How to FIX Facebook, New Kids on the Block style! (Step by step…)

I heard from a little bird that you’re not getting enough TFF in your Facebook news feed.  I feel badly about that.  Poor Mr. Frugal has been given the job to make sure you get the deals you want and since you’ve like us on Facebook, that means you were hoping to see status updates from us. Around the clock he sits ready to share the deals I find, but it’s quite pointless when maybe 500 of our 17,000 fans are actually getting this information.  Let’s change that New Kids on the Block style!  Here are your step by Step instructions so we can continue our love affair on Facebook, yes we DO love you guys!

Step one, we can have lots of fun…

Yes it’s true!  We have lots of fun over on Facebook with exclusive giveaways and prizes just for our fans.

Step two, there’s so much we can do…

We have some great ideas in the pipeline, but we need you to actually SEE our updates!

Step three, it’s just you for me…

You liked us right?  We like you too.  Add us to your “interests list” and we can become better friends.

Step four, I can give you more…

It’s true, you’ve been missing out.  I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is hope I can give you more DEALS!

Step five, don’t you know that the time has arrived…

It’s time, like right now.  Head on over to Facebook and follow the very simple instructions below.  In no time, you should start to see The Frugal Find in your news feed again.  There was much rejoicing!


Head on over to the Frugal Find Facebook Page, on left just under our larger profile picture you’ll see a gear looking symbol.  Click on the downward facing arrow right next to it.  Then click “Add to Interests List” and follow the instructions from there.  You can create a list for the deal bloggers you follow, a list for your best friends, a list for restaurants you eat at, it goes on and on!  From there you can check your interest lists and everything they post will be there, fancy isn’t it?


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