Raley’s ‘Something Extra’ Loyalty Card?!

Well I have some exciting news for you Raley’s shoppers!  Reader Jessica first sent in the following email:

I recently made a purchase at my local raley’s and was asked to “Swipe my Something Extra Card for additional savings” i was intrigued so i looked it up.  This page was recently added on Aug 16th!!  – Jessica (Oddly the page is down right now though…)

Since I don’t have a Raley’s nearby she was sweet enough to head back to hunt down some more information for us!  This is what she discovered…

I was able to speak with the warehouse manager at my local Bel Air regarding the new card system.  The employees have had access to it for about a month and they anticipate another month before it’s available to the public, they are still in the training process.  When you sign up you’ll receive 200 points and once you reach 500 points they will mail you (either email or mail, not sure) a coupon for either a percent off your next order of a coupon in the form of  “$10 Off WYB $50 worth of groceries” something to that effect.  The card will also track your purchases and you will be emailed coupons in conjunction to the items you frequently purchase.  Sounds great to me!  I look forward to using the card!  Hope this email was helpful, have a nice day! – Jessica

On another note, Kathy our Raley’s Store Expert says the Pittsburg, CA location is closing.  This is very sad, but you should know that also means they’ll very likely be having a HUGE clearance sale in the next few weeks.

So, I visited the Raley’s across the street from me. They were just told that this location will be shutting down in October. It’s pretty sad since this Raley’s has been in Pittsburg for 35 years. I remember going there as a kid. Anyway, I asked them about their loyalty card. They had no idea about it. They mentioned that corporate didn’t fill them in because of the shut down. – Kathy

That’s all we have so far, but if you hear something else or have any experience with this card please let us know!  Thanks again Jessica for sharing this information with us!


  1. Anonymous says

    At the pittsburg raleys we are using the something extra program and so far it’s great. But also so far there are no plans for a sale – as far As we know right now everything is just being transferred.

  2. Chalette S. says

    I work for the company…to clarify: This program will be rolled out to customers who have Raleys.com accounts in September. The last e-coupons will be issused 9/5, after that each individual will have offers available to them based on their shopping habits and the department they choose as their favorite. This weeks special offer was an in-store coupon for $5 off a $50 purchase. You will be able to link your Quality of Life card to your Something Extra Rewards card. Customers earn 1 point per $1 spent and if you reach the minimum requirement of 500 points PER QUARTER, you will be mailed a voucher redeemable for merchandise in the store. (A HUGE plus for couponers since you will earn points for the total amount before manufacturer coupons). Unfortunately two more of our stores will be closing this fall due to under performance and the ongoing negotiations with the local unions. We are super excited to be rolling out this program to the public. Something Extra Ambassadors will be available in all stores to help people sign up for this program on site.

    • Maria says

      Hi, Doris. I am sorry you misplaced your Raley’s Extra Points card. However, the only way you can get another one is by going to a Raley’s store and requesting one there. We write about loyalty cards but we do not provide them to our readers since we are not affiliated with the store. I apologize for not seeing your question sooner but I have been really busy getting all the Black Friday deals posted !

  3. Leighton Tong says

    I request for a loyalty card about a month ago and have not yet received it.
    My loyalty number is 5724254595.
    Let me know what else I have to do to received my Loyalty Card

    • Maria says

      You should contact Raley’s directly at(1-800) 925-9989. I unfortunately can’t help you with this because I am not affiliated with Raley’s in any way. Good luck resolving this :)

  4. Solveig larson says

    I am reqest a extra card for myy husband. My loyalty card # is XXXXXX, pleas send me a extra card
    My address is XXXX Ca.96097.
    Thank You Solveig

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