Jillian's 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 3/18


1. Quaker Popped Caramel Corn Rice Snacks – 8.4oz
2. Glitter Eggs – 6ct
3. iPieces Fishing Game – 4 poles & App
4. Decorative Egg Cups – 6ct
5. Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix – 6pack/1.25oz
6. Breakstone’s Greek Style Sour Cream & Nonfat Yogurt – 16oz
7. Avocado Ranch Wholly Guacamole 100 Calorie Snack Packs – 3packs/2.0oz
8. Weight Watchers Double Chocolate Muffin – 4pack/7.6oz total
9. Wholly Guacamole Classic – 7oz
10. Zatarain’s New Orleans STyle Four Cheese Pasta Dinner Mix – 6.5oz
11. Brown Rice Baked with Sweet Potato Triscuit in Roasted Sweet Onion – 9oz

99 cents holiday decorations are so fun and being cheap… I don’t feel guilty getting some here and there. I’m going to prop these glittery eggs in the plastic egg cups and have a colorful Easter mantel. Not pictured but they also had some fun Easter-colored pom-poms and foam stickers. I picked up a couple of these for Easter crafts.

Wholly 99 cent Guacamole! I’ve never seen this brand before at the store and even more enjoyed the 3 individual packs in 1 box. I’ve been on a Mexican food kick and already had tortilla chips in the house, which is rare because I lack self control. :) Super happy to score these this week!

Weight Watchers Double Chocolate Muffins – yum. I know a lot of women use the weight watchers plan adn these little guys come in at 4 pts each. Irregardless of the plan, they looked delicious! There were also some Blueberry muffins as well!

Triscuits – just say No!! I’m sorry, but I opened these to snack on and they are just really not good. The onion tastes too chemical-ly and the crackers are extremely dense. Pass on these guys.



  1. joyce says

    Jillian, as always, thanks for posting… disappointing to hear about the Triscuits not tasting good, I love triscuits, got 1 box (should’ve bought more!) of the regular flavor and it tasted just fine. :) The guac find, wow, great deal! And the Quaker Popped Caramel Corn Rice Snacks bag sounds yummy, is it? Have you tried it yet?

  2. Kira says

    The Wholly Guacamole is a nice find. I went today and saw jars of Classico Pasta Sauce. I probably would have picked up a few had I not just got a bunch at Ralphs for $.24 each!

  3. Dara says

    Finally got to my store today in SoCal and found a nice surprise – 8 0z. packages of
    Kraft Shredded Jack Cheese! I went at 11:30AM, and can’t imagine how there were still any left!

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