It’s so easy to forget, but I encourage you to always remember.

I’ve been reminded lately that how easy it is to forget, and to forget very important things at that.  We simply cannot allow ourselves forget the mighty ways God has worked in our lives in the past or we risk becoming dependent on ourselves again.  God wants to be at work continuously and in mighty ways, but we have to get out of the way and let Him do what He does best.  Do you have dreams and goals for your future?  We do, big ones.  However we made a mistake over the past couple of months; as we set out a plan to accomplish our goals we planned to work only with the limited resources we currently have in view and in hand.  Our God is so much bigger than that!

So with that thought in mind, I’m sharing this series of posts that chronicle our journey of faith as a family mostly as a reminder to myself that God has brought us so very far and I’m eager and anxious to see what He has in store for us now!

Part 1: How TFF started and where we are at today…

Part 2: How TFF started and where we are at today…

Bringing you some hope today…

Bringing you some hope today (…continued)

Our BIG announcement…

I can be all things to all people…

Thank you for allowing me a space where I can share deals and to share with you what I’m passionate about – saving money.  Today though, thank you for allowing me to share from my heart.

I’d love to give you an opportunity to share how God has worked in your life, so please feel free to share your story in the comments section.  By sharing and reading each other’s stories I pray that we will be inspired and encouraged to once again put our dreams and goals in the hands of Jesus and allow Him to run wild with them.



  1. Whitney says

    So very true! I have recently been praying about something that I really want to do that, if I went for it, could potentially change the future for me and my family. But I asked very clearly for God’s cue on what to do. He has not given me a green light and in fact, I feel at peace if I were to decide to let this opportunity pass me by…. so I’m choosing to remember that God has a plan, God has a way for me, and if I choose to listen, I will be much richer (not money!) in my life by what He shows me. The patience thing kills me though, it always has. To which I always hear “Be silent. Be still.” hmph!

    • says

      I can relate, waiting is so very hard for me too! You’re so very right about God’s plans being so very rich compared to our own, just have to remember this when we see/want something that we think looks so amazing. He wants the best for us, even better than we could have imagined ourselves.

  2. says

    That’s so wonderful! The same thing has been on my heart the past few months. I’m planning to make a “stones of remembrance” board where we can put notes of how God has worked in our lives. Then at the end of the year, get the family together and look back… remember.

  3. Dot Quaid says

    Favorite Bible verse: Philippians 1:3 “I thank my God upon each remembrance of you” – it was on a thank you card a friend sent me that arrived the day before a personal hero of mine, Dale Earnhardt, passed away. I went back to school to obtain a journalism degree in the hopes of meeting Dale, but God called him home before my best opportunity to do so. That tragedy closed a chapter in NASCAR history but opened so many other doors to me, resulting in life-long friendships, solid business contacts and my ability to work, and play, in my favorite sport.
    I have so many other moments where God clearly had a hand in the experience…it’s hard to pick just one!

  4. Shawndel says

    Thank you Julia! After reading your post my heart was prompted to pray a prayer of thanksgiving. I am so grateful for you and your blog. I have been faithfully following you for 2 years now and our life has been radically changed with couponing and debt free living. You are inspiring many to honor God with His resources. Be encouraged and please know God is using you as a tool to change lives.

  5. Stacie says

    I have been following your blog for awhile now but I never knew the whole story- thank you so much for sharing! It was interesting to read your story for sure and I was reminded of several similar situations I have gone through in the last few years. About 3 years ago, God directed me away from my job and ministry but didn’t clearly direct me on where I was to go, but stepping out in faith resulted in amazing blessings. One of which is my husband who I met about a year and a half ago. Throughout that time, I have seen God provide for every need and so many of my (and now our) wants- He is always faithful to us if we step out in faith! He provided jobs for me that paid EVERY bill and they were paid on time! He continues to amaze us with His perfect plan! In fact, that’s the name of my blog, “His Plan.” I know that without faith in a God who can part the Red Sea and who can raise the dead, my life would be a mess (by my own doing!) It’s amazing when I tell the story of how I ended up where I am and people are shocked but I am so thankful for my God who directs my steps and loves me more than I can imagine. Thank you again for sharing your story- it’s great hearing someone else’s story and knowing that someone besides me does go through some of these crazy situations.

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