Saving Money Part 3

Ways to Save Money The Easy Way


If you read the 51 Ways to Save Money…The Easy Way you may know some of you may be thinking I’ve lost my marbles on a few of these ideas, but, stick with me 😉 Here is second installment and 10 {more} Easy Ways to Save Money ideas:

  1. No Cable – This may be a no brainer for some but, going cable free can save you as much as $100 a month! There are other options such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Movie or rent movies from your local Library!
  2. Minimum Cell Plan – You could be surprised at the fact you have more minutes and data usage that you need. Head to your wireless providers website, login to your account or just stop into a local store to find out if you can save a few bucks by lowering your plan.
  3. Taxes are not a good savings plan – Speaking of plan, your taxes are not a good savings plan! Many folks take their income tax return as a savings account and once the money is their hands, it’s spent before you’ve ever received it.
  4. Be Content – This is a hard one as we are always on the go. Be content with staying home and in your overall life…and remember, money doesn’t buy happiness.
  5. Eat Out for Free (or close to it) – Believe it or not there’s lots of ways you can eat out for free (or close to it!). You can sign up with local restaurants who will offer you a free appetizer for joining and then random rewards and coupons throughout the year. We will have more on that, so stay tuned!
  6. Check the Couch Cushions – Ahhhh the couch cushions! You’ll be amazed at how much change adds up in your couch over time. Not to mention the cracks and crevices of your vehicle(s) as well.
  7. Turn Off the Lights – Lights cost money, plain and simple. Turn them off! This is especially so in our house with the kiddos 😉
  8. Home Brew – If my hubby sees this he’ll wanna home brew his own beer. To start the process can be initially a little hefty, but, it’ll pay for itself over time. Plus, if you get good with your home brew you can even sell for a profit 😉
  9. Pack your own lunch – Just for fun, calculate how much you spend on dining out for lunch in a typical work week. Then calculate how much you spend on a packed lunch…you’ll see the savings and begin to pack your lunch, I guarantee it!
  10. Relocate – It’s amazing to see the price differences on living on the East Coast compared to the West Coast. If you are living outside of your means, it may be beneficial to relocate to a affordable city.

Did you miss the previous week’s editions? No worries you can catch up at Saving Money Part 1 and Saving Money Part 2. Stay tuned for another 10 installments on Ways to Save Money next week 😉

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