It’s Mega Swagbucks Friday!

Mega Swagbucks Friday is here!  That means all day long you can earn anywhere between 100 and 1000 Swagbucks just for searching the internet!  You’ll earn your Swagbucks today in denominations of 100, 200, 500, or 1,000.

What are Swagbucks and how do you earn them?

Swagbucks is a form of “internet currency” that you earn by simply searching the web and participating in surverys and offers (if you choose to).  You can then redeem your Swagbucks for prizes such as paypal cash, amazon credit, starbucks gift cards, etc. Trust me when I say – you should SIGN UP!   Swagbucks almost paid for our entire Christmas last year, and a couple of years back I was able to get a FREE iPhone by saving up my Swagbucks to redeem for a Apple Store gift card.

How and when should I spend them?

I do suggest you treat your Swagbucks like you would your budget, make the most of every buck and spend them wisely! With that said, I asked Mr. Frugal to help me figure out just which deals (out of my top 5 favorites) had the best bang for their buck. Basically, what should I save up for first and in what order should I buy them?

He came up with the following chart…

$5 credit 450 Swagbucks $1 value = 90 swagbucks
$20 Gift Card 2350 Swagbucks $1 value = 117.5 Swagbucks
$50 credit 5900 Swagbucks $1 value = 118 Swagbucks
$10 Starbucks Gift Card 1300 Swagbucks $1 value = 130 Swagbucks
$5 Paypal credit 700 Swagbucks $1 value = 140 Swagbucks


  1. Samantha says

    I have been using sb for a year and I have 2500 bucks I would have a ton more if the had a mobile app!!! If you download the tool bar just get in the habit of typing rather there then using a bookmark or typing the site. For example, I go to the frugal find a few time a day, each time a search “the frugal find” in the search bar then scroll down the results and get to the website that way. It’s one extra step, but I should have $50 in amazon money by Christmas. If you search every site your going to instead of going directly there the chance of winning points goes up. Hope this helps
    In the spirit of full discloser usually you only win 3x a day, on an average day I win 3-7bucks each time. On Fridays 3x with a value 3-18. I have never won a big number no matter how long a try, even reading the blogs and searching at magic hours ect…

  2. Jenelle Case says

    I always found it interesting it costs more for the 50 amazon then if you bought 5 amazon x10 (except for the wait i suppose.

    • MaryBeth says

      I find that interesting as well, especially because Paypal cards are a better deal if you buy them in bigger denominations.

  3. arlisse says

    i’ve also been running my sbtv from the toolbar in a side window while i search on other sites. you don’t even have to let the video run the whole way through to get credit for it.

  4. Angela S. says

    I’m been using Swagbucks for about two years. Once I won “52” bucks at once, but most of the time I get about 7 a day during the week. I usually convert my points to Amazon gift cards & wait until something I want (like MP3s) are offered really cheap.

  5. Susie says

    I have come to make Swagbucks a part of my daily routine. In the 2 months I have been playing around on the site I have earned $25 in Amazon e cards (450 SB’s for $5 in Amazon). There is so much more than just “searching” that you can do to earn SB’s (and i would agree with the amounts given about that I usually “win”). I like to take the surveys…sometimes I get 75-125 for 15 or 20 minutes of time…heck, I am sitting watching TV during those times anyway. You can take a daliy poll~a whopping 1 SB, but fun to see how people vote. You can watch cooking videos or other videos that interest you…there are many ways to earn. Like others, I am saving mine for Christmas shopping…and I have The Frugal Find to thank for introducing me to saving (earning) money in my spare time doing this!!

    • Susie says

      (if you are referring to the surveys….) Yes. I dont “qualify” for most (still get 1 SB just for attempting). I have done some on movies, on transportation and traffic, on PG&E’s image, on beverages. Like I said, I am usually doing something while I am on the computer…so my life is not coming to a complete stop to do them. At this rate I will “make” and extra $150 over a years time. And I am totally amazed that amazon sells EVERYTHING…food, pet food, toys, cosmetics…just everything.

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