NEW Fresh & Easy ‘Friends’ Rewards Card!

Oh this is pretty neat!  I just got an email from Fresh & Easy and they’ve just announced a new rewards card!  This is how it works…

  1. First you’ll need to sign up for you new card here
  2. Then pick it up at your local Fresh & Easy store
  3. For every $1 you spend you earn 1 Point

The best part is you get 250 points JUST FOR JOINING and another 250 points because Fresh & Easy is so nice, so that’s 500 points which is equal to $5.00!

With your new Friends Card you’ll earn cash Rewards, bonus Coupons, and get insider news.  Also now through Thanksgiving you’ll earn double points!  If you had a chance to read through my Chicken Experiment you’ll see that I highly recommend the All Natural Boneless/Skinless chicken breast at Fresh & Easy as it’s regularly priced at $1.99/lb.


  1. Danielle says

    I just signed up- and got my first 250 but have not seen the second year. Looks like you have to go to the store and pick up a card before you can “load” any coupons onto it. Does this mean they are no longer going to be sending out coupons for $ off $ purchase- I love those things!

  2. Karen H. says

    Hi Julia,

    I joined through your link and only got 250 points added to my account, not 500. What’s the deal with that? 😛


  3. Cheryl Nakao via Facebook says

    My local Fresh and Easy was offering free t-shirts when you registered for the card in store.

  4. says

    Ack!! Fresh & Easy is hands down my favorite grocery store! Well, favorite out west, that is. Piggly Wiggly is my favorite back home in Mississippi. :)

    I rarely shop at F&E, though, because they don’t accept mfr cpns. I can’t wait to start using the rewards card!

  5. Rebecca says

    This is so cool! I only recently started shopping there, but I’ve found a lot of things are more expensive than other bigger stores…Maybe this will make a difference.

  6. Jolene says

    I am officially up-and-running with my Fresh & Easy Friends Card! Thanks!
    1) I signed up thru your link online.
    2) I visited the store, picked up my physical Friends Card, they gave me a free tshirt. I purchased a cantaloupe ($.50 on clearance). Scanned my Friends Card.
    3) I went to the Fresh & Easy website. Checked my account. Already there is 500 points there (250 pts for joining + 250 for first trip). It only took one week to get 500 pts.
    4) On the website, I converted my 500 pts to $5 reward. I loaded the $5 onto my Friends Card.
    5) Next time I shop, the $5 should be deducted automatically from my total…with Card scan (or in my case, I linked my phone number)
    6) On the website, I loaded e-coupons to my Friends Card for bonus points. Choice 6 from among 12.

  7. Jolene says

    How I used my *FREE $5* from Fresh & Easy (ie, My shopping trip to test-drive new Friends Card):

    8–San Francisco Bay Coffee, 12oz bags clearanced @ $3.24 = $25.92
    Used Fresh & Easy in-ad Coupon to save $5 off a $25 purchase: (-$5.00)
    Used Friends Card with loaded FREE $5 Reward (swipe it): (-$5.00)
    Paid: $15.92 and earned 50 pts. (ie, 50 cents)
    Result: Works out to $1.92 for 12 oz coffee bag (69% savings)

    Loving the new Friends Card! It combines the “best of” Safeway Just4U + CVS ExtraBucks. Loadable e-coupons, yup! Easy rewards, yup! Freebies? Quite possible…with Bonus Coupons…

    Bonus Pt Coupons:
    1.) 98 bonus pts for buying $.98 Produce Pack. Freebie? If 98 pts = $.98
    2.) On my coffee purchase, I earned Bonus double pts (25 x 2) based on Pre-Coupon Total.
    I’m in learning-mode for F&E. My deal-hunting instincts say this is going to be fabulous.

  8. Jolene says

    Another 250 free points for F&E Friends Card automatically added today. They are apologizing for start-up woes. Here’s the email I rec’d:
    Our Friends of fresh&easy rewards program launch was a little more popular than we expected and we realize you may have had trouble creating your account. Sorry about that!
    (So, if you’re already a member, the new 250 pts are automatically added. If you’re not yet a member, sign up before Nov 4 to take advantage of the free pts)

  9. Colleen Weyrens says

    oooo this sounds exciting… you got me wondering what in the world this Fresh & Easy place is so I checked their website and there are 2 stores planned within 5 miles of my house… YAY!

    • Jolene says

      Dhernandez, I hope this helps you load your rewards:
      1.) sign into your Friends account
      2.) Look on the right side, Blue Box, says “Welcome, (your name)”
      3.) Click on “My Points & Cash Rewards”
      4.) Look in Yellow Box for “My Points”
      5.) Click on “Convert Points to Cash Rewards” and follow the directions.
      6.) You will find $ is loaded to your Friends Card. Take your physical Friends Card to the store. It is now ready to use, good as cash.

  10. JAIMESAINZ says


  11. Terri says

    i think that we should be able to use mf coupons at f&e we would save more and the store says that they want use to save money well let us use mf coupons as well as the friends card.

  12. freda isola says

    i am having a hard time getting into my friends card to check on my points and to use the cash i have in there

  13. Kim Ward says

    I keep trying to get my rewards with no luck!! I keep getting emails to sign up for friends rewards again so i also tried that!! What can i do?? 949-291-2918

  14. Janessa says

    Does anyone know if I can use my points on my last shopping trip. I forgot to scan my friends card or type in my phone #. Anything I can do?

  15. Betty Hayes says

    I got my card today at Fresh & Easy on El Toro RD, Lake Forest, Ca. I was told to sign up, when I got home, and I have been trying but it keeps telling me “Invalid password”.
    How do I proceed?

  16. Joseph Franzini says

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to do….I have tried aNd tried the site just keeps moving around
    i work had the emaild addrewith computers and thier programs every day…This is just impossivle it keeps saying my e-mail address is invalid..I have had the email address for 7 hyears and have never had a problem..Can you help???

    • Maria says

      Be sure to click on the tab that says “join”. If you are entering your email where it says “sign in” and you don’t have an account, it will not let you continue. Hope this helps!

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