I've been Pinteresting! Check out our new walls…

Photo: Finally did something with this $3 window!

I found this old window at a garage sale almost 2 years ago for $3, it was as simple as printing six 8×12 photos at Costco for less than $10!

This great chalkboard window came from a new local store called Bend Upcyle (if you’re local you must check it out!) I paid $35 which is a steal in my book because 1. I didn’t have to hunt down the window and 2. the chalkboard project was already completed for me!  I met one of the owners a few days ago and she said they plan to do more Pinterest projects for you and sell them already completed.  Love it!

Photo: Hall of art!

Lastly this is a curtain hanger from Ikea, I think it was around $15 for everything and we’re using it down our long hallway to display the kid’s artwork.  They think this is the best.


  1. Nicole says

    Hi Julia- I also have the Ikea curtain hanger in my homeschool room, where I hang my kids art projects and/or school posters. I’ve had this in my house for years! A friend did this in her house and I just loved it. I like the idea of hanging one in the hallway, you could also hang scrapbook pages of family pictures. Love the window ideas as well. Thanks for sharing:)

    • says

      The art hanger is so much fun – I love that it looks like a piece of art in our home and the pictures are all displayed nicely rather than just getting stacked up on the fridge. I plan to hang school pictures of the kids above their “section” of art.

      • Anonymous says

        If you don’t have an Ikea- you can do the same thing with some twine and clothes pins from the dollar store. It does not hold up as well- but gets the job done for $2.00!

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