because I didn’t know the items original price. Who cares what the original price is? Needless to say, I spoke with the manager, that said she would honor it “this time” but next time, I need to have the full ad with the price on it, “not just something off the internet.” I get the feeling that all stores are starting to hate couponers because so many people have abused the coupon policy. I wish that instead of buying all of the French’s mustard on the shelf at Albertson’s that are on-sale for $0.99 cents, and getting managers all upset when I ask if there are more in the back, “extreme” couponers would stick to at most four of one item. I have ended up being the brunt of the frustration of managers even though I was not the one that caused the issue!

– Hannah

I wish I had answers for you, but in the end I think it’s just going to take more time, a lot more time.  It’s also going to take a lot more smiling and a ZERO tolerance for any sort of iffy coupon practices.  By that I mean, if you so much as wonder if you should use a coupon on a specific product or promotion ASK someone here on The Frugal Find first.  Let’s not look like we’re trying to get one over on the cashier, let’s make the process as smooth as possible for them.  Now coupons are going to beep, it’s the nature of the beast but please make sure you have double checked the fine print and you’re certain you’re in the right before you push the cashier to accept the coupon.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, how are we going to smooth things over and move on?  Couponing is a way of life for many of us and we’re not going anywhere, but it would sure be nice if it wasn’t so stressful. 

If you want to know what NOT TO DO, you might appreciate this post – How to Be an Extreme Couponer.


  1. Stephanie says

    I hate how I have been made to feel as if I were stealing. I went to target with the $2 off 1 revlon tools and the manager said I couldn’t use it in a demeaning tone. But that was just one experience out of many where I have been treated nicely by cashiers and managers. They should know that we are not thieves, we play by the rules.

    • Christy says

      I had 2 $1.00 Activia coupons printed from their facebook page that I wanted to used with 2 double coupons. The Activia was marked down to $2.00 which would make it free. When the cashier scanned the coupon, he called over the supervisor and she said it scanned possible fraud. I was like what? All I did was print my 2 coupons. She said since you’re a regular customer we’ll take it “this time.” As if I did something wrong. I said should I just not print coupons anymore?

  2. Susan phan says

    Two weeks ago had a similar problem walked out the door with my coupons but left a cart full of stuff at target. Went to Fred meyers and had no problems. Target used to be my go to store.. But I’ve been hesitant to shop there lately. I did not have excessive coupons only one of each item with a target and a manufacturers coupon. Very annoyed.

  3. Erin says

    I had the same experience at Target with a “redeemable at Walmart” MQ. I even had a “redeemable ONLY at Walmart” MQ to show the difference between the 2, but no….2 different supervisors told me they don’t accept them….stating they are both Walmart coupons. I was tempted to call the corporate office but based on my previous experience with them I don’t think I would be able to find anyone there that would understand what I was talking about. :(

  4. Susanna Burke says

    It DOES get tough sometimes! I used my Ocean Spray BOGO printable at a Safeway over the weekend, but it was a different store than I usually shop. The cashier almost didn’t want to accept it because it was an internet “freebie” but once she re-read that it was BOGO, then she was nice about it. And, it helped that it scanned without a problem! But normally I coupon shop at the same few stores, and I try to stick with self-checkout if possible or the cashiers who I know to be “coupon friendly”. Some actually enjoy seeing how much I save with all those coupons, some do make me feel like I’m trying to get away with something. There is one late-night cashier at Safeway who is absolutely AWESOME and I really should write a compliment letter to his manager!

    I can understand them wanting to be careful to play by the rules so as not to lose their jobs- but some cashiers (and apparently Target managers- yikes) act as though THEY are going to have to pay for my coupon, not the manufacturer! And that is frustrating, when I truly am using the coupons legally and correctly. I don’t go to Target except when there is a REALLY good deal anymore because they do seem to be inconsistent about accepting coupons. So my best advice is to make friends with cashiers and stick to them as much as possible!

  5. Danae H says

    Even worse since they are changing the bar codes on a bunch of coupons…although I noticed this last weekend that the cashier at Safeway just pushed them all through and said I can’t believe they changed them before they checked to make sure the computers would take them! She said she stopped asking permission because it was EVERY customer who had coupons and even some of their own store ones :)
    I had someone try to tell me no at Target about using a Target with a Manufacture Q, but thankfully the other cashier overheard and told them no we accept one of each and have for a long time. Saved me a lot of hassle!

