Organize your pantry using cardboard box lids, wire shelving problem solved!

Our current panty has the horrid wire shelving.  Not such a big deal for most things, but when it comes to jars, bottles, etc it’s a real pain!  I was recently re(re and again re)arranging my pantry when I began searching for some cardboard to line the shelves.  Then I remembered we had several lids leftover from our move.  These are the lids from your typical bankers box.  I love them so much more than a flat sheet of cardboard because I can group my pantry items and they’re a bit more secure within the confined space.

Here’s another shot of my pantry from a while back.  Use a hanging shoe organizer to store loose odds and ends like seasoning packets, granola bars, etc.

When I finished this section of my pantry I just new I had to show it to you guys!  Hopefully it will help if you’ve found yourself with wire shelving too.  I’m considering labeling the flipped up sides of the box lids to help the rest of the family know where to quickly find something and to help put things away.


  1. Katrina says

    Thanks for showing I’m excited we are hopefully moving soon and our pantry will have wire shelves this will help in my sons bedroom to :-)

  2. Sarah says

    Thanks for posting pics for us all. I LOVE your giraffe print stool! My friend collects giraffe things did you make yours or buy it?

  3. Gina @Bend Cookie Company says

    Can you come over and do mine next? Love the shoe bag idea…getting ready to move, so I am going to try it in my new pantry…

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