My $5.35 Safeway Shopping Trip (90% Savings!)

There are several great deals at Safeway today!   All in all for everything pictured above and listed below I paid $8.35 plus I have a $3 catalina to use on my next shopping trip, so that makes it $5.35!  I just stick that back in my grocery envelope and pretend it’s cash!  One receipt says 90% saved the other says 93% saved – not bad!  I also met a new TFF reader (hi Tammy!) in line today, she was so excited to see my savings at the register, couponing never gets old.  Saving is so much fun!
Crazy thing is one pound of organic ground beef typically runs $5-$7 and I got everything today for same price!
Buy (10) Oscar Meyer Hotdogs – $1.99Now here’s where it gets interesting.  The ad shows a $1/1 Just For u offer, so I assumed it would only take $1 off of one package but it looks like it took $1 off of EACH package!  I was busy chatting and I had already handed my coupons over to the cashier at the beginning of the transaction – no beeps at all, then I see my total – $2.90! Then of course as planned I got back my $10 Kraft catalain as well making it a $7.10 money maker!  I’m going to attempt to figure out the math on this according to how it worked for me today at Safeway…

Buy (10) Oscar Meyer Hotdogs – $1.99
Get a $10 Kraft Catalina wyb 10 Kraft Products
– $10 Just For U Savings
Used (4) $1/2 Oscar Mayer Hotdog Coupons (no longer available)
Safeway Doubl’r ($2 savings)
Final Price: $3.90 plus a $10 catalina  (I can’t figure out how mine came to $2.90…)

On my next transaction I used the $10 catalina to pay minimizing my out of pocket cost.

Buy (3) Nabisco Crackers – $1.99
Used (1) Buy 2, Get 1 FREE Nabisco Coupon – zip code 97702 (took off $2.50 automatically)
Final Price:  $1.16 each
Buy (2) Lawry’s Marinades – $3.69
Buy 1, Get 1 FREE
Buy (1) Organic Grass Fed Beef – 30% off Clearance ($5.18 total)
$2 off Meat Just for U Offer wyb 2  Lawry’s Marinades
Used (2) $1/1 Lawry hangtag coupons
Safeway Doubl’r ($1 savings)
Final Price:  $3.87 for 2 bottles of Lawry’s and 1 lb of Organic Grass Fed Beef!
Buy (4) Boxes of of Honey Bunches of Oats – $1.88
Get a $3 Catalina
Used (2) $1 off any 2 Post Cereal Coupon
Safeway Doubl’r ($1 savings)
Final Price: $0.38 each!
Buy (2) Bush’s Baked Beans – $1.79
$1/2 Bush’s Baked Beans Coupon (no longer available)
Final Price: $1.29 each 

My total for the second transaction was $15.45, I used the $10 Kraft Catalina and paid just $5.45 out of pocket plus I got back another $3 catalina from the Honey Bunches of Oats.


  1. Vanessa says

    I think I know why your total was 2.90 instead of 3.90! I bet you had an ecoupon on just4u loaded for $1/2 hot dogs. It was listed just below the $1/1 that you loaded so I bet that came off too resulting in the 2.90 total!Fun shopping!

  2. Jolene says

    Love trips like yours today — big savings + a few nice surprise savings + ready for Labor Day BBQ :)

    I am seeing Meat Clearance at 75%-off (green stickers) lately! More common to find 50% or 30%-off.

  3. Dara says

    Don’t know if anyone’s commented on this one yet, but there’s a Safeway catalina until
    tomorrow for certain Reach toothbrushes, which are marked 72 cents each if you buy
    more than one. So I bought 4 for $2.88, and got back a $4 catalina!

  4. Ian says

    When the just 4 u coupon says one time offer, it does not limit the quantity. So you can buy 10 items or however many you need at that just 4 u one time offer price.

  5. Hillary says

    I bought four packages of the OM hot dogs, and my total was $1.97 after two $1/2 coupons and the e-coupons from my j4u. I am thrilled but I wish it were more clear/obvious for future knowledge which paper coupons and e-coupons are stackable.

  6. Jennifer says

    I didn’t have a lot of coupons so I got 4 hot dogs ( the Selects turkey dogs worked!) and 2 lunch meats. Had the personalized price of $2.49 for the lunch meat, the $1.11 J4U coupon came off for each and I had the $1 printable that doubled. The hot dogs rang up $1.99 each and it also took off $1 each for the J4U coupon and I had 2 of the $1/2 printables that doubled. I paid .72 oop and got a $5 cat. My cashier printed a receipt because she was convinced something didn’t ring right. I tried to explain the deal but she wasn’t getting it lol.

