Jillian's 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 2/4

99 Cents

1.  K&C Company Stickers – 322 pieces
2.  Halos CA Mandarins – 2 lbs
3.  Warm & Crunchy Granola Honey Almond – 8pack/1.69oz
4.  Foster Farms Signature Carving Honey Roasted & Smoked Turkey Breast – 8oz
5.  Minced Garlic in Water – 8oz
6.  Original Boudreaux’s Butt Paste – 1.75oz
7.  Horizon Organic Chocolate Low-fat Milk – 8oz (3 for $0.99)
8.  Quaker Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies – 7pack/1.34oz
9.  Earth’s Best Organic Wheat Toddler Biscuits – 6pack of 2 biscuits
10.  Green Beans – 1 lb

Not Pictured: Quaker Chewy Bar Variety Pack, Earth’s Best Organic Barley Toddler Biscuits K&C Company Embossed Stickers – 56 pieces

K&C Company stickers are a fun find that I see quite frequently at the stores.  These run upwards of $2-$4 typically at your local crafting stores.  Scrapbooking is such an expensive hobby that it’s definitely worth saving where you can!  I found a really fun “Smash Book” on clearance at Joann’s recently and I plan on using these to help decorate my 2014 book!

I wish I would have read more closely about the Warm & Crunchy Granola.  Had I been smart I would have purchased a container of $0.99 Soy Milk to send with the granola for my hubby’s breakfast.  My intention was to just use the granola as a yogurt topping, but it’s meant to be heated and eaten!  Either way, it’s convenient in little packages.

Original Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is the good stuff.  The size is perfect for packing in a diaper bag.  They also had the extra strength formula.  These would be great if you have any baby showers coming up!

Horizon Organic milks are typically not 3 for $0.99 but these were nearing their expiration dates so we splurged today.  I happened to see a lady with big flats of the drink so I went back to double check the price.

The green beans were pretty well gone, but I happened upon a few remaining bags.  I will sautee these and a big spoonful of that garlic in some olive oil for dinner this evening!


  1. Barbie says

    Jealous that you found Halo mandarins–Need those! I just saw the Earth’s Best Organic Wheat Toddler Biscuits at the Concord Grocery Outlet today…and I am pretty sure they were 2/$1…but don’t quote me on that!

  2. MommySwan4 says

    Alot of great finds…planning to make a shopping trip down to the 99 cent store today before the rains come in this weekend (Sacramento area). Took a break from shopping every week and eating only what we have in the pantry/freezer. Excited to see what the store has this week…I will share what I find =)

  3. Jillian says

    Barbie – couldn’t believe the Halo mandarins! There were maybe 5-10 bags, not a lot. Even better deal at Grocery Outlet… I believe it! They really do have awesome finds as well. MommySwan4 – We did pantry/fridge shopping as well this last week! Lots of grilled cheese and tomato soup… lol. Perfect weather for it though, so can’t complain too much! Hope you got some great deals! Joyce – I know! I was so excited. I had two but my littlest one lost a tube between the display and the check out. Hoping to grab another one this coming week!

  4. Joy says

    Did anyone see the Infantini iPhone covers. They were the cutest things. Fits iPhone 3 thru 5. My 3 year old grandson uses my iPhone 3 to play games. The teddy bear cover makes him feel more special. There is also a free app to go with it. Amazon is selling it for $8.99 (discounted from $19.99). Very cute baby shower gift for only .99 cents. I’m going back to get a couple more just to keep on hand.

  5. Jillian says

    Joy – I did not see those, but actually saw something similar during today’s shop. Was it a soft cover or hard? The ones I saw were a soft cover, but came with an app as well. For that price I can see why you’re going back for more!

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