Jolene’s 99 Cents Store Shopping Trip 11/6

It’s 80-degrees here in the East Bay today!  Luckily, I found healthy thirst-quenchers at the 99 Cents Only Store!

Here are my $1 finds:

  1. 8th Continent Soymilk Original, 64 oz. chilled
  2. Sprouts Organic Soymilk Vanilla, 64 oz. chilled
  3. Naked 100% Coconut Water, 33.8 oz.
  4. Meijer Beef Broth Reduced Sodium, 32 oz.
  5. Nature Made Super D3 Complex, 240 softgels(!)
  6. Jell-O Chocolate Pudding, 4 pk chilled
  7. Fresh Asparagus, nice thick ones today!

Not pictured:  Macadamia White Chocolate Ready-to-Bake Cookies (I resisted grabbing these!) I’ve seen Coconut Water used in fruit smoothies, and I’m thinking of using it instead of plain water when making rice — and then building Rice Bowls with the flavored rice, chicken, and veggies.  Once on a family vacation to Hawaii, we experienced drinking real coconut water from a real coconut!  My kids watched in wide-eyed wonder as someone climbed up a coconut tree, hacked open a coconut with a machete, and handed it to them to drink!  Very impressive to little boys, especially.

This week’s shopping trip highlight was brought to you by Jolene, the  TFF 99 Cents Only Store expert! Find a 99 Cents Store location near you.  


  1. Dana says

    I found a lot of new Circo kids’ stuff at my store today (socks, leg warmers, etc). Also Ore Ida sweet potato steak fries in the freezer section.

    • Jolene says

      Dana, great deals!
      Most days my haul looks like it came from Target or Whole Foods … But (shh!) really from the 99 Cents Store 😉

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