  6. k says

    I have nad no problem with any stores; Walmart, Raleys, Rite-aid… except Target. Recently, the cashier did not deduct a $2 off coupon and she even showed me it went through. Another cashier told me the store would not accept internet coupons. I don’t think I should spend time explaining or arguing with people there. So I just go there for something free or grab a few things.

    • k-correction says

      I have nad no problem with any stores; Walmart, Raleys, Rite-aid… except Target. Recently, the cashier did not deduct a $2 off coupon and she even showed me it went through (actually, the one that went through was $2 off for another item). Another cashier told me the store would not accept internet coupons. I don’t think I should spend time explaining or arguing with people there. So I just go there for something free or grab a few things

  7. April Reis says

    My Target had Pantene on clearance, I had the B1G1 coupon on any Pantene item (no additonal restrictions). The cashier refused to accept the coupon because the item I purchased was not the item pictured on the coupon. No amount of explaining would convince him. I also had a mobile coupon for $3 off a clothing item (also no restriction listed), I found a dress on clearance. He would not accept the coupon because the item was already discounted. In the end I paid for all of it, immediately went to customer service and explained the situation. They were very understanding and polite, and gave me back the coupon amounts in cash.

  8. Dara says

    I so appreciate this topic after a recent “run in” with a difficult cashier at CVS. She insisted I could only use one coupon per item, and fought me on using a CVS coupon in addition to one from the manufacturer. I’d already gotten started at the self-checkout machine, but several of my coupons weren’t scanning properly because of the new bar codes. After her snippily saying, “Sorry ma’am” several times and not letting me scan the rest, I threw up my hands and said never mind — I’ll return everything and try somewhere else. Very rare for me — I’m the person with the big smile and lots of “pleases” and “thank yous.” But she was talking to me like I was trying to scam the store, and it upset me. I’d already scanned $6 in ECB, so I certainly wasn’t going to leave without getting them back, but she needed the key to open the little coupon box. After disappearing to talk to the manager, she came back and said she couldn’t find the key, so she’d let me use the coupons “just this once,” and grabbed the items I’d put back in the basket and practically threw them in a plastic bag (ignoring the reusable bag I’d taken them out from). Then she turned down most of the remaining coupons which, again, wouldn’t scan properly. There was now a long line of people who were also in need of the cashier’s help, and I felt responsible for the pile-up. Did they all think I was trying to cheat the store, too? It took me a week to get up the energy to return to the store to talk to the manager. Armed with the coupon policy, I politely told him what happened, and he was very nice about it. He said he knew about the incident, and that the cashier had already been “spoken to” about it, and he apologized. That’s all I wanted in the end — for someone to treat me with some respect. I will continue to coupon, and play by the rules, and hope that I have more positive experiences than negative ones!

  9. says

    Target is the WORST in my area when it comes to couponing. I feel like I’m stealing sometimes when every coupon I have is legitimate. the cashiers and managers alike act as though it’s such a hassle to deal with them. I avoid Target unfortunately. My grocery store, Publix, is the best.

  10. Jocu says

    Had a run-in a month ago with a cashier at Rite Aid who scolded me about not giving her certain coupons first, then saying I was “lucky” because she was the only one who could fix the problem because no one else knew how, then she put all the coupons in manually, & when I asked about a couple of the coupons, gruffly told me she knew what she was doing. I later checked my receipt and found out that she misapplied coupons which caused me to pay more than I should have.

    I filled out the online survey at the bottom of the receipt & also had an online chat with a cust. svc. rep. on the corporate site. She apologized & wanted a manager to get in touch with me. The manager was very apologetic and gave me a gift card to my troubles and included an extra amount for the overcharge. He said that cashier, by not scanning coupons, just manually entering them, lost his store money last year, because the coupons couldn’t be matched to inventory, and my receipt plus the overcharge proved the misapplication. He also said he does not tolerate any rudeness to customers or employees belittling other employees in front of customers. He said he spoke to the employee who was written up.

