Jolene’s 99 Cents Store Shopping Trip 10/30

Pumpkins!  Shoppers at the Clayton Road 99 Cents Only Store were picking out pumpkins today.  Here are my other finds:

1.   Pumpkin (located outside in bins)
2.   Crayola Glow Sand, 3 pk
3.   Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix, 17.5 oz.
4.   Lean Cuisine Chicken Club Panini, 6 oz.
5.   Maxwell House Cappucino, 9.1 oz.
6.   Jumbo Yam
7.   Eggplant
8.   Cabbage
9.   Fleischmann’s Yeast, 3 pk

It’s time to dust-off the Bread Machine!  Instant coziness is a homemade loaf of bread & homemade soup.  Last week, it was too cold & rainy to go out grocery shopping, but I needed something for dinner.  By resourcefully using ingredients I already had, we enjoyed this simple, comforting meal.  I felt so self-sufficient, and the aroma of baking bread soothingly enveloped the house.  Amazing what a little yeast, flour, water, & butter can do!  Tip: Stock-up on yeast … only $1 for a 3 pack!

This week’s shopping trip highlight was brought to you by Jolene, the  TFF 99 Cents Only Store expert! Find a 99 Cents Store location near you.  


  1. Jolene says

    How do you like my Bread Machine? Paid $5 for it at a Thrift Store = best investment ever! Favorite Thrift Store shopping is in Pleasant Hill, CA … there are 3 thrift stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Youth Homes) plus a Grocery Outlet all in walking distance… park once, hit all four! My bread machine is from the Youth Homes Thrift Store. Happy baking everyone :)

  2. homeclynn says

    I buy my yeast once a year at Sam’s club. They have an open to the public day twice a year. The yeast is 2 lbs. for $4.38 You can’t beat that. Keep the extra in a ziploc bag in the freezer.

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