Phones, Services, and Plans for Tweens?


See they DO grow up.  Quickly I might add.

Our daughter is 11.  ELEVEN.  I can’t believe I’m even considering this, but oddly it seems we’ve pushed it to the limits and we need to be able to get ahold of her (and vice versa) she needs to be able to get ahold of us.  With all of the after school activites, drama class, bike rides, etc that she enjoys outside of our company – there have been multiple times where she has needed to get ahold of us.

So we’re playing ask the TFF readers –  what do you use for a CHEAP and VERY BASIC cell phone for your children?  Feel free to comment here with your suggestion or answer over on Facebook, there are many of us in the same boat who’d love to hear what your family is doing.  Thanks for your input!


  1. Suzy says

    we have tmobile and pay $10 a month by adding Adeline to our family plan. Her phone has no Internet and the minutes are shared with ours.

  2. Cary says

    Tracfone is the least expensive, especially if you don’t plan to spend hours talking on the phone. For $20 you get a refurbished phone with 70 minutes of talk time. This gives you 90 days of service. You need to add at least 60 minutes of talk time($20) every 90 days. They have deals regularly that double or triple minutes and add bonus minutes so I normally pay arount $.10 per minute. If the phone gets lost,or washed in the laundry, order another refurbished one and they will transfer any unused minutes to the new one. Be sure to order through the website: for the cheapest rates.

  3. Evelyn says

    Tracfone. Buy a phone at Target anywhere from $9.99-49.99 and most of the time they come with double or triple minutes included when you add airtime. The cheapest way is to buy a $20 airtime card with 60 minutes (sold at Target with 5% discount if you have their Red Card) and it lasts for 90 days. Those minutes are automatically doubled or tripled depending on the phone you buy. Then you can also google tracofone airtime promo codes and you usually get another 20-40 free minutes. You can also buy the minutes on your computer from if you can’t get to Target. You have to add minutes at the end of the 90 days and any leftover minutes will rollover. If you add the minutes before the 90 days it will add the minutes from the end date, not the date you add them. My daughter is 12 and she is fine with this. Texts are .03 per minute I believe.

  4. MicheleS says

    Virgin Mobile has pay as you go phones with a minumum of $20 every 3 months. This works great for my 11 year old! Granted, candy bar type phone, $0.10 text no phone or internet but that’s all he needs to call me and let me know he’s walking home and then again when he gets home (while I’m working). Great piece of mind considering we do not have a land line….

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