    So fill out the customer surveys and contact corporate in a calm manner, not ranting, & give as much detail as possible. I normally don’t do this, but this cashier had given me this attitude for about 6 months and the overcharge pushed me to do something. Good luck and hang in there!

  11. Nancy says

    I have not had any problems with my shopping trips, although I do not have a Target near me that has groceries, so I never shop there. My strategy (for lack of a better word) is to smile a lot, greet the cashier, then engage them in a conversation about them. When I present my coupons I say something like “I have a few coupons. It saves us money and let’s face it, if somebody gave you $20 towards your groceries would you turn them down?” The answer is always no. I think it helps to have a cute toddler in the cart. 😉

  12. says

    I am very friendly with the cashiers at the store I frequent. But I make sure to stick with the coupon friendly ones that recognize me. It doesn’t hurt either that I save dog and cat coupons for one at the Walmart I go to. Some of the cashiers even ask me where to find the coupons.

  13. says

    On a lighter note, did anyone see the episode of Bones a few weeks back that dealt with couponing? It made me sigh and laugh at the same time because it was so obvious that whoever wrote the script didn’t know the first thing about actual couponing! Haha!

  14. Kristine says

    An issue I’ve had from time to time is printing coupons on the blank side of a “scrap” piece of paper – just trying to reduce waste/reuse paper! Sometimes the cashiers look at me funny with these coupons and I’ve had one instance where they almost didn’t take my coupon because of it!

    Extreme couponing seems to have hurt those who are trying to honestly use coupons to save money where we can. If a cashier turns me down for a coupon, I usually just let it go, save the coupon and use it next time. It saves some stress and time of calling out the manager… and usually the cashier during my next visit takes the coupon with no problem.

  15. Jean A says

    I understand that it makes sense to be friendly and nice to cashiers. In fact we should be friendly and nice to everyone. The main gripe people have here is that a lot of cashiers and store managers made up their own rules and apply them however they wish and justify things with their own reasonings. That is not right. Rules should be consistent and fairly applied across the board. Not everyone is able to gauge which cashier is “coupon-friendly.” I think we all need to speak up and do something. Write or email the corporate office, not only when we have gripes but also when the store employees have been helpful. It’s very unfortunate that often customers were demeaned and made to feel like a criminal. That’s a wrong way to treat anyone whether the customer has been friendly or not.

  16. Anna Maria Peterson via Facebook says

    No they roll their eyes and ALWAYS have to ask if I am going to use them all… Ugh. It has gotten so much worse since that show….although I have noticed more people actually couponing too. Target s the worst offender, I don’t like defending my coupons every time I shop.

  17. teresa howery says

    I try to when I go to stores I frequent I definantly go to the cashiers i know won’t give me attitude. I’ve noticed that men don’t seem to get “offended” at my coupons like the women cashiers do. I haven’t had a big problem at Target but out of all the stores they r the ones who seem to get the most annoyed when u give them the coupons.

  18. Jessica says

    I received a free John Freida foam hair color man. coupon in the mail and went to Target to redeem it and the cashier refused to let me use it because it was an “expensive” item and I shouldn’t get it for free. I politely asked to speak to the manager and they still wouldn’t let me use it, so I had to go to another store to redeem it. Also at Walmart, I had a coupon for a buy one get one deal for Playtex tampons and they didn’t give me the 2nd one for free, I had to catch it on my receipt and asked why I still paid $2 for it when my man. coupon clearly stated free.. I had to have a manager refund my money to me, but it was still a hassle. Not to mention, both incidents… the managers were making ME feel guilty, like I was doing something wrong.

  19. Holly says

    Gosh I guess I have been lucky! I havent had any problems at Target that I can think of! (knock on wood since I am going today). I have had several problems at Walmart! They do NOT like you to get free stuff! lol

  20. Davina Ortiz says

    I love my Target in the Bay Area in CA. They do not give me a hassle about coupons ( I always look for the young men at the registers). They do limit 1 like Target coupon per transaction but this never really affects my shopping anyway. I think each store can have its issues when the cashiers and managers are not trained in coupon usage. I’ve had many issues at Wags over the years and only shop there is there is an absolutely great deal while Target, RiteAid, Safeway, and CVS have never given me any issues. I also notice that there are quite a few people who use coupons so maybe stores in my area are more willing to educate their employees?

