Kids Summer Vacation Packing List

summer vacation list
As Moms, gathering everyone’s items for a trip and packing bags, whether for one day or 10, is pure chaos. Cut down the stress level by keeping this Kids Summer Vacation Packing List handy. It will allow your kiddos to take some of the stress off of you, pack the items that they want and keep them busy so you can pack what YOU want! It also teaches them responsibility and gets them involved in the process of planning and organizing, always good skills to work on.

It never fails that as soon as we get down the road I realized I left something behind. While the majority of the times it’s a small, non-essential item, this past time I totally forgot the stroller! So of course we had to turn the car around to grab it. The hubs made me do one last walk through as everyone was not so patiently waiting in the car. It was then that I realized I had forgotten to bring shampoo and conditioner. While that isn’t such a big deal, I get a better deal on our Dove products at Sam’s Club. I know it would’ve cost more if I picked them up closer to our hotel…no one said living a Frugal Lifestyle was easy 😉


Before you head out on your summer vacation be sure to print your Kids Summer Vacation Packing List for every child in your family. Go ahead and print your free Kids Summer Vacation Packing List now:

packing list girls tlyl

Girls Summer Vacation Packing List

kids packing list tlyl

Boy’s Summer Vacation Packing List

It’s super simple. Just fill in the vacation packing list with the amount of items that are needed in each category. It is then left up to the you and your child to pack into a suitcase or leave out on their bed so that you can double check they have all the items on the list!

I hope your summer vacation is a blast and that you are able to relax!

Note: This list isn’t just for summer vacation. It could be used for going to stay at Grandma’s house, summer camp or spending the night at a friends house!


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