Jolene’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 1/22

99 Cents Only Store 1-22

Staying well & saving money.  There IS hope for accomplishing both!  Everything $1, no coupons necessary, from the Clayton store:

1.    Nature Made Fish Oil, 60ct (Nov ’13*)
2.    Nature Made Krill Oil, 60ct (Aug ’13*)
3.    Nature Made Vitamin D3, 100ct (Apr ’14*)
4.    Nature Made Acidophilus Probiotic, 45ct (Jan ’14*)
5.    Fresh Oranges, 3lb bag of immunity!
6.    Challenge Butter Sea Salt & Pepper, 7oz
7.    Dannon Pure Yogurt, 6pk
8.    Newtons Fruit Thins Whole Grain Cookie, 10.5oz
9.    Silk Fruit & Protein, 1qt
10.  Avery 4×6 Big Notes, 135ct
11.  Avery Note Tabs, 16ct
{Best By Dates for Nature Made indicated with *}

Thank you to Reader KC Yosh who commented in last week’s post about finding Nature Made items at the Concord Willow Pass store.  Sure enough, today I found them at the Clayton store.  It’s a big help when we share our finds, especially since we can’t rely on a printed weekly ad circular.  I wanted to mention a good use for the Avery Note Tabs.  If your coupon binder/box needs organization, these tabs are perfect for dividing categories of coupons into sections.  My sections are labeled Cereal, Chilled, Canned Goods, etc. and it streamlines my couponing trips!

This week’s shopping trip highlight was brought to you by Jolene, the  TFF 99 Cents Only Store expert! Find a 99 Cents Store location near you.  


  1. Sabrina says

    I know this may be a dumb question, but is everything in this store 99cents? I’ve recently moved and there is a 99cent store nearby I can’t wait to check out

    • Jolene says

      Welcome! Excellent question! The answer is no. I’ve shopped here for the past 8 yrs, and in the beginning everything was $.99. Then in 2008, due to rising inflation, they raised it to $.99.99 (which really rings up as $1, when the cash register rounds-up the decimal). Then they added a handful of items that are slightly more than $1, such as 18ct Eggs ($2.29), but these should have clearly-marked signs. So, the majority of items will ring up $1 or less. I suggest starting with small shopping trips done regularly … you’ll learn quickly!

  2. Jolene says

    The eggplants were especially large & beautiful–$1 for any whole one, so choose a heavy one! Gold Idaho potatoes 5lb bag from Wada Farms for $1. Roasted gold potatoes with the Challenge Butter Sea Salt & Pepper on my menu plan. Anybody else print a $2-off coupon for this butter & never found it in stock at the grocery stores? Sadly I had to toss my coupon because it expired :(

    • Jolene says

      I liked the taste of the new Sea Salt + Pepper Butter :) It is not as strong as I expected. Went well on roasted potatoes, and a timesaver to not have to sprinkle salt/pepper. I also spread it on toasted English Muffin, fill with scrambled eggs and a slice of bacon for a Breakfast Sammie. Basically, it would be good on savory dishes that you normally have to season w/salt and pepper.

      When i went back to the 99 cent store, I also found the regular Challenge butter tubs … unseasoned. Good luck!

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