  21. Ginny Logan via Facebook says

    It’s sad, but I know what cashiers at stores are nice and which ones hate couponers. Thankfully I’m a fairly ritualistic shopper so I can find the good cashiers/managers usually work the same days. I have a wonderful CVS and Rite Aid and drive a little further to get to those particular stores because I have established a relationship with the employees. If I have a patient and kind attitude (even when I’m not at fault) I have had good experiences getting things resolved. I ALWAYS ask about questionable coupons before they scan stuff because I want to be above the bar and honest. The cashiers know that because well…they know me and that helps. Now life isn’t always smooth sailing and I refuse to shop at Safeway ever again, but I can work around that. :) I had to take a break from couponing for about 6 months and lived off stock piles because Rite Aid and CVS were always out of everything, but that seems to be better now. Just in time too…I almost had to purchase deodorant! eeek

  22. says

    for some reason, it seems like a bunch of my “usual” cashiers at target are never there anymore. i try to hit up the ones that are not new, because i think sometimes they can get overwhelmed or flustered. i try to get people that i recognize, at least. it just seems like all around (at target) though lately, i’m striking out……

  23. Lee White says

    Not exactly a couponing problem, but I had a CVS store at 5408 Ygnacio Valley Road, Concord, California, refuse on Sunday morning to honor its advertised price of $4.99 for two propane cylinders (see page 10 of the current insert). The cylinders rang at $8.99 for two. The manager claimed the $4.99 price was for one cylinder even though the ad clearly showed a two-pack of cylinders just like the ones in the store — the ONLY ones. I returned the propane cylinders and received a refund, but it’s pretty bad when a store won’t honor its own advertised prices.

  24. Lee White via Facebook says

    Not exactly a couponing problem, but I had a CVS store at 5408 Ygnacio Valley Road, Concord, California, refuse on Sunday morning to honor its advertised price of $4.99 for two propane cylinders (see page 10 of the current insert). The cylinders rang at $8.99 for two. The manager claimed the $4.99 price was for one cylinder even though the ad clearly showed a two-pack of cylinders just like the ones in the store — the ONLY ones. I returned the propane cylinders and received a refund, but it’s pretty bad when a store won’t honor its own advertised prices.

  25. Meg says

    Today at Safeway a Just 4U”Special Offer” spend $50 + and get $10.00 that had been around since 5/9 was expiring so I spent a lot of time figuring out just what I needed and went to my Safeway. I used self-check out so I could track as I didn’t want to go far over the needed $50 and the offer did not scan. Nice checker sent me to customer service desk to “get my $10.00”. The customer service clerk wanted to give me a Safeway $10.00 gift certificate that could only be used at Safeway. She glanced at the other receipts I had telling me about this special coupon; glanced at my printed Just4U shopping list with date and time on it that clearly showed it; simply refused to listen and kept telling me that all she would do or I could return everything and try ringing it up again to see if it would work ! ! ! She was really curt and rather offensive and rude and insisted that cause I printed my Savings list today it was too soon (5 hours later) to use the coupon. I just stayed calm, (hard) and insisted on speaking with the manager who she finally called. The manager instantly took a $10.00 gift card, redeemed it and handed me $10.00. But she even implied she was just being totally magnamimous (sp?) by doing that — as “it won’t go through unless it is added at least 24 hours before you come in the store! ! ! The customer service people at corporate phone headquarters still say their policy is stuff should upload to the card in 20 minutes – period. Sigh. I did manage a thank you very much for your time, smiled and slowly left.

  26. Ronni says

    I’ve been couponing for over 4 years now….and I just don’t find the deals that I used to. I am in no way trying to “Pull one over” on the cashiers. Quite the contrary, I want a cashier who is knowledgeable with regards to coupons. Yes, I run in to problems now and then, but I will never stop couponing!

