Relaxing Sugar Scrub Recipe

There’s really no excuse not to try this Relaxing Sugar Scrub Recipe. It’s a perfect gift to give to any teacher, friend, neighbor, co-worker, new Momma or even yourself! Not only does it smell AMAZING, it’s a great way to live your best Lavish Lifestyle Frugally! This is definitely a Frugal Find you’ll want to “Pin” and Share amongst your friends!

Do you often find that it’s hard to relax? Our world is filled with more than we can handle in a 24 hour period. I am often finding myself asking for more hours in a day, because, I can’t get it all done.

I mean between working, volunteering at school, soccer, gymnastics, swim lessons and the craziness that comes with the warm weather I’m warn out thinking about it all! When is there time to relax?!? But, these past few months, I’m learning it’s alright to be selfish. If I can’t take care of my family, I can’t take care of myself. So take a few moments out of your busy schedule and find time to relax with this Relaxing Sugar Scrub Recipe….you can Thank Me later!


½ cup coconut oil
5 drops Relax essential oil
Scant (2 TBSP shy) 1 cup sugar
4 oz. canning jar


    1. In a microwave safe bowl, heat the coconut oil in 20-second intervals until it is completely melted.
    2. Add the essential oil, then stir in the sugar until you have a thick paste (you may need to adjust the amount adding more or less to suit your taste).
    3. Add a pretty ribbon or piece of washi tape to decorate the jar.

Are you giving this Relaxing Sugar Scrub Recipe as a gift? If so, place these super Relaxing Sugar Scrub Gift Tags on the top of your jar or attach with punching a hole in them and attaching a ribbon to make this an extra special gift!



  1. E says

    I find the finished consistency of sugar scrubs better if I don’t 1st melt the oil. The 1st batch I made I melted the oil & it got pretty hard in my jar, making it kind of hard to scoop out. It worked, smelled great, etc. & I loved it, but when I made it the 2nd time & didn’t melt it the consistency was much better… it came out of the jar much easier & was almost fluffy…it never got near rock hard like the 1st batch.

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