Safeway: Get (3) McCormick Spices for as low as FREE!

In yesterday’s Safeway Sunday insert there were over $100 worth of in store coupons.  If you didn’t get this ad in your newspaper you should be able to find them at your store, mine had bunches of them at the customer service desk.  There are several great deals that I’ll be writing about shortly but this one is HOT!  There is an in ad coupon good for $2/1 McCormick Spices (limit 3), they’re also on sale this week Buy 2, Get 1 Free.  I tested this last night and the register takes $2 off the 2 that you are buying and leaves the free one as is.

As you can see from the picture above you can get McCorkmick Parsley for as low as $1.79.  I opted for a few other including crushed red pepper that was $3.09.  So depending on which spices you buy, you could get as many as 3 for FREE!

There was also a $0.75/1 McCormick Spice, Herb, Extract or Food Color coupon in the 3/25 RP.  If you’re buying a more expensive spice you could use this coupon as well to cut your cost even more.  Or use it on the Grill Mates pictured above to get them for just $0.24 each when you buy 3 or more.


  1. Mae says

    This looks fun – just in time for my low supply of parsley too (I make homemade creamy Italian dressing). This will be great–Thanks Julia!

    • Mae says

      Great question Jen! With so much internet usage these days, terms can get intermingled very easily 😉 A spice is a single herb or other vegetation unit; while a seasoning is a blend of one or more spice(s) and can contain fillers [of which we should all beware to watch out for].

  2. kayla says

    there are certain McCormick spices that are 99 cents when you buy 3 and if you use two 2 dollar off coupons they will be free plus 1 dollar money maker

  3. Dot Quaid says

    My Safeway didn’t take the coupon for seasonings, it wouldn’t go thru the computer system….however, it is still quite a savings at $.99 ea. when you buy 3….it did work on spices, however…

  4. Stacie Houston via Facebook says

    My Safeway didn’t have any that were $2. I got some good deals but only 1 was free.

  5. Ali Rowan says

    at my safeway (nor cal) the only ones that were part of the 3 or more at 99 cents were some of the SEASONINGS. The SPICES were also on sale, but not at 99 cents. I think thats the kicker bcuz the coupon says SPICES on it, not SEASONING. But I was very happy with my 3 bottles of seasoning for 99 cents ea.!


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