  27. Jennifer says

    I’ve been fairly lucky. 2 of my 4 Safeways still double printables and my Target always takes multiple Target coupons per transaction. But it’s a small store and once a deal is posted on all the sites the store is sold out for weeks and I usually miss the deal. Our Walmarts often are low on stock and never have the same prices listed on the blogs, always higher. A few weeks ago I tried to use a .50 coupon on a item priced .48 at Rite Aid and they refused to adjust down my coupon. I showed them the policy where it clearly states they will do so and 3 cashiers ganged up on me and said they wern’t getting fired for doing so and how it was coupon fraud!

  28. Rachel A. says

    I have never had any issues with my Target, also in the Bay Area, and Safeway. I always go during the day when they are not busy, and if I am using a coupon that doesn’t scan they always read it and apply it without issue. Wal-mart here is always great too. I am sorry to hear about you all having trouble, I’m sure it depends on the store and the cashier. Hoping I don’t run into these troubles! Good luck out there!

  29. says

    The only problem I have ever had was at Walmart. I had a $3/1 Yes To coupon that said it was only redeemable at Walmart (printed from the Yes To FaceBook page), and the cashier told me “we don’t take this coupon.” I showed her on the Q where it said “redeemable at Walmart” and she still told me that they didn’t take it. I asked her very nicely if she would try to scan it anyway because of what it said on the Q and she very flatly told me “no” and handed the coupon back to me. Made me feel like she thought I was trying to scam her… :(

  30. Holly says

    I was so worried about my trip to Target last night after reading these posts! Especially after taking a close look at my Target printed coupons and noticing “1 per customer” printed on several of them, which I had never noticed before but was brought to my attention by everyones posts! (I was using 2 on several items) I was all ready for her to not take several, especially when she saw that I was using coupons and asked me if I could give them to her as we went along. I am happy to report that I had no problem, all scanned but 2 or 3 and she manually entered those, no questions asked! PS. They had some great clearance last night!!!

  31. Steph says

    I had problems today at Target. The first time I’ve had a major problem there. The cashier told me they would let me do it this time, but the item had to match the picture and that they were no longer accepting target & manufacturers coupons for the same items. He said even if the Target ones do not ring up right (which has happened) I will need to take that up with and if the manu. coupon will not scan they just will not accept it. I did hear another cashier last friday tell someone they could not use a coupon on a clearance item, but my cashier let me. I was so confused when I left there.

  32. Jodi says

    I think things have gotten a little better. It’s all in the cashier. I really wish they would train them better. Its usually seems to be the new cashiers that cause the most trouble. I never argue, i always first ask to speak to a manager ( make sure you are actually talking to a manager, not an overzealous employee.) if that fails, i ask them to write down their name and the name & number of their district manager. It never usually gets that far, they generally try to accomodate.

  33. JJ says

    I can understand people’s frustration about coupons but the public also needs to realize that Corporate reimbursements aren’t always as easy as consumers think. Many companies in my area only get coupon re-reimbursements only once or twice a month provided that the coupons they receive were redeemed correctly at the register by the cashier. Incorrectly redeemed coupons means that the company looses money too, NOT just consumers.

    In my area, many stores don’t take coupons if the barcodes or expiration date has been cut off even on accident. And coupon stacking here has been cut drastically at many stores here where only a couple stores still do them now, in addition to many stores not giving cash back or credit overages on coupons too. With shows like Extreme couponing many stores here have changed their policy and cracked down on the number of coupons they will accept. And frankly, I’m glad

    As a couponer, I haven’t had issues w/ cashiers or stores like some but have witnessed more than my fair share of outlandish couponers who have tried to bully cashiers and management when they are clearly in the the WRONG about a coupon. I’ve witnessed quite a few couponers trying to convince cashiers and management to commit coupon fraud by using one coupon on three transactions before and the coupon was only for 50 cents off a $1 product where the people in line including myself have either had to move to another register or witness others leaving carts filled to the brim w/ items at the checkout lane because the couponer refuses to either leave the register or worse refuses to pay for the item(s) holding the line up longer before management can void the entire transaction

    I hate how some couponers always want to blame companies, and cashiers for coupons but fail to admit their blame in coupon mis steps too. No one is perfect, but when I use coupons I ALWAYS try to have respect for the cashier on duty. In all my years of couponing I always limit the number of like items I buy w/ a coupon to two to give others a chance to buy a product on sale and not to overwhelm a cashier at the register and I always try to keep any of my free coupons at the end of the transaction to help minimize mistakes from happening while I’m at the register. Not to mention I personally will NOT do multiple transactions with coupons because I don’t like holding up other people in the sake of saving a few pennies, and I have more respect for a cashier than to do so.

