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I have had SO much fun shopping the LikeTwice website – super cute clothes at great prices plus FREE shipping on orders of $25 or more. That’s so up my alley.  However I haven’t ventured into selling my clothes to them yet, so when I saw that Jana had sold some items with great success to LikeTwice I asked her to share her experience here on TFF.  Before we get started, make sure you sign up and grab your $10 credit!

Welcome Jana:

A little while back, I was introduced to the site Like Twice. I was intrigued by the idea of shopping online for nice, quality used clothing. As the mom of three kiddos 6 and under, clothing shopping for me either is non-existent or “grab and go”, just praying that it fits and knowing I can return it later if not! Because I have chosen to stay home, my clothing budget is pretty non-existent so I am ALWAYS on the hunt for great deals on practical clothes with an easy shopping experience…enter Like Twice! I placed my first order with them a few months ago and was SO pleased with my purchase! Among other things, I got a super cute Juicy Couture sequined hoodie sweatshirt for around $8 after coupon code and my first purchase discount. It is super comfy, perfect with jeans and I get compliments on it whenever I wear it…what more could a girl want (did I mention it is MACHINE WASHABLE)!

LikeTwice Sell Your Clothes

After placing two orders, I decided it was time to try out their “selling” feature on the site. I will say that one downside is that they are pretty selective on brands they will accept, though this does add to the major benefit of buying from the site as you know you are buying quality items! After scouring my closet I came up with a box full of coats, shirts, skirts and pants that I sent off. I love that their site gives you and “estimated” value beforehand and a FREE shipping label to send in your items! Less than a week after I mailed off my box I received an offer from Like Twice for my items. It detailed what they were offering for each piece, and why they rejected the items they didn’t want. Once you decide to accept (or reject) their offer you then have the choice of payment; check, Paypal deposit or store credit. The benefit of choosing store credit is that you get an extra “bonus” of 25% added to your amount and deposited right into your Like Twice account. I chose this option and used it as a great chance to up-cycle my clothes I was tired of into new items I could use…without ANY out of pocket! The only downside I see is that they no longer offer to return your “rejected” items, unless you reject the entire offer (in which case you pay $5 to have your items shipped back). Any items they choose not to buy are donated to Goodwill.

My selling experience just cemented in even more how much I love this site! I loved how easy it was to send in my items, how quickly I received a response, and how fair the price offered was (especially after they added the extra 25% in store credit). My buying orders have always been shipped Priority and arrived within a few days of ordering, they items are excellent quality, and returns are SO easy! Several times I have had questions about returns, selling, credit, etc. and each of my emails to them has been answered in less than a day, and when I did find a hidden seam unraveling on of one items I received, they quickly sent me a shipping label to return it AND a coupon good on my next purchase for the trouble (they also gave me the option of keeping it with a partial refund, if I wanted to have it fixed myself)! Like Twice also runs AWESOME promotions, offering credit for each of your friends that signs up and frequent promo codes, which can all be combined for great discounts on already well priced clothing. The site is so user friendly and easy to navigate, with great details on all items listed (washing instructions, measurements, original cost new, etc.) and I look forward to the chance to continually recycle and renew my wardrobe, on a “stay at home mommy” budget!

Sign up and get your $10 LikeTwice credit!

Also, you can try using coupon code: LOVETWICE20 to save an extra 20% (not 100% sure it’s still valid though.)


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    I was looking for experiences using Twice’s selling and this was really helpful, thank you for sharing! I have already made multiple orders and LOVE their clothing and especially the fact that they offer free returns. I usually am so wary about ordering online so knowing I can send it back if it doesn’t work out is wonderful. :)

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