Jolene’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 11/20

Thanksgiving’s almost here, and I’m thankful for another year of bargain-shopping at the 99 Cents Only Store!  It’s helped my budget immensely, and it’s so easy!  No coupons, no hassles.  Simple deals on fresh produce & name-brand items, like these today, all $1:

1.   Kraft String Cheese, 12 pack (!!)
2.   Polly-O Mozzarella Ball, 8 oz.
3.   Oscar Mayer Smoked Ham, 10 oz.
4.   Brussels Sprouts Stalk
5.   Whole Watermelon
6.   Kiwi, now in 1.5 lb. bags!
7.   Breakstones Cottage Cheese, 4 pk.
8.   Rice Krispies Treats, 8 pk.

Need a Thanksgiving side dish?  A Frugal Find favorite is Julia’s recipe for Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon!    Today at the 99 Cents Only Store on Clayton Road, I was bewildered at this Brussels Sprouts Stalk!  It looks like a Dr. Seuss tree, and sure enough, the Brussels Sprouts are growing on the stalk.  A fellow shopper clued me in that these Brussels Sprouts Stalks go for $3.99 each at Trader Joe’s.  Turn it into a learning activity for children, and let them to help make Julia’s recipe! The Kraft String Cheese 12 pk for $1 is a super deal, and it also contains a coupon for $3/$10 Any Crayola purchase, too!  String Cheese is a perfect boost of protein/energy when I’m out shopping on Black Friday.

This week’s shopping trip highlight was brought to you by Jolene, the  TFF 99 Cents Only Store expert! Find a 99 Cents Store location near you.  

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