    A comment was made about coupons that are higher than the value of the coupon being rounded down looking like fraud. In many of the smaller stores in my area it can look like fraud, since sales receipts on registers are turned in everyday after a cashier’s shift and coupon reimbursements aren’t received at many stores up to two to three weeks later depending on the store. Not to mention the public fails to realize that cashiers are ALWAYS the ONLY ones responsible for their registers and if something looks suspicious on their sales receipt, they’ll be the ONLY one called into question about their transaction, not the couponer who gave them a hard time in the line for giving them the smart alek “the customer is always right” line even if they are wrong.

    Lastly, I feel sorry for any cashier on that Extreme couponing show. As much as fraud that is committed during that show, I hope and pray that every cashier and their manager that appeared on that show still has their job. Many stores here said they refused if ask to be on and I don’t blame them one bit. Aside from the coupon limitations in a single transaction. I think the number of transactions a single couponer/customer can do at a register is going to be next on the crackdown for stores. Many stores here have revamped their coupon policy and will not open another lane for large coupon orders and limit the number of transactions a single customer can do in one lane to no more than three and as a couponer I’m glad. I think its quite selfish and bit self-asboring of someone to hold up a line of people just so they can do 5 or 10 mini transactions just to save a couple pennies. I think if saving money means so much to someone they should either use a self-check out or gladly hop into another line again for each transaction they want to do. I don’t see how some couponers think its fair or right to other consumers to have to sit through 5, 10 or 15 mini transactions when they can just easily hop into other lanes for each transaction or just use a self-check out. I’m all for saving money, but I surely have more respect for those I’m in line with that may or may not use coupons than to do something like that.

  34. samantha says

    I give small coupon classes in my town, and this is the best advice I habitually give. I know many people bring their binders in the store, as to not let a clearance item pass them by, but I personally limit my clutter to an envelope, or an accordion style organizer at the most. Those binders call attention to yourself. It is a good technique to stay organized, BUT you call attention to yourself in the stores. Use them for home so that you can organize a plan and walk into the store, list and coupons in hand, and a few back up coupons. But let me tell you that before you even hit the register, security is watching you, ESPECIALLY at Target. Ironically your binder makes you a target at Target. Keep the policies in your binder, and leave it in the car, that way if you have to drop everything to go outside and get your binder, they have inconvenienced and embarrassed you because they don’t even know their own policies. You might actually get an apology.

  35. Kate A says

    I have not had any incidents as horrible as some, but I have noticed “the look” by many a cashier, and my coupon pile is relatively small compared to many! A few times more recently, though, when coupons don’t scan properly, I have had the cashier (and the bagger, and the manager) all scouring through my bags to make sure I had all the items, exactly, and even took out all the cereals (we buy a lot because we do a monthly shopping trip) making sure we had the exact kinds and sizes listed (which took forever.) They even counted the yogurts (we bought over 60.) It was a bit embarrassing–I am sure my face was red–but I just smiled and tried to make jokes about my kids loving yogurt and cereal.

    I do have to agree that there are a few bad seeds in the bunch that make it more difficult for the rest of us, and I really don’t understand the point of taking all of something off of a shelf, or making huge stockpiles (unless absolutely necessary…we try to buy groceries for the whole month, and stock up on can goods to last three months, because we live an hour away from large discount stores) …or being rude or demanding to the cashier. I think if we all play nice, play by the rules, and remember that stores and manufactures don’t HAVE to give us these discounts (it is a privilege, not a right!) then we can only hope they will continue to give us these discounts so we can save money for our families. If not, I fear more and more stores will stop accepting any coupons at all, and it will be our loss.

  36. says

    We should start boycotting stores that aren’t coupon friendly, especially target, on top of the coupon value they are getting sometimes $.13 per redeemed coupon, they should be thankful we are taking the time to cut the coupons.


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