Let's talk Facebook Swap/Sell Groups – are you a part of one?

Facebook Swap Groups

A few months ago I discovered my local town had a Facebook Swap group (several in fact) – you can buy, sell, or swap items from around your home with other local families.  First off you’ll have to find the group – many of them are private.  So ask your friends in real life or on Facebook if they’re a part of a group and then ask for an invitation.  They’re kept private to avoid scammers and the like.

Then start looking around your house for items you’re just not using, trust me it will add up!  Even just a couple of dollars here and there.  We use the Envelope Budget System so it seemed natural to just start a little envelope for my earnings, in no time I had well over $100 in there.  I don’t miss a thing I’ve sold either.  Then if I find something on the swap I want to buy, I take the money from that same envelope. These groups have helped our budget BIG time!

Here are a few examples of things I’ve sold recently:

  1. Outgrown kid’s clothes
  2. Dish set that was collecting dust in the garage
  3. Knick-Knacks and Decorations that aren’t my style anymore
  4. Shoes, Coats, Purses
  5. Bikes, Office Chair, Desk, Etc

This is how most groups work:

  1. Take a picture and give a short description, then post it to the swap group.
  2. List your asking price and whether or not you’ll accept offers for trade or lower prices
  3. Buyers will let you know if they’re interested by commenting on the photo or asking questions, in most cases the first person to comment is “first in line” and it goes from there.
  4. Arrange to meet for the sale, if you’re selling the item it’s common courtesy that they buyer will come to you.  However in some cases you may live outside of town like we do, so often I’ll agree to meet at a local store when I have plans to be out that way.  If you don’t feel comfortable meeting at your home,  public places are a safe option.

I’d love to hear your experiences – have you sold/bought off a Facebook swap group?  I have several items listed for sale on mine currently which just means more money in our pockets and less clutter around the house!

In my personal opinion these groups far outweigh the benefits of buying/selling on Craigslist.  For one – you have some knowledge of who you’re buying/selling with.  There is some sort of accountability since their name/photo is clearly listed in the swap group.  I have had far fewer “flakes” with these groups.



  1. Robyn says

    I belong to 4 from my local area. One for families, one for “dad” stuff, one for Home items only, and another for homemade items. I have made over $200 and picked up some great things like a kitchen table and chairs for $80, clothes for me super cheap. You are right, I don’t miss anything I’ve sold at all! It’s fun!

  2. Cathy says

    I love my local FB buy/sell group! I’ve sold a few things and feel comfortable enough to leave it outside my front door and have a cash payment left under the doormat. If I don’t personally know the member I’m selling to, chances are we have a mutual friend.

  3. Shar says

    Yes, belong to one here. Have sold quite a bit. I never did ebay or craiglist but was comfortable doing this and glad I have given it a try!

    It’s a big job for the administrators to maintain the group and they had to add about 5 or 6 ladies just to handle the page because it was over 2000 members and you end up having thousands of photos of things for sale and the sellers don’t bother to delete.

    So I would suggest capping it at a certain more manageable number if you decide to start one yourself so that way you are just dealing with friends of friends, and list a lot of guidelines so less confusion about how long something can be posted, how long you have to wait before you can move onto the next buyer if someone doesn’t respond, etc.

    There’s some cattiness on there. Some of it had to deal with people selling something defective. It’s kind of like a garage sale, you get what you get and you can’t really go back and try to turn it back in later, a little bit of buyer beware as far as that goes.
    But most of us expect integrity and it’s disappointing when you get someone selling something that isn’t quite as advertised.

    They had to list a bunch of rules to keep everyone on the same page. Definitely a few flakes as well, who say they want to buy, never show up, never follow up, etc. Or you list something for $5 and they try to chew you down to $2 and they even expect you to drive out by them to drop it off even though they are the buyer. 😉 Eventually I see most of those types drop out or are kicked off the board though.

    The majority of buyers are super nice and reliable and I have had repeat buyers who are really awesome!

  4. Catherine says

    There is one here too in East Contra costa county I belong to, but find that going out to Brentwood area is just too much for something small. Do you know of any in Central Costa area? I know you used to live here. Thank you Julia, I have learned a lot from you!

  5. Michelle says

    I am on couple swaps. Catherine, I am in Bay Area and live in Brentwood. There is one called East Bay Family which caters Antioch to Concord and Brentwood /Oakley . That may interest you?

  6. Melinda says

    I just moved here from ft Stockton and I’m looking to furnish my home. I need dishes, water glasses , a regular size bed, clothes drawers , spatulas , Small kitchen table , curtains and blankets . Towels, rugs for bathroom. Am also looking for electric curlers and night table. Anything will help. I don’t have anything to trade but will buy within reason . I’m looking for card making supplies. Anything will help . Thanks

  7. Lacey says

    Looking for ways to make a little extra cash and this post really inspired me to give it a shot! Now to go through my stuff and figure out what I don’t want/need.

  8. PK says

    We are moving so I made my own facebook sales page and have 200 followers. I have a lot for sale and this way I don’t have to bump to the top. I also delete any member whom doesn’t show up. I even run a sale from time to time right before I donate the items to a charity. I have 5 weeks left before the move so now I’m posting every day. I give my site first chance to buy before I post elsewhere. These people come to my house, but other sites I meet at the corner store parking lot. My envelope has about $1500 in it which isn’t bad since I sell things really cheap.

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