(SOLD OUT) Groupon: Save $20 off your Christmas Tree at ABC Farms (Bay Area Readers)

Groupon is running a deal today for ABC Tree Farms, for $20 you’ll get a $40 voucher to put towards your purchase of trees, wreaths, and garlands. With over 13 tree lots across the Bay Area you can choose your location!  Your voucher is valid through 12/23.  Just choose San Francisco as the city to find this deal.

Locations: Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa Clara, San Jose, Redwood City, San Carlos, San Leandro, Martinez, Antioch, Hercules, American Canyon, Petaluma


  1. Libby says

    My favorite tradition is having all my fathers brothers/sisters and their children and now their childrens children get togather on Christmas eve for fellowship and Santa comes with a small gift for each child. The sparkle in the kids eyes when he shows up and they get to see him up close and personal is something that puts a big smile on my face. This is something that is so special in our family and even ex spouses have no problem letting their kids come and see the family.

  2. Bianca says

    Our favorite tradition is playing secrete-Santa, my In-laws choose a person from my family(randomly) and vice versa, we set a $20.00 budget for the gift. It’s fun to include everyone, even when you’re on a tight budget everybody gets at least one gift. =)

  3. Danielle says

    This is an awesome deal! We love fresh trees in our house but the cost is so expensive that we have had to use an artificial tree the last few years! : (

  4. Robert G. says

    A tradition that my wife is planning on starting this year with our two year old daughter is baking cookies and decorating them on Christmas Eve, for Santa and of course a few for us. We look forward to our newborn being old enough to also join in on all the fun with her mom and big sister.

  5. Ginny Logan says

    It’s my favorite holiday and each year it is more fun as the kids get older. They appreciate EVERYTHING we do…right down to the littlest of things. We’ve been travelling, out of state, or the kids were babies the past 5 years so we haven’t established any traditions we do EVERY year. It’ something I look forward to developing. I do look forward to decorating the tree and we let the kids pick out ornaments this year (lol..used my JCP coupons!) and so Cinderalla and Woody will be on our tree. There have been years we’ve had to use my little fake tree I’ve had since college because we put our Christmas tree money towards our baggage fees when we fly. However, it looks like we will be home this year and I am very excited about a real tree smell again. It’s been 3 years! Great giveaway. I’ll snag the deal if we don’t win. :)

  6. Michelle says

    My favorite family tradition is being with the whole family, eating breakfast after opening presents, and drinking hot chocolate.

  7. Elaine B says

    A tradition that I love is buying all the little kids in the family Christmas pj’s. I give the pj’s to them on Thanksgiving and they all wear them that night to start the Christmas season.

  8. Amanda D says

    My favorite tradition is going to pick out the PERFECT Christmas tree and then decorating it with the family. We love pulling out the ornaments and trying to remember where they all came from. <3

  9. carly perez says

    One of our favorites is The Elf on the Shelf – the kids love looking for the elf everyday! Another one is a new christmas ornament on christmas eve, and reading the christmas story! :)

  10. Kelly says

    We have family all over the country and I always bake fancy decorated Christmas cookies and ship them to them for Christmas.
    It’s something I love to do, and something they love to eat! :^)

  11. Brad B says

    We are planning on resuming the tradition of a fresh Christmas tree. Last Christmas, my wife was almost 9 months pregnant and things were so hectic we were unable to have a fresh tree. I remember as a boy going to pick out the “perfect” tree from the tree lot. Sometimes we would even go and cut one down. I even wrote a short story for English class once about the perfect tree glistening on the lot. I will be taking my three girls to pick out a tree this weekend!

  12. Barbie says

    It’s hard to pick my favorite tradition but it has to be between going to pick out the best Christmas tree and decorating it and making yummy cookies to share with neighbors and co-workers.

  13. Kristy says

    One of our favorite traditions the past several years has been participating in the Live Nativity at church. We have been the Holy Family (when we had a little guy) and my daughter and I have been Angels for the last several years. We love it.

  14. Karen Crabtree says

    My family and I are pretty traditional. We love cooking the huge dinner after going out together to select a tree and then bringing it home to decorate. I also have to go out the minute they’re available and find the cinnamon dipped broom to post up in the living room. The house smells good all holiday season long!

  15. liv says

    making tamales every year at my grandparents house. having xmas eve over at their house, and then waking up on christmas morning and get a set a pjs from my parents! :)

  16. Melissa Lienhard says

    My favorite tradition with my family is having brunch on Christmas morning and watching the kids open up their presents bright and early! :)

  17. Deb says

    My favorite Christmas tradition is driving around with the kids to look at Christmas lights. We save the most decorated house in our area for last because they have hot chocolate and Santa. We always get great pics.

  18. Jessica G says

    My favorite Christmas tradition is that we all open new pajamas on Christmas Eve so that everyone goes to bed and wakes up in their new jammies. The kids love it!

  19. Ginny Logan via Facebook says

    Just waiting for you to get your Starbucks so you can get to announcing the winner. :) If I don’t win I’m totally taking advantage of this deal. I highly recommend the Mint Mocha Frappacino. It was warm in Antioch today though…a warm coffee might be better. Mmm…just took the last sip of my frap. :) Ok, just teasing about waiting. I will check back later.

  20. Lisa says

    I started making Jesus’ birthday cake when my daughter was born. She and my niece have decorated it every year and as an extended family we sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus after Christmas dinner and before our now traditional multi-generational board game night. 13 Christmases later we’ll be doing it again only this year it will be just the two of us carrying on the tradition as we won’t be spending it w/family due to my daughter’s medical condition that prevents us from travelling.

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