I’m a mom of a girl who hasn’t a clue, but I’m learning as I go…

I have one daughter and 3 boys.  I wasn’t raised by my mom so the whole girl thing isn’t something that comes naturally to me.   I can take (and warmly welcome!) all the help I can get.  I’ve been hunting down something to tame my daughter’s blonde fly-away, straight sometimes, and curly in random places hair.  That’s when I found Kate at  The Small Things Blog.  She is simply adorable and I want to be her when I grow up :)  So the point of this post is to tell you about the hair style video tutorials she has put together, there have to be at least 30 different videos.

Tonight I tested the French Braid Bangs style on Haley and it turned out super cute.  So if you’re like me a fish out of water when it comes to all things “girly” then Kate’s the girl for you!  Thank you Kate for such a sweet blog!


  1. Gayle Marie Jones via Facebook says

    I feel ya sis. I wish this was around when my poor bonus daughter had to suffer through my learning to care for a girl…

  2. Carrie Lloyd Dyer via Facebook says

    I feel your pain. I am a total Tom boy. My mom was around but never really did the whole make up hair style thing. God has blessed (or cursed depending how you look at it) with 3 wonderful girly girls and I am soooooo lost. Thanks for this website definately gonna have to check it out. That braid looks cute

  3. Dolores Escorcio via Facebook says

    Thanks for the info! My hairstylist did this for my daughter. I could not figure it out. Now I can watch the video and practice.

    • Mae says

      When I was in my teens I was embarrassed about my hair being curly in random places which would sometimes create partial waves. That was until the day I spoke to my friend, a hair salon owner. She let me know just how valuable natural waves are and how many women would give anything to have hair like that — in other words she helped me appreciate what I was born with.

      I never thought of looking online and that’s coming from someone who enjoys research. I guess over the years I have learned on myself so-to-speak. Foremost I think is the shampoo and conditioner used that ultimately determines how this type of hair will reveal it’s self.

      I was raised on Doritos, Twinkies and such. Conversely, I am now almost complete opposite in my own life. I want it that way for my hair no less. That has meant learning what contents to steer clear from on hair product labels. Harsh ingredients like alcohol, SLS of any kind and perfumes will only prove to wreak havoc on your main and could bring a whole slew of other health consequences. Many shampoo/conditioner makers actually contain harsh chemicals, toss in some botanical ingredients, and call it “natural.” This includes products found on the shelf at places like Whole Foods. Also be aware that just as many natural food makers are starting to tweak formulas for profits, I have first hand experience with my “previous” hair care product company doing the same.

      Other ways of taming my main? I try to keep up with the basics of imperative delicate hair maintenance. I only wash it once a week depending on the season — I try [my hardest] not to comb it when wet — I let it dry naturally, usually over night — I use carefully selected hairsprays [without alcohols or other harsh additives] and no other styling agents [as they can be deadly for my hair] to keep my fly-aways in check 😉 —

      Here’s what I used to do when I was in my teenybopper years that still works for me today when I want to get all glammed up. After washing my hair I’d wring out all the water and tilt my head over and add some mousse [you might find a natural type these days], than begin a scrunching motion with your hands at the bottom of the hair. This will start curling all the hair. From here you can dry it this way naturally by holding the hair all scrunched in your hand and bringing it up to your head, followed by a scrunchy to hold it in place over night or several hours. When you let it out, it will be in a neat curly style all over instead of in just random places. Let it dry a little more and than touch it up with some hairspray to hold it in place.

  4. Suzy Jahn says

    As a mom of four girls, I’ve got more hair to deal with than I know what to do with! :) I follow a blog called cutegirlshairstyles.com. She gives video tutorials on most of the hairstyles she does and has everything ranging from super simple to extremely complicated. I highly recommend it!

  5. Rebecca P says

    Cute Hairstyles for Girls is an awesome You Tube channel!

    If you like Small Things, you should also read The Frugal Girl and Soulemama. Those are three of my favorites!

  6. Rebecca P says

    Oops! Should have followed your link before I typed my comment! I thought you meant Small Things @ http://www.gsheller.com. We were talking about two totally different blogs!
    Well they’re still great, if you have some extra blog time!

  7. Cheryl Woods says

    I wasn’t raised by my mom either and I barely even babysat in my life….now I have 2 kids who I’m trying to figure out how to raise them as I go. My boy is easier except he’s mouthy but my girl is this little diva who sometimes amazes me when she won’t leave the house without a hair bow. I love this blog! LoL. Makes me not feel so alone.

  8. Ginny Logan via Facebook says

    I LOVE that blog. I have my hair in a french braid in the front right now too! lol I’m sure you are doing great.

  9. denise says

    If you daughter has at least some curly hair(from the photo it looks wavy) I would highly recommend using a sulfate free shampoo on her hair. Sulfates dry out hair and make it more fly away. Organix is a brand that I like, because it smells good and often goes on special. Condition your daughters hair every time you wash it. Because I have curly hair I wash it with conditioner, and only every other day. This is called co-washing. I only use shampoo on my hair once a week. I realize that your daughter doesn’t have curly hair, but fine flyaway hair has similar issues as curly hair. What most people don’t realize is that curly hair can be fine.Use a small amount of leave in condition every morning depending on how fly away her hair is that day. To evaluate the amount of curl in her hair pay close attention to how much wave/curl is in her hair right after it is washed and and not dripping wet. If I brush my hair when dry I loose all of my curl and hair goes straight and poofy. Check out http://www.naturallycurly.com for more information concerning curly/wavy hair.

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