Jillian's 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 2/18

99 Cents only

1.  Yoplait 12 cup Family Pack Strawberry & Strawberry Banana Yogurt – 12pack/6oz
2.  Anvil Organic Pre-shrunk T-shirt – 5T
3.  Yoplait Greek Blended Blueberry Yogurt – 4pack/5.3oz
4.  Sylvania 60W G16.5 Bulbs – 4pack
5.  Sensibly Natural Veggie Sticks – 3oz
6.  Goody Stay Tight Brown Bobbies – 90pcs
7.  Conecciones Organic Grape Tomatoes – 10oz
8.  Old Fashioned Baked Pumpkin Pie – 2 for $0.99
9.  Betty Crocker Glitter Gels Cosmic Colors – 4pack/0.68oz
10.  Tangerines – 2lbs

Not Pictured:  Nestle Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Creamer Chocolate – 16oz

The Yoplait truck must have been in town because people were walking away with boxes of 12 – 6oz yogurts for 99 cents.  Even going late today, at 1pm, there were still a few boxes of the 12 packs, 4pack Yoplait Greek & 4pack Yoplait Protein.  They also had tubs of the Mountain High yogurt in Plain and Fat Free.  A LOT of yogurt deals today!

I remember Jolene previously sharing some T-shirt finds with us and I was hoping to find ones to use as party favors.  I didn’t find any in the right colors, but I did find an organic cotton shirt which I had to grab.  It’s really soft and cozy!

Sensibly Natural Veggie Sticks are really a great find, I think.  They aren’t as greasy as some of the other varieties that I have tried.  All-natural ingredients, no trans fats, no GMO and gluten free.  Sounds pretty healthy for $0.99!!

Sylvania small base bulbs!!  I use these for the chandelier in my daughter’s room and definitely just spent $3.50+ per 4 pack.  I did “stock up” on the 60W version of these as I know they will be used.  I was really excited for this find!


  1. joyce says

    I went in search of yogurt deals here in Sacramento… nada… they were selling the 12 pack yoplait as singles for 99c each! Boo… but as always, thanks for sharing your deals.

  2. MommySwan4 says

    At my store, I did not find the Yoplait family packs. This was my shopping trip:
    Earth Balance kettle chips and popcorn, Jello pudding cups 4pack priced at 2/99 cents, Cracker Jack Popcorn in French Vanilla, Quaker pop chips – Sweet Chili, Mountain High 32oz yogurt, Healthy Way canola cooking spray, 2 pack of Philadelphia cream cheese, Nature Valley Protein yogurt bars (5 count), 2 pads of Kathy Davis scrapbook paper sizes 6×6 and 8×8. Love, love shopping for great stuff!!

  3. Barbie says

    Still had the 12 pack of Yoplait today at the Clayton store. :) Also scored another half gallon of Silk Almond milk, 32 oz tub of Horizon organic vanilla yogurt, Udi’s gluten free sandwich bread loaf, a daily Star Wars calendar, and a Paper Toy Monster calendar which is totally cool…a craft and calendar all in one! (it usually sells for closer to $10 on Amazon). And almost forgot, my husband’s favorite item… the jar of Claussen Hot & Spicy pickle spears–those things are spicy! Successful trip for sure.

  4. Kira says

    They had 18 count packs of Dannon Single Cups in Peach, Strawberry and Blueberry. Limt 1. Also, 12 oz. clamshells of blueberries that are sweet and delicious!

  5. Tammy says

    I was excited to find the 4 pack of Yoplait Protein in coconut a few days ago. I also stocked up on the Nature Valley Oatmeal Squares in Peanut Butter you featured a few weeks ago and the Food Should Taste Good Sea Salt Brown Rice Crackers from a couple weeks ago.

  6. Jillian says

    Joyce – Boo!!! It’s interesting you say that because I had seen maybe 5 boxes of the full 12 for $0.99, but then as I was doing my final run through they had broken up the boxes and were selling 6 packs for $0.99. It really seems like it’s up to the staff and may be decided by quantity? Mommyswan4 – what a GREAT haul!! I especially love the cooking spray and the scrapbook paper. Barbie – they still had the Clausen again today! And I did see the monster calendar, which looked so cute. I had no idea it retailed for so much more. The Horizon yogurt was delicious… I actually just had a bowl a little bit ago. :) Kira – That’s Amazing!! 18 cups and in delicious flavors! Interesting that they did limit, I kind of like that. 12oz of blueberries is also great!! Tammy – Love the protein yogurt and I’m obsessed with those Oatmeal Squares. You know they have little too do with “nature” when they’re that sweet… but I could eat the whole box in a day. :) The brown rice crackers were such a great find! Such a big bag and really so delicious. That’s one I wish I would have purchased an extra in.

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