Jolene’s 99 Cents Store Shopping Trip 9/4

Hope your Labor Day Weekend was relaxing!  Now that it’s over, I feel like eating lighter to counteract all the BBQ, hot dogs, and ice cream from the holiday…the hot dogs (oh, the hot dogs!  Did you get the Safeway hot dog deal, too?)    My go-to for salad fixings is the 99 Cents Only Store, and here’s what I found:

1.   Artisan Lettuce, a 4 ct. of lovely assorted heads (!)
2.   Cherry Tomatoes, 1 lb.
3.   Green Giant Portabella Mushrooms, 5 oz.
4.   Quaker Multigrain Crisps w/Blackberries, 7 oz.
5.   Coldstone Creamery 70-Calorie Cocoa, 8 pk.
6.   Tree Top 100% Juice, 3 pk.
7.   Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 100, 4 oz. (!)
8.   Hawaiian Tropic Sensitive SPF 50, 6 oz.
9.   Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch SPF 50, 8 oz.

What I appreciate about the Artisan Lettuce 4 pk. is the fact that the heads remain fresher longer.  Each pack contains four heads of different colored Tango, Oak, and Gem Lettuce — enough to make 12 side salads.  I was hoping to find yogurt today, but did not see any.  Are you missing the yogurt as I am?  My store was re-setting the Seasonal Aisle, and they had some new sunscreen products today — look for the sunscreen now moved to the Skin Care Aisle.  I thought the Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 100 was an especially good deal for only $1.

his week’s shopping trip highlight was brought to you by Jolene, the  TFF 99 Cents Only Store expert! Find a 99 Cents Store location near you.  


  1. Tamara says

    Jolene…I was wondering if you ever shop Dollar Tree as well…especially now that they take coupons. Just curious. I go to both stores occasionally for seasonal and birthday supplies. ~Tamara

    • Jolene says

      Hi Tamara,

      Yes, just out of curiosity I visited two different Dollar Trees with my coupons in tow. My overall impression = I find more name brand items at my 99 Cents Only vs. my Dollar Tree. I also felt that the Dollar Tree carried smaller sized packages, so it’s tricky to use manufacturer coupons on those items if you’re abiding by the fine print on the coupon. And when I did present my coupons at checkout, the cashier limited my total coupons to 2 (at Pleasant Hill store) … and total of 1 (at Concord/Clayton store). Hoping that couponing at Dollar Tree will only improve, and that right now, it’s just “growin’ pains” :)

      I did spot 2 good deals at the Dollar Tree in Pleasant Hill:
      1) Chocolate Cheerios, a huge 17 oz box
      2) Albertsons brand Spaghetti, a hefty 2 lb. box

      I’m a big fan of the produce, chilled, & frozen items (name brands) that I find at 99 Cents Only. There was no fresh produce at my Dollar Trees. Their chilled & frozen section is small, or nonexistent. I am sticking with my weekly trips to 99 … but keeping my eye on Dollar Tree, as I believe it could improve with time. Thanks for the great question!

  2. Alicia says

    I do miss the yogurt. That was the main reason I had started shipping at the 99 cent store was because I could get the kids a ton of the fun yogurts as well as the regular yogurt for me for a great price.

  3. Dori says

    Ditto on the yogurt for the kids…such a bummer they haven’t been having it! I was really enjoying the Yoplait Greek yogurt too! Hopefully it will start back up again soon!!! We have really been enjoying the Artisian Pizza Dough!!!

    • Jolene says

      Do you mean the whole-wheat artisan Pizza Dough? Yes, every time I see those, I get them, too! I was afraid that the whole-wheat would make the pizza crust a little dry, but not the case! Before baking, I brushed the crust with some olive oil. Yummy!

      I have one tube left right now … am contemplating using it with my remaining hot dogs from that Safeway Catalina Deal = how about Pizza Dogs?! Like Pig-in-a-Blanket, but use the pizza dough?! :)

      • Dori says

        Yes… those whole wheat ones! My kids don’t even notice a difference! Our Safeway hot dogs are in the freezer awaiting a camping trip at the end of the month!!!! But Pizza Dogs sound delish!!!!

  4. Jani says

    Agree! I like all of the comments. Just a few years ago we were finding full-sized, brand-name items at both stores. Now Dollar Tree mostly has smaller packages and 99c has
    less of the great finds from the past, but still plenty to keep us going back. And Safeway, for example, is putting clearance prices too high — like fun sized candy bags for half off of $5 … that is NOT a deal. But many times the JFU coupons and savings on a clearance item result in a very low price.
    Can you believe that Dollar Tree used to have full size bottles of wine — decent wine. One woman I talked to bought cases for her wedding :-)
    Also — interesting, I found that prices at the Fairfield Grocery Outlet were WAY cheaper on some items than in other Grocery Outlets. In this case, it was coffee.

    • Jolene says


      Wow! Full-size bottles of wine! Love that wedding-on-a budget idea! It’s true that you never know what you’ll find at these types of stores, and that keeps it fresh & fun.

      re: Safeway Clearance
      Just recently, I learned something about Safeway clearance & thought I’d share w/you, too. The sticker (usually red) will say “50%-off” and show a reg. price, for example “reg. $5.00”.

      However, if that item happens to have a Club Card Price, the 50% comes off your Club Price! So check the shelf tags & see if it happens to have a Club Price = more savings! Plus, all Catalinas, J4u discounts, and Buy xx Get $xx-off type discounts apply = savings on top of savings, if not MM!

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