Our Not So Frugal Afternoon: $8,470 per hour.

We RARELY spend extra money on our outings, but today was an exception.  We went to the Alameda County fair with our Groupon tickets (free for my husband and I) and then a very kind lady gave us a ticket that she didn’t need for one of our children.  The 2 youngest were free.  So we got in for $14 including parking.  You have to understand that on our family days we always find events that are free or close to free and even our last trip to the fair cost us a whopping $5.

However, today when my boys saw the Mutton Bust event (basically bull riding for kids 6 years and 60 lbs or less) we just couldn’t say no.  We weren’t going to be doing any of the carnival games or rides, so we let them enjoy this one event.  I’m sure you’ve realized by now that we didn’t really spend $8,470 for an hour, but we did spend $20 for a total ride time of 8.5 seconds.  However I’d venture to say that this was 8 seconds of their lives they’ll not soon forget.

My oldest boy Cody got a bit scared when he first attempted his ride so they took him off, I went back to talk to him and he pulled out two 10 inch sticks guns that he had in his cargo short pockets.  He had found them in the parking lot and was saving them to play with later.  I can only breath a sigh of relief looking back now as he jumped off the sheep that first time around.  Tyler took 4th place, pretty good for a 4 year old!

This is just to remind you that even though we coupon like crazy, it’s ok to live a little.  Within reason of course, just make sure you’re enjoying life and not missing out on Mutton Busts because you’re too frugal to have fun.


  1. Krista M. says

    Well said. You don’t wanna miss out on things just cause they cost a little more and have no coupon available. Sometimes money can buy happiness when it come to them being experiences. And you have awesome kiddos so I know they appreciate it! I’m glad you guys had a memorable time! :-) Did you already begin the staycation?

    • says

      Thanks Krista, I think our life right now is one big staycation. Life is weird right now, but we’re making it as normal as we possibly can.

  2. Whitney @ Coupon Wonder Mom says

    Wow, Julia, I bet it was hard to let your youngest go on those sheep! Abigail wanted to ride too but we just watched instead (I was too scared to say yes!). One boy went all the way down to the other end of the yard while we were there, and got huddled up with ALL the sheep. Anyway, great post! It is SO important to live a little and not let “frugal” go to your head.

  3. Jess @ This Frugal Life says

    That looks like SO MUCH fun! I had no idea what he was going to come out riding on….but then out he flew and I was like, “What is that, what is that?!!?” (city girl) hahaha :) He sure did hang on!

    It’s so true about splurging every now and then :) How many people get to ride a sheep when they’re 4?!? I mean, really.

  4. Susie says

    So cute! We watched that at the Fair last week. My 10 year old wanted to do it, as she’s only about 57 pounds but we missed the sign ups ahead of time and just watched. Very cool they got to do it!


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