How to Make Money with eBay — Listing Your Items: Part 2

This series is brought to you by Kimberly from Homemaking Expert. Kimberly is a stay-at-home mom who uses eBay to supplement her family’s income while her husband finishes college. She writes at Homemaking Expert about cleaning, cooking, budgeting and all other things related to making a house a home.

Once you know what type of listing you want to use, you get to the step of actually getting your item live on eBay for potential buyers to see. This is a really key part of the process because you want to attract people to the listing. So, let’s go over the different aspects of an eBay listing:

The Title

The title is a vital part of the process. When people search for an item on eBay it develops search results based only on what is in the title. For example, if you are selling a vintage item and you put “Vintage” in the title and someone seaches for “vtg” your item will not be in the results. So, when I list a vintage item I use both “vintage” and “vtg” in the results. Try to include as much in the title as possible with the idea in mind of what search terms you want your item to be found for.


All listings now are entitled to up to 12 free photos. I try to list at least 4 per listing. It takes a bit more time but showing details in photos is much easier than describing them and it gives you a safe guard against buyers feeling the item wasn’t as described. I always focus more on taking the photos against a blank surface as opposed to making it look fancy. People need to see the item clearly, not see what a great photographer you are.


This is the part of the listing where you need to accurately and thoroughly describe the item. The most important part is to describe in detail any defects. If there is a tiny scratch on the bottom of the bowl – let the buyer know. Even if it seems like no big deal, putting the detail of a defect will save you from having to issue refunds or deal with cases against you.


This is a part of selling on eBay that lots of people differ on. Some people prefer to offer free shipping and add more to the starting bid or buy it now price. Others prefer to charge the buyer shipping and some even split the shipping between the seller and buyer.

Personally, I charge the buyer the full shipping amount at least 95% of the time. At the end of the listing process you’ll be able to select your method of shipping and even calculate the amount to charge. I’ll go over full details of shipping tips in tomorrow’s post!

Relisting Your Item

If your item doesn’t sell, you will have 30 days to relist your item. If you don’t relist within that 30 days the listing will be removed from your account and you’ll have to start all over. Always make sure if you plan to relist that you do so in that 30 days otherwise you’ll start back at square one and waste a ton of time! Relisting requires a couple of clicks and you will be able to edit the price or details if desired.


My main piece of advice on listing your items is – be thoroughIt will save you time and headache in the long run to give lots of details and photos of the item you are trying to sell. You’ll have less questions, less complaints and more satisfied buyers.

eBay has made the listing process extremely user friendly and self explanatory! It’s a breeze to list an item, but put in the time to include lots of details and an adequate amount of photos!

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