Jillian's 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 3/11

99 Cents 311

1. Campbell’s Pork & Beans – 19 3/4oz
2. Back to Nature Triple Ginger Cookies – 9oz
3. Kellogg’s Cornflakes Extra Cranberry & Almond – 12.9oz
4. Silk Chocolate Soy Milk – 1qt
5. Kraft Philadelphia Snack Delights Caramel – 8oz
6. Nutra Nail Gel Perfect – Activator, Gel-Color, Brush Cleaner
7. Thai Kitchen Instant Rice Noodle Soup – 1.6oz (2 for $0.99)
8. Guan’s Mushrooms Brown Beech – 5.3oz
9. Snow Peas – 1lb
10. Let’s Do… Organic Sugar Cones – 4.6oz
11. Goody FASHIONOW Salon Clip – 1ct
12. Immaculate Ready-to-Bake Pie Crusts – 15oz

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect – originally $12.00 at local drugstores!!! The sweet checker at my 99 cents store let me know that the polish shipment had come with the previous stickers on it, labeling it at $12.00. I love that it sets “Rock Solid” in 5 minutes. That’s my kind of time frame! I don’t have the time to be couch bound for 2 hours while I pray that my nails dry before I inevitably bump up against something and destroy my hours of work. My store had a selection of reds, blush, coral, blue, teal and brown. The gel color is a small 0.17oz bottle, but hopefully it lasts for a long while. The catch may be that they suggest their brand of Gel Remover… I’m hoping regular polish remover does the trick.

Guan’s Mushrooms and snow peas would make a great addition to a stir fry. Guan’s comes with a yummy tasting recipe idea for their mushrooms stir-fried with hot oil, ginger, salt, and soy sauce served over a bed of broccoli or rice. I would toss in some chicken and enjoy these gourmet mushrooms!

The Immaculate Pie Crusts come with two rolls of crust for making either two pies or one covered pie! I think I’ll be making two uncovered apple pies, but I love that there is the option for both kinds of pies.


  1. Barbie says

    Good finds Jillian! I was there this morning and found a few new deals…1 lb chunk of Polly-O mozzarella cheese (I freeze it until ready to use), Del Monte diced mango cups (my boys LOVE mango) and Chobani 4-packs of greek yogurt. Oh, and the spicy and hot Claussen pickles were back too! I used the Immaculate Baking pie crusts tonight for chicken pot pie.

  2. Tamara H. says

    I found the 1 lb. Polly-O mozzarella cheese on Saturday morning as well. We’ve been focusing on eating at home more so my husband has been making homemade pizzas. This is going to really come in handy over the next several weeks…as I grabbed several! I also scored a small instant espresso as several chocolate recipes I’ve marked to try lately call for instant coffee or espresso…I like paying only $1 for this! :)

  3. Barbie says

    Tamara…if you don’t mind me asking, what time of the morning where you there on Saturday? I stopped by around 10:30AM and never saw the mozzarella cheese…wondering if I need to go earlier or later! TIA. :)

  4. Jillian says

    Barbie – you always have such GREAT Saturday finds!!! A pound of mozzarella is amazing! Chobani and mango are great finds too. I love that you used the Immaculate for chicken pot pies! I actually picked up some key lime pie filling from the 99 cent store today for the these ones I got last week. Joyce – I’m still here!!! And I’m so flattered to have a bookmark! Tamara – I adore personal pizzas. Freezing the cheese is really a great idea for that. I’m glad you were able to grab a few (I would have too!). And what a good idea to buy the espresso for new recipes. For 99 cents I can definitely see trying some new things, just in case you don’t love them… you’re not out $4+ for a can of something you may not have a use for again. Barbie – I think we all need to tag along with Barbie and Tamara!! 😉

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