  7. Ami says

    I was happy to see the Kraft fresh take b1g1. They were originally $2.99 each plus had a .75/1 blinkie coupon so only paid .74 each. Scored 4 and plan on going back to use my Catalina from Kraft to score a few more.

  8. michelle Reis says

    I also came across a great deal at my Safeway. They have the del monte is on sale for .79 with in store coupon limit 6. I bought 6 thinking it was a great deal but then I got a $4.00 off my next purchase from Del monte making 6 cans a total of .74 cents (or .12 cents a can). I went back to do another transaction to see if I was seeing the catalina right and sure enough I got another $4.00 off from del monte. I know this worked in Tracy CA. Just had to share.

    • Brenda says

      Michelle, do you mind sharing which specific veggies and size of can you purchased?
      I found information about a Del Monte catalina but it states: receive a $2 catalina when you buy 6, not the $4 catalina that you got. Thanks again!

      • michelle Reis says

        Last night I got $4.00 back on a catalina so I went today and got $2.00 catalina. Still only .45 cents per can. :) sorry about that. Maybe it was a glitch at my store but they did fix it today :)
        And Brenda I did the 14.5 oz of Cut green beans and Corn.

  9. Maria Baquero via Facebook says

    I just came back from Safeway, got 10 Crystal light , 12 oz.Kraft Singles and 10 Del Monte canned vegetables paid 17.00 and got $12.00 back that I am using tomorrow to get my son’s lunches for school.

  10. Tammy says

    Hi Julia. It was so good to meet you the other day! Can’t wait to get started. Soooo excited I saw it in person. You made it something I can actually do. Hope to run into you again. :)

  11. April Mort via Facebook says

    i also did get my 10 free hot dogs, 7 boxes of cereal 8 boxes of nature valley bars and 8 boxes of fruit snacks

  12. Ellen says

    I don’t understand how you got a $10 catalina for buying 10 Oscar Meyer hot dogs. I went today and purchased 8 Kraft salad dressings and 2 Oscar Meyer products, only received the $5 cat. Is Oscar Meyer and Kraft the same company? If so I need to complain to someone, feel as if their cheating me. I’ve been thinking about calling the Catalina company anyway, this is the second time I have only gotten the $5 cat in the last two weeks. Are you able to answer my question before I call and complain. Thanks.

    • Ellen says

      I have decided that I read your info wrong. I realize now that Oscar Meyer and Kraft are not from the same co. I get excited over these deals and then I mess them up by not reading everything that I should. No follow up answer is needed, just my mind not thinking right. Thanks anyway. :-)

      • Brenda says

        Your scenario combining Kraft dressing and Oscar Mayer hot dogs should have worked for the
        $10 catalina. I know other people had trouble with some of the flavors of dressing not triggering the catalina, so that could be why yours didn’t print correctly.
        I would encourage you to contact the Catalina Company. They are very helpful and will send any catalinas you earned by mail.
        Here’s a link to their request form, have your receipts handy because you will need to enter some information from them. You will need to complete seperate ones for each catalina that did not print correctly.

        support . catalinamarketing . com (remove the spaces)

        • Hillary says

          Ellen- the Catalina’s are very product specific. Did you buy the OM hot dogs or another OM product instead? For example, Crystal Light packages were included as well, but only the 7-packs or 2Q packs- not the 10-packs. These Catalinas are great to get but there is a lot of fine print!

          • Ellen says

            Brenda, thank you for the information, I will have to contact them and find out what happened.
            Hillary, I purchased 8 Kraft dressings and 2 Oscar Meyer deli lunchmeat. I know now that should have worked because I took my daughter shopping today and she purchased the same items and was able to get her catalina.
            Hopefully I will have the time tomorrow to get this done. Don’t want to let it go to long. Thanks again ladies. :-)

  13. Rebecca says

    Can you roll catalinas? If I got a $10 kraft catalina can I go back and do another Kraft transaction and have more catalinas print out?

  14. Jolene says

    For MM on the Kraft $10 Catalina, check the clearance section of the deli. I tested clearanced DeliFresh Roast Beef with red 50%-off stickers & all the discounts applied & the $10 Catalina printed:

    DeliFresh Roast Beef $3.99 Club Price
    -$2.00 (50%-0ff red sticker clearance)
    -$1.11 (eCoupon from J4U — it deducted this for each pack)
    Final: $0.88 per DeliFresh + $10 Catalina printed for buying 10 participating items!

    Go in with ideas for fillers in order to roll the $10 Catalina. Try to get your order as close to $10.01 for lowest OOP. For transactions when you’re short $3 or so, add a box of pasta ($.99 for Safeway brand pasta) or fresh corn ($.17) or bananas.

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