Jolene’s 99 Cents Store Shopping Trip 9/25

Nabisco, Dole, and more brand name products today at the 99 Cents Only Store!  Today’s amazing finds are:

1.   Ritz Reduced Fat Crackers, 13.7 oz.
2.   Wheat Thins Reduced Fat Crackers, 8.5 oz.
3.   Dole 100% Juice Orange-Pineapple-Banana, 64 oz.
4.   Organic Mashups, 3.17 oz. (priced 2/$1.00)
5.   Jennie-O Turkey Bacon, 5 oz.
6.   La Victoria Whole Wheat Soft Taco Tortilla, 16 oz.
7.   Fresh Sugar Snap Peas, 1 lb.
8.   Strawberries, 1 lb.
9.   Whole Eggplant
Not pictured:  Nature Valley Granola Thins, Artisan Lettuce 4 ct., Green Beans 1 lb., Progresso Soup

“You never know what you’ll find,” exclaimed a fellow shopper as she happily loaded Nabisco Wheat Thins into her cart, “I usually pay $2.50 — on sale — for these!”  I noticed she also had Progresso Soups in her cart … a great pairing for a quick fall lunch!  Need snacks for football games?  Stock up on crackers, only $1 each!  I was excited to find Dole 100% Juice in the chilled section.  There were other 64 oz. juices, but I opted for this one because it is 100% juice.  The fresh Sugar Snap Peas looked amazing, and I actually bought two 1 lb. bags after a fellow shopper confirmed how delicious the snap peas were!  In the Baby Aisle, there was a wide selection of Organic Mashups priced 2 for $1.  Now I know that Mashups retail for about $4.99 for a 4 pk.  These might be nice to throw in your diaper bag, or if your child’s school requires you to put together an Earthquake Bag (California parents will know what I mean).  I actually keep Mashups to use in my baking.  I substitute it for oil in recipes for banana bread or apple bread!  Finally, the new La Victoria Whole Wheat Tortillas are 16 oz., which is a bigger package size than the usual Guerrero Whole Wheat Tortillas (11 oz?).

And on my way home, I stopped at Raley’s/Nob Hill to pick up my FREE Bananas from the Something Extra loyalty card program!  Don’t forget yours!  Today’s the last day for FREE 2 lbs. of fresh bananas!  Five or six bananas equals about 2 lbs.  It was a very good shopping day!

This week’s shopping trip highlight was brought to you by Jolene, the  TFF 99 Cents Only Store expert! Find a 99 Cents Store location near you.  


    • Jolene says

      Yes, I shopped at the 99 Cents Only Store in Clayton/Concord, CA … located on the corner of Bailey & Clayton. One of the best locations, in my opinion!

  1. Sarah Reynaga via Facebook says

    Last Friday at the Hayward store I found full size Dreyer’s ice cream Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint! I grabbed one for a ladies night and asked the bf to get more in the am and of course, gone! A whole door full…gone! I shoulda known better :(

    • Jolene says

      Sarah, doing the Happy Dance for you! Thanks for sharing! Two things to love: (1) Full size ice cream for $1 + (2) An amazing deal story to share at your ladies’ night :)

      And I’m with you on the “should’ve gotten more”. I think all of us, when faced with a hot deal, struggle with how much to buy. Just last night, I was kicking myself for not buying more than 2 bags of Sugar Snap Peas (see photo above) — the Peas are super sweet & crisp! The kids quickly devoured the Peas raw, before I could cook them! Like candy!

      • Jolene says

        Angela, I am definitely clearing space in my freezer right now … my chances of finding full-size Dreyers sound good, since you & Sarah both found them, too! Thanks!

    • Jolene says

      Debra, Wow! You saved 80%-off retail … effortlessly, too … no coupons required :)

      Just a tip for other readers:
      I’ve noticed that sometimes a WHOLE box of product will be sold, as in Debra’s case. Sometimes, however, the box is portioned-out and sold by the unit, as in my case. My theory about whole box vs. single unit = Some products lack a scan bar code or nutritional info if the single unit is taken out of the box. If that’s the case, then they have to leave it and sell the whole box. Just a theory. Anybody have thoughts about this, too?

  2. Jessica says

    Good deals :)

    I went to my local 99 cent store today and saw a few boxes of wheat thins, but unfortunately all of them were expired so I didn’t buy them. Always make sure to check the expiration dates. I know my local 99 cent store has a lot of